CSIS And Human Rights: Director Dick Fadden Dismisses Federal Commission’s Call For More Accountability

CSIS And Human Rights: Director Dick Fadden Dismisses Federal Commission’s Call For More Accountability.

By ©Robert Erickson

Here we go again people. Further denial of any wrong-doing, with blatant disregard for accountability and transparency by those who are commissioned to protect the Human Rights of Canadians.

“We have taken aggressive proactive steps to prevent discrimination and profiling in the service, and our investigation and reporting are pursued to protect Canadians and not out of any discriminatory bias.” Word spoken by CSIS director Dick Fadden.

Well, Dick, it is apparently obvious you are a hypocrite, after the human rights commission tabled a special report to Parliament urging the government to bring in legislative amendments that would underline the importance of respect for human rights in the policies and operations of CSIS, the RCMP and other security agencies.

Not to mention the fact, I was attacked by RCMP and Crown Prosecutor Geoff McDonald who, after following a CSIS report under the stewardship of good ‘ol Dick Fadden, labelled and character-assassinated me with extreme prejudice as allegedly being a “Freeman” Domestic Terrorist as described in this article: Left Wing Extremists Anti-Government Freemen Among Canada’s Top Domestic Terror Threats

The above mentioned intentional targeted attack against me is well documented and described throughout the numerous Court Transcripts, such as 1st Appearance Court Transcripts July 6th, 2012 at the top of this page under R. v. White.

“The effectiveness of these organizations depends in part on their capacity to earn and maintain the trust of the general public,” the commission’s report says. “Respect for human rights is not just a legal obligation; it is critical to earning that trust. Analysis of a decade of research clearly shows that there are no means to assess the human rights performance of Canada’s national security organizations.” according to the human rights commission. The capacity to earn and maintain public trust is pretty much summed up right here >> Richard Fadden CSIS Chief Digs His Hole

Another note of interest is the following article concerning our former Public Safety Minister Mr. Vic Toews titled: Public Safety Minister Vic Toews Resigns. In this article, the following statement should be discerned with scrutiny.

“His office was also criticized for appearing to micro-manage the RCMP when it established a “communications protocol” with the force, requiring the force to provide “timely situational awareness” to the ministers office on all public communications that may draw national attention.”

The aforementioned statement may be in regards to the numerous Notices I sent to RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson, to which it appears, never hit the desk of Vic Toews office until it was too late.

First Notice and Complaint to RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson

Second Notice and Complaint to RCMP Commissioner

Third Notice of Default and Complaint to RCMP Commissioner

The Notice of Default is a third and final opportunity for Mr. Bob Paulson, who is appointed to protect me from criminals, to assure me he is taking his responsibility to protect me as a serious matter. Once again, Mr. Bob Paulson never sent me a response, reply or anything to this date. Truly, I reached out to the man in charge of my protection and now it’s blatantly obvious Mr. Bob Paulson could care less for my protection. How do the rest of Canadians reading this feel? Do you feel safe and protected?

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson Connection to Robert Pickton Pig Farm

The Public Safety Department echoed Dick Fadden’s position, saying in a statement that Canada has very strong judicial oversight of national security activities conducted by law enforcement and intelligence agencies. This is no surprise. The blind leading the blind. Or in this case, the criminals protecting the criminals.

“While the department has not officially responded to the report, legislation and policies enacted by the government of Canada are done so in strict accordance with the Constitution, including the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as the full range of human rights and privacy legislation that exists in Canada.” Really! Then why are all Canadians overtly having their human rights grossly violated with impunity and evidence of human rights violations surfacing daily?

Stephen Harper Failing to Protect Charter Rights Lawyers Claim

In conclusion, I provide a couple of key articles of interest below that should be grave public concern. It is no wonder why the oversight committee’s in place to protect Canadians are stymied and dysfunctional. It’s time to wake up and do something about it fellow Canadians.

Is Canada Okay with Torture…Vic Toews Sure Is

RCMP Discipline Procedure Changes on the Way Vic Toews