The Great Divide – The Rise of Homosexuality and Fall of Heterosexuality

The Great Divide – The rise of Homosexuality and fall of Heterosexuality – their interconnections between political ideologies, religion and involvement with pedophilia and human trafficking.     

March 9th, 2015

by ©Robert Erickson-White


Well, I’m not going to “tip-toe” gently around this subject and cautiously dip my foot in the frigid waters regarding such a delicate topic; especially concerning those who dare speak their opinions about Homosexuality, while at the same time, risk the possibility of having their reputations destroyed by powerful lobbyists who support the promotion of Homosexuality. And to prove my point, here’s a taste of the corruption within the Canadian Judiciary whereby “the truth is not a defence.” Rothsteins World Where Intent Truth No Longer Exist by Bill Whatcott So, I’ll jump right in and hopefully bring to light enough evidence of what so many people have been left in the dark about.

At first, I was planning on devoting a chapter on this subject in my up-and-coming book, but after watching a you-tube video last night recorded by Mr. Frank Frost, I felt morally compelled to write a story on the subject, and was up til 4:30 this morning researching and preparing documents I’ll be providing and reviewing throughout this editorial.

But before I go any further, I must confess I’m a proud heterosexual Christian man who firmly believes in solid-bedrock, moral, and conscientious values of man, woman, marriage and the organic “family unit” structure.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I would also like to explain I do not condone, promote or believe in racism, prejudice, character-assassination, labeling, defamation, slander or any other false premise the “politically-correct wannabe establishment” endorses with their Hegelian standards used in human conditioning. Ultimately, their goal is to divide and conquer. I refuse to fall into or get dragged into that trap; and believe me, they’ve tried many times.

Within the documents provided throughout this article, I’ve highlighted “key” points which raise serious concerns, and should make the reading and educational aspects easier for the general public to grasp. Furthermore, certain topics of importance that relate and/or correlate with similar attacks used by the “establishment” against myself – and others – who’ve become “Targeted Individuals” is also highlighted for precedence setting reference.

The first segment I’d like to introduce is the factual statistics in the following article: Homosexual Promiscuity Breeding A National Health Problem in here you will find horrifying revelations. After reading this article, it should solidify your understanding that an honorable marriage between a man and woman is a foundational cornerstone of leading by example, to protect and prevent future generations – their children – from being lured into experimental sexual promiscuity, which may open the gateway to an increase of further social problems including: communicable diseases, substance abuse and psychological disorders.

The next article I’d like to address is in regards to how hypocritical the pseudo-science of psychiatry is, and how the industry “flip-flops” their hypothetical, assumptive theories of what is deemed a social disorder. In the following publication: Every DSM Brings New Mental Illness you will see the industry labeled homosexuality a ‘Mental Disorder’ up until 1973, at which time they revoked their findings. The general public needs to understand the distinction between disorder and disease, as I’m quite sure the socially manipulative profession of psychiatry needs reminding of this fact as well. Another important question to raise that’s worthy of discussion is why do they call the psychiatric profession an industry? My answer: Industry is synonymous with profitability. And, profitability in all likelihood is synonymous with manipulation and control.

Now, I’d like to switch gears ( I mean that in a profession manner) by discussing the escalation and endorsement of homosexuality in public schools, and who is behind all the hype? And how it’s promotion is having a profound effect on children and society in general? But first, I’d like to present this next article: Promoting Homosexuality in Schools.

As you can see, not only is the medical industry involved in promoting homosexuality, but the State Educational System is involved as well. In fact, I think it’s appropriate to share this story too. School Covers Mural for Depicting a Man a Woman and a Child Now, I don’t know about you, but when I was in school we didn’t have any of this trash infest it’s way into the sacred bedrock of education. We didn’t need the brainwashing propaganda to saturate our innocent minds; we had trustworthy parents and family members as sex-ed stewards. Not to mention the fact, we would read from the Bible every morning in class, where we would learn about Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve.

Now that I’ve brought up religion, I might as well discuss it’s relationship with the subject of homosexuality in this next article Media Homosexuals Threaten Christian Minister. I also encourage people to read The Pink Swastika (5th edition) as it will open your eyes to the exploitation of homosexuality and it’s involvement with religious and political ideologies.

If you feel appalled after reading the aforementioned article and book, then I’d like to open the back door and expose the “rear guard” (once again – professional) of the individuals responsible for the heavily-funded exploitation of homosexuality in the following brief, but historical lesson full of links you won’t find in today’s mainstream educational curriculum. This article is definitely a wake-up call. John Maynard Keynes Homosexual Bolshevik Communist.

The next “highlighted” article below is written by a friend of mine who recently succumbed to the terrible affliction of Cancer. I will always have a deep respect for this man, because when the attacks against me started escalating immediately after I wrote the following article: “McBride RCMP Reading Stories to Local Pre-School Children” (found at the top of this site under the heading Government/RCMP Corruption) I began to see a pattern of white-collar criminal injustices performed by the very same institutions, and some of the same individuals supposedly in place to prevent such heinous crimes and human rights violations.

After some intensive research, I tracked down the late Mr. Townsend and found so many non-coincidental similarities of what happened to him – was happening to me. That is why I was able to get in touch with an experienced member of the Alternative Media, Mr. Arthur Topham; in my desperate attempt to get my story and evidence out to the public, before the corrupt Canadian Government, Judiciary and RCMP locked me up and threw away the key for telling the truth and educating the public about the reality of what truly goes on in this world. As it turns out, all three (3) of us – along with many others here in British Columbia and across Canada – were experiencing similar attacks by the same organizations, individuals and institutions.

I highlighted everything in the next article to what I believe is relevant, not only to this story but also to my unfinished story; which will be loaded with unexposed evidence that I’ll be revealing in the near future. There’s some truly empirical information exposed in the following article. (*Warning-graphic language*) Is the British Empire a Coven of Pedophiles by Jim Townsend.

This next article Letter Concerning MCFD shines a light on more evidence regarding sexual promiscuity, pedophilia, human trafficking and how they relate to government institutions, political ideologies and religion. It makes a person really question who truly has the best interests of society at heart? It appears certain members of our elected government (their institutions) and the judiciary do not. The same “broken record” robotic response I see and hear all the time by government employees and civil/human rights associations these days is: “Sorry, we can’t help you – the matter is before the courts.”

Our civil/political/human rights organizations appear set up as “window dressing” for public appeasement; appearing legitimate, but more inline as an institution of “controlled opposition” with the hopes of preventing public dissatisfaction, dissension and Mob Rule. It appears they are nothing more than “talking-heads” set up to distract, confuse and pacify the public. It doesn’t appear as a war against our children on all fronts going on. There IS a war against our children going on, with a massive campaign of cover-up and muzzling and little to zero public exposure or involvement from a “lame duck” impotent mainstream media.

That’s why I find it extremely important to share this article God-given and Unalienable or Government Granted and Revocable to remind people about Organic Law and it’s importance. But before I get too far off track regarding topic, I figure now’s a good time to add an article from my American friend and neighbor to the south Pastor “Coach” Dave Daubenmire and his reflection of why the latest generation of men are a bunch of “sissy’s” and only one “dropped ball” away from becoming “shirley’s.” They Are Afraid of Real Men

Okay, that time I leaned towards sarcasm and just a tad shy of professional. But if your blood isn’t boiling by now, I’m finally going to post the Frank Frost video below, which is the reason why I felt so compelled to write this story in the first place. But before I do that, I’d like to summarize the following conclusion.

It is my belief that all the stereotypical, homophobic, rabble-rousing hype regarding homosexuality is advanced and promoted to foment the agenda of the Criminal Cabal, with their ultimate goal of achieving a destabilized and compartmentalized society, thus, establishing division and “in fighting” through a controlled opposition, thereby dissolving the family nuclei and creating a more manageable society, much easier to manipulate and control. Now that I’ve brought this seriously important and concerning information to your attention, what do you plan to do about this? Or is it too late and you’ve already become a bunch of pansy’s? Maybe the video below will get you off the couch?

*Warning* The following video contains strong, forceful language that some viewers may find offensive. Public Service Announcement from RUBICONCROSSROAD

The Yoke of Law: Stopping the Homosexual Lobby Assault on our School Children Frank Frost Videos


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Is Society Socially Programmed by Shadow Government? by ©Robert Erickson

By ©Robert Erickson

Or is human intelligence naturally degenerating according to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution? Could the cause be Social Engineering and Social Policy? Have a look at this….Intelligent Quotients Falling Around the World The following video speaks volumes.

The following article We Are Just Dumb describes how those in positions of power euphemistically use the “politically correct” term “smart” to precede categories unto which the powerful individuals seek to control and covet.

The articles contained in the following book: Psychology of Intelligence are based on reviewing cognitive psychology literature concerning how people process information to make judgements on incomplete and ambiguous information. The book studies how the human thought process builds its own models through which we process information, it is part of the natural functioning of the human cognitive process.

The process of analysis itself reinforces this natural function of the human brain. Analysis usually involves creating models, even though they may not be labelled as such. We set forth certain understandings and expectations about cause-and-effect relationships and then process and interpret information through these models or filters.

Too often, newly acquired information is evaluated and processed through the existing analytic model, rather than being used to reassess the premises of the model itself. The detrimental effects of this natural human tendency stem from the raison d’etre of an organization created to acquire special, critical information available only through covert means, and to produce analysis integrating this special information with the total knowledge base.

How many times have we encountered situations in which completely plausible premises, based on solid expertise, have been used to construct a logically valid forecast with virtually unanimous agreement that turned out to be dead wrong?

In how many of these instances have we determined, with hindsight, that the problem was not in the logic but in the fact that one of the premises however plausible it seemed at the time was incorrect?

In how many of these instances have we been forced to admit that the erroneous premise was not empirically based but rather a conclusion developed from its own model (sometimes called an assumption)?

And in how many cases was it determined after the fact that information had been available which should have provided a basis for questioning one or more premises, and that a change of the relevant premise(s) would have changed the analytic model and pointed to a different outcome?

The commonly prescribed remedy for shortcomings in intelligence analysis and estimates, most vociferously after intelligence “failures” is a major increase in expertise. Data shows that expertise itself is no protection from the common analytic pitfalls that are endemic to the human thought process.

A review of notorious intelligence failures demonstrates that the analytic traps caught the experts as much as anybody. Indeed, the data show that when experts fall victim to these traps, the effects can be aggravated by the confidence that attaches to expertise both in their own view and in the perception of others.

These days, everywhere you turn, you find increasing numbers of self proclaimed experts. Some of these “experts”  are in the field of Psychology and Psychiatry. Information and expertise are a necessary but not sufficient means of making intelligence analysis the special product that it needs to be.

A comparable effort has to be devoted to the science of analysis. This effort has to start with a clear understanding of the inherent strengths and weaknesses of the primary analytic mechanism—the human mind—and the way it processes information. In the world at large, substantive expertise is far more abundant than expertise on analytic science and the human mental processing of information. 

In the following article, False Assumptions Inferring with Caution an eye-opening observation in relation to assumptions and premise, and the false counterparts that accompany them, are used dangerously in today’s society. Inference and final conclusions that set’s precedence guiding the direction of society is a tight-rope walked by many who hold high profile “expert” positions such as politicians, judges, lawyers and doctors. These positions undoubtedly have a tendency to shape future outcomes of foreign and domestic policy to control society at large. The control mechanisms used by the aforementioned positions of power has proved on many occasions to be detrimental; especially when power is placed in the wrong hands for wrong reasons.

Dr. Laurie Roth, who holds a PhD in counseling and mental health, wrote this article: The Psychotics in Power are Calling Us Mentally Ill proving tactics and control mechanisms used by those who abuse power. It appears, when those in positions of power feel threatened of losing their power by those who elected them into the position, they revert to attacking the hand that feeds them like a rabid dog, applying character-assassination labels, profiles and defamation under false assumptions, false premise and false pretense. The sociopath and psychopath power mongers slip into denial when confronted with their malady and prefer to “spin doctor” the facts, flip the proverbial coin and point the finger at the finger pointed at them. This tactic is classic Standard Operating Procedure, where one could use the old cliche: “The cat calling the kettle black”.

The consistency and pattern forming aspects are seen once again here: Lawyer- 20 More Cases Similar to Brandon Raub Ongoing. This article is another example of ongoing attempts by those who abuse power, to character-profile anyone who stands up for accountability; be classified a Domestic Extremists who allegedly suffer a stigmatic “mental illness/disease” based on false diagnosis, assumption, premise and pretense, which is nothing more than another character-assassination attempt to shift blame.

The following article Beware the Psychopath confirms on many levels, the opinions shared by many people around the planet. It’s not hard to comprehend the issues that society faces, which are brought up in the article. Moreover, it’s not hard to comprehend the reasons why the present situation continues to this day, when one has no further to look by reading: Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay

False presumptions and premises create ‘new truths’ and ‘new realities’ for the masses to believe via media control. The consequences of those who harness the media either in virtuous, deceitful or devious ways are likely to experience different results and satisfactions. Access to media outlets without authentication by historical, linguistic and verifiable unyielding bedrock, universal knowledge and truths become the new sources of multi-layered illusions and very compromising (confusing) forgeries into the present and future minds of people controlled by what they believe according to opinions or beliefs of others – unsubstantiated except for the “new foundations” of truth based on continuous, contiguous events and illusion invented.

Mind Control

Consequently, it ought not be surprising to observe newly arising controversies, conflicts, prejudices, discrimination, biases, interferences or disturbances to family systems or relationships, etc., when there is a constant, continuous supply of newly created sub-sets of designer cultures (fads, fashions, intrinsically built-in dynamic obsolescence) that previously did not exist before, with increasing and never ending thirsts for demanding rights and privileges under modern laws that have moved away from from bedrock foundations of humanity and fundamental humanitarian values, virtues, principles or natural human satisfactions.

Interestingly enough, these conflicts, policies, politics, trends, disappearing and emerging cultures, psychological, social and religious-church-state-divides have a huge impact on people, individuals, their personalities, the masses and humanity from natural humanitarian origins, particularly from clandestine historical references and future perspectives.

The questions people do not ask are: What is the purposes of these continuous disappearing and emerging trends? Why do they exist and why are they continuously created?

Many people awakening to these major dynamics are increasingly no longer held fast to assertions or claims that certain realities continue to exist, but rather are referencing many avenues of false claims promoted to be the truths. The exception might be for those who find more solace or comfort in not wanting know the answers or are fearful to ask such questions.

Public opinion shaped by mass media, disenfranchised or disorganized media, though, falls into the trap of these promotions, by which becomes the standard or divergent reference points of conflict for the ebb and flow of reality. Continuous media scrums are now the norm in the domains of politics, law, social relations, family values, religion, psychology, psychiatry, education, parenting, medicine, pharmaceuticals, public policy, gender relations, etc.

Yet in the fields of engineering, computers, hi-tech communications, technology, mathematics, physics, science, philosophy, etc., many (perhaps most) universal truths of the past still prevail and with very little attention paid to the unprecedented gargantuan projects and developments on the planet, employing highly educated, intelligent or skilled workers with few disgruntle feelings. Again, nobody is asking why activities in these sectors in these magnitudes go relatively unnoticed or talked about in the media.

Central to messes created by unnatural means if people can accept such realities, or for those who prefer not too, it really does not matter. Instead, pursuit of virtue, happiness, satisfaction, joy, quality-of-life, meaning, future hopes, dreams, truth and realities are all up for grabs. Ultimately it is up to the individual to set and steer a course for themselves, but be accountable to others on how they are perceived. As a consequence of those who do not act upon their personal initiative to create a future with meaning, value to others including themselves, are likely to remain immersed in a psychologically, if not psycho-pathologically ‘messy’ herd mentality of opinion, gossip, beliefs, illusions or façades, having the ‘designer effect’ of producing emotionally twisted mentalities with a net effect of perpetual torment, hence; diminished or no value to themselves or others.

“In a world of illusions, perception is everything.”

Acting “responsibly” under the honorable administrations of international laws, jurisdictions and authorities, a truth can prevail so long it is true, based on accurate, verifiable evidence of material facts, because anti-libel laws, now in existence for many (most) countries, can prevent false truths from cancelling or discrediting the real truths. However, without acknowledgement of these realizations and moving forward on such applications and practice of responsible journalism and communications, individuals can have their personal integrity called into question.

According to Dennis L. Cuddy PhD, Social Programming and Counter Intelligence factions such as the Tavistock Social Engineering Institute, and Chairman of Applied Social Research, Mr A. Kenneth Rice, who represents the Institute’s study into the dynamics of leadership and authority relations in groups; shows us the unrelenting psychological and sociological attacks against civilian society by creating Authoritarian Followers amongst other sick, twisted public control mechanisms.

Tavistock Social Engineering

Totalitarian State Mind Control is another example of behavioral control over society. Aldous Huxley – The Doors Of Perception is the follow-up to the CIA MkUltra drug culture erupting onto the scene in the ’60’s and ’70’s. But that is not the beginning or “roots” of societal mind control culture of drug use coming into effect. The book below called Dope Inc. should “blow” your mind (pun intended).

Dope Inc-Britains Opium War Against the World

Dope Inc.-Britain’s Opium War Against the U.S. 1978 The 1978 Book Edition is chock full of empirical information regarding the drug trade, money laundering, mind control culture, the perpetrators and their agenda, along with banking cartels control over world banking systems and corrupt governmental establishments. An incredibly good read!!!

In the following article, Wake up Democracy IS Socialism Dummy I found references within it as subtle as a club that brings a whole new meaning to “Wake Up”. The author J.B. Williams references one of America’s enemies as “The Useful Idiot” and is described as the person who “means well but is just as dangerous, dumbed down beyond the point of recognizing and understanding even the most fundamental truths. This is the proletariat…who know not, what they do.”

I believe the gist of what Mr. Williams has presented is a bold description of the undereducated “working class” who make up the greater portion of the population. The disgruntled writer brings forth some interesting political subjects, albeit I believe he has missed the mark when he makes the following quote: “Corporations didn’t run this country into the ground, our federal government did.” For the most part though, he does a good job to rally the troops. For educational purposes and in relation to the immediate subject at large, I found it appropriate to attach the Communist Manifesto

This controversial piece of literature has throughout history destroyed culture, nation, people, families and ultimately….lives. It is classic “divide and conquer” material and is set in place to swing the pendulum from the far right fascist/authoritarian to the far left communist/totalitarian regimes. Just take a look back in history at the Bolshevik Revolution for a glimpse at the mess created. The pendulum must stop it’s perpetual motion to and fro, come to a standstill, find balance and therefor set-up entirely new concepts in motion.

The diabolical Hegelian Dialectic is, in my understanding, a complete impossibility. It’s system is boiled down to the following concept and equation being…The Hegelian dialectical formula: A (thesis) versus B (anti- thesis) equals C (synthesis). It is at this juncture, I must introduce the fact that causality is undefinable and wish to dig deeper into this subject.

Causality is Undefinable Toward a Theory of Hierarchical Definability and Causality is Undefinable is an intellectual work by Professor Lofty A. Zadeh of UCal, Berkeley. Professor Zadeh’s study involves Fuzzy Logic. The Hegelian Dialectic construct of A versus B equals C, stands in my opinion, as a thought process without a concise answer. Whereas, if A is undefinable and B is undefinable, then logic stands to reason that C is undefinable as well.

By combining the thought processes of the left hemisphere of the brain (logic) and the right hemisphere of the brain (creative), in effect, should create profound solutions to both A and B, without having to conjure up the “Third Way” paradigm of eliminating A and B by introducing C. Essentially, the Hegelian Dialectic never at any time even considered A or B, and was intended all along to implement Plan C. Thus, the Socialist/Communist introduction of Hegelian Dialectics is nothing less than a complete failure. When you hear the trigger words and expressions such as “for the greater good”, “politically correct” or “consensus”, just remember that your “right wing”” voice (A), or your neighbors “left wing” voice (B) was never at any time considered.

In conclusion, regarding a vast subject such as this, it has come to my opinion, through many years of research and education that the old cliche: “Truth is in the eye of the beholder” is the axiom which is clandestinely used by the Power Elite to control the masses. In a world of lies, deceit and illusions, it becomes imperative to discern what appears to be the truth with a careful and keen onlooking eye. Honestly, I truly would like to delve into this subject matter further by discussing Noetic Science The Cause and Effect Theory and examining P.D. Ouspensky’s book “The Fourth Way”. As a kind gesture, for your perusal I have included the full edition to read here: The Fourth Way by P.D. Ouspensky Enjoy.