The Great Divide – The Rise of Homosexuality and Fall of Heterosexuality

The Great Divide – The rise of Homosexuality and fall of Heterosexuality – their interconnections between political ideologies, religion and involvement with pedophilia and human trafficking.     

March 9th, 2015

by ©Robert Erickson-White


Well, I’m not going to “tip-toe” gently around this subject and cautiously dip my foot in the frigid waters regarding such a delicate topic; especially concerning those who dare speak their opinions about Homosexuality, while at the same time, risk the possibility of having their reputations destroyed by powerful lobbyists who support the promotion of Homosexuality. And to prove my point, here’s a taste of the corruption within the Canadian Judiciary whereby “the truth is not a defence.” Rothsteins World Where Intent Truth No Longer Exist by Bill Whatcott So, I’ll jump right in and hopefully bring to light enough evidence of what so many people have been left in the dark about.

At first, I was planning on devoting a chapter on this subject in my up-and-coming book, but after watching a you-tube video last night recorded by Mr. Frank Frost, I felt morally compelled to write a story on the subject, and was up til 4:30 this morning researching and preparing documents I’ll be providing and reviewing throughout this editorial.

But before I go any further, I must confess I’m a proud heterosexual Christian man who firmly believes in solid-bedrock, moral, and conscientious values of man, woman, marriage and the organic “family unit” structure.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I would also like to explain I do not condone, promote or believe in racism, prejudice, character-assassination, labeling, defamation, slander or any other false premise the “politically-correct wannabe establishment” endorses with their Hegelian standards used in human conditioning. Ultimately, their goal is to divide and conquer. I refuse to fall into or get dragged into that trap; and believe me, they’ve tried many times.

Within the documents provided throughout this article, I’ve highlighted “key” points which raise serious concerns, and should make the reading and educational aspects easier for the general public to grasp. Furthermore, certain topics of importance that relate and/or correlate with similar attacks used by the “establishment” against myself – and others – who’ve become “Targeted Individuals” is also highlighted for precedence setting reference.

The first segment I’d like to introduce is the factual statistics in the following article: Homosexual Promiscuity Breeding A National Health Problem in here you will find horrifying revelations. After reading this article, it should solidify your understanding that an honorable marriage between a man and woman is a foundational cornerstone of leading by example, to protect and prevent future generations – their children – from being lured into experimental sexual promiscuity, which may open the gateway to an increase of further social problems including: communicable diseases, substance abuse and psychological disorders.

The next article I’d like to address is in regards to how hypocritical the pseudo-science of psychiatry is, and how the industry “flip-flops” their hypothetical, assumptive theories of what is deemed a social disorder. In the following publication: Every DSM Brings New Mental Illness you will see the industry labeled homosexuality a ‘Mental Disorder’ up until 1973, at which time they revoked their findings. The general public needs to understand the distinction between disorder and disease, as I’m quite sure the socially manipulative profession of psychiatry needs reminding of this fact as well. Another important question to raise that’s worthy of discussion is why do they call the psychiatric profession an industry? My answer: Industry is synonymous with profitability. And, profitability in all likelihood is synonymous with manipulation and control.

Now, I’d like to switch gears ( I mean that in a profession manner) by discussing the escalation and endorsement of homosexuality in public schools, and who is behind all the hype? And how it’s promotion is having a profound effect on children and society in general? But first, I’d like to present this next article: Promoting Homosexuality in Schools.

As you can see, not only is the medical industry involved in promoting homosexuality, but the State Educational System is involved as well. In fact, I think it’s appropriate to share this story too. School Covers Mural for Depicting a Man a Woman and a Child Now, I don’t know about you, but when I was in school we didn’t have any of this trash infest it’s way into the sacred bedrock of education. We didn’t need the brainwashing propaganda to saturate our innocent minds; we had trustworthy parents and family members as sex-ed stewards. Not to mention the fact, we would read from the Bible every morning in class, where we would learn about Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve.

Now that I’ve brought up religion, I might as well discuss it’s relationship with the subject of homosexuality in this next article Media Homosexuals Threaten Christian Minister. I also encourage people to read The Pink Swastika (5th edition) as it will open your eyes to the exploitation of homosexuality and it’s involvement with religious and political ideologies.

If you feel appalled after reading the aforementioned article and book, then I’d like to open the back door and expose the “rear guard” (once again – professional) of the individuals responsible for the heavily-funded exploitation of homosexuality in the following brief, but historical lesson full of links you won’t find in today’s mainstream educational curriculum. This article is definitely a wake-up call. John Maynard Keynes Homosexual Bolshevik Communist.

The next “highlighted” article below is written by a friend of mine who recently succumbed to the terrible affliction of Cancer. I will always have a deep respect for this man, because when the attacks against me started escalating immediately after I wrote the following article: “McBride RCMP Reading Stories to Local Pre-School Children” (found at the top of this site under the heading Government/RCMP Corruption) I began to see a pattern of white-collar criminal injustices performed by the very same institutions, and some of the same individuals supposedly in place to prevent such heinous crimes and human rights violations.

After some intensive research, I tracked down the late Mr. Townsend and found so many non-coincidental similarities of what happened to him – was happening to me. That is why I was able to get in touch with an experienced member of the Alternative Media, Mr. Arthur Topham; in my desperate attempt to get my story and evidence out to the public, before the corrupt Canadian Government, Judiciary and RCMP locked me up and threw away the key for telling the truth and educating the public about the reality of what truly goes on in this world. As it turns out, all three (3) of us – along with many others here in British Columbia and across Canada – were experiencing similar attacks by the same organizations, individuals and institutions.

I highlighted everything in the next article to what I believe is relevant, not only to this story but also to my unfinished story; which will be loaded with unexposed evidence that I’ll be revealing in the near future. There’s some truly empirical information exposed in the following article. (*Warning-graphic language*) Is the British Empire a Coven of Pedophiles by Jim Townsend.

This next article Letter Concerning MCFD shines a light on more evidence regarding sexual promiscuity, pedophilia, human trafficking and how they relate to government institutions, political ideologies and religion. It makes a person really question who truly has the best interests of society at heart? It appears certain members of our elected government (their institutions) and the judiciary do not. The same “broken record” robotic response I see and hear all the time by government employees and civil/human rights associations these days is: “Sorry, we can’t help you – the matter is before the courts.”

Our civil/political/human rights organizations appear set up as “window dressing” for public appeasement; appearing legitimate, but more inline as an institution of “controlled opposition” with the hopes of preventing public dissatisfaction, dissension and Mob Rule. It appears they are nothing more than “talking-heads” set up to distract, confuse and pacify the public. It doesn’t appear as a war against our children on all fronts going on. There IS a war against our children going on, with a massive campaign of cover-up and muzzling and little to zero public exposure or involvement from a “lame duck” impotent mainstream media.

That’s why I find it extremely important to share this article God-given and Unalienable or Government Granted and Revocable to remind people about Organic Law and it’s importance. But before I get too far off track regarding topic, I figure now’s a good time to add an article from my American friend and neighbor to the south Pastor “Coach” Dave Daubenmire and his reflection of why the latest generation of men are a bunch of “sissy’s” and only one “dropped ball” away from becoming “shirley’s.” They Are Afraid of Real Men

Okay, that time I leaned towards sarcasm and just a tad shy of professional. But if your blood isn’t boiling by now, I’m finally going to post the Frank Frost video below, which is the reason why I felt so compelled to write this story in the first place. But before I do that, I’d like to summarize the following conclusion.

It is my belief that all the stereotypical, homophobic, rabble-rousing hype regarding homosexuality is advanced and promoted to foment the agenda of the Criminal Cabal, with their ultimate goal of achieving a destabilized and compartmentalized society, thus, establishing division and “in fighting” through a controlled opposition, thereby dissolving the family nuclei and creating a more manageable society, much easier to manipulate and control. Now that I’ve brought this seriously important and concerning information to your attention, what do you plan to do about this? Or is it too late and you’ve already become a bunch of pansy’s? Maybe the video below will get you off the couch?

*Warning* The following video contains strong, forceful language that some viewers may find offensive. Public Service Announcement from RUBICONCROSSROAD

The Yoke of Law: Stopping the Homosexual Lobby Assault on our School Children Frank Frost Videos


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BC Hydro and RCMP Threaten to Disconnect Power

BC Hydro and RCMP Threaten to Disconnect Power

January 27, 2015

By ©Robert Erickson

This afternoon I received a knock on my door by an alleged representative/employee of B.C. Hydro threatening to disconnect the power to my residence, in the remote northern Village of McBride B.C.. This individual was accompanied with McBride RCMP Members Cpl. Greirson and Cst. Todd Learning. Here is a video of the encounter:

In the video, I requested the alleged B.C. Hydro employees name, employee number, paperwork providing the work order and authority to disconnect the power, all of which was refused. What this person did provide was a laminated card with his picture and apparently a corporate logo which read “Accenture”. Without proper identification, it appears this individual could be posing as an imposter. Even the laminated card he provided didn’t have a name or employee number.

Throughout the conversation, I provided the fact B.C. Hydro received payment when I sent the following BC Hydro Payment 28.01.2015 and mailed it in advance on January 2nd, 2015, as you can see in the photograph. I had to redact personal information for obvious reasons. But the fact remains, BC Hydro had plenty of time to acknowledge I made payment and chose to threaten me with power disconnection one (1) day prior to processing payment.

I, along with many Canadians suffer the illegal billing practices, racketeering and extortion by BC Hydro. I personally possess vast amounts of evidence to prove this fact; as time progresses, I will post this evidence.

The BC Hydro Smart Meter “roll-out” all began here in McBride on Thursday November 17th, 2011 and the following encounter Attendance to McBride Property by Corix Employee is where this story begins.

Here is the litigation sent to BC Hydro. BC Hydro Litigation I received no reply from BC Hydro, notwithstanding the Final Notice of Dishonor and Default and Notice of Service for Final Notice of Dishonor and Default, thus, BC HYDRO IS IN DEFAULT.

BC Hydro decided to “up the ante” so to speak, and appears reluctant to challenge me in a Court of Law. Here is some litigation recently sent to BC Hydro Robert Erickson to BC Hydro 19.05.2014 and Robert Erickson to BC Hydro 09.07.2014 and (no coincidence) I never received a reply. You can see in the December Invoice here BC Hydro Bill Dec.18, 2014 there is massive discrepancies (just look at the power spikes) when my residence was unoccupied between November 5th, 2013 until April 10th, 2014. Not to mention the fact, the meter reading taken today (January 27, 2015) Meter Reading for January 27, 2015 with a reading of 72392–which is also inaccurate due to an obvious digital meter malfunction and BC Hydro is refusing to admit this fact. When you look at the previous month invoice above, you will notice the meter reading, according to BC Hydro is 73507 on December 16th, 2014. Have a look at the picture I took here December 19th, 2014 Meter Reading on December 19th, 2014 and the reading is 72123.

I reached out to BC Civil Liberties Association; let’s see if they step up to the plate. Here is their mandate: BC Civil Liberties Association’s Mandate. Below is the communication I initiated with their organization.

BC Civil Liberties Communication 31.01.2015

January 30th, 2015

After numerous phone calls and faxes back and forth over the last couple of days between myself, BC Hydro Representatives and Ministry of Social Development/Innovation Representatives, I’m absolutely appalled that the Government Ministries of Canada will use any and all means of deception possible, to prevent the proper moral, ethical standards they are legislated and mandated to perform, in their duties to aid those in crisis situations.

So before I get started, I’d like to start off clarifying some information. First of all, last April 2014, one (1) week before my trial date in court, I was physically attacked by four (4) unruly individuals who smashed my jaw. This event was performed to prevent me from speaking at the trial, due to the fact my jaw was wired shut. This is another story I’ll be writing about at a future date, and believe me, it will be an extremely shocking story loaded with evidence and facts.

Furthermore, because I suffered serious damages and still require ongoing surgeries, (another major story involving serious corruption) I’ve been forced to apply for disability, due to the extensive damages and being unable to work. Since that time, the Ministry denied my eligibility (another massive story) and now I’ve been forced to live on Social Assistance. Now, that brings me to why you should listen to the following evidence in the video below, as it will shock and devastate you beyond what you ever imagined, in regards to the lies, deception and outright disregard the Canadian establishment has towards it’s citizens.

Here is the document faxed to me by the Ministry Papers Received by Ministry 29.01.2015 The footnotes and highlights are the concerning questions I wished to raise with the Ministry worker, who admitted the Ministry would pay 1/2 of the proposed, alleged outstanding amount in question and set up a twelve (12) month repayment plan, whereas, I would be responsible to pay back the other half. It was recently brought to my attention the Ministry is only allowed to “claw-back” a certain portion of benefits and I will be digging for that information, as it appears in the conversation, the Ministry worker was unwilling to provide the information to me.

Stay tuned…there’s much more evidence coming!!!!


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BC Hydro Finally Owns Up to Defective Smart Meter

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Concerns Over BC Hydro’s Smart Meters Keep Coming

Smart Meters Blame For Hydro Bill Spikes

The Supreme Court of Canada Moves the Law of Contract The Principle of Good Faith


Canadian Victims Stories Via E-mail July 15th, 2014, By ©Robert Erickson

By ©Robert Erickson

The following e-mail correspondence is evidently important to read; in concert with the ongoing criminal activities involving corrupt RCMP individuals and Canadian Government Officials guilty by association.

Victim Evidence Stories Via E-Mail


Self-Represented Litigants and Law Students Are Not the Enemy « The National Self-Represented Litigants Project

Self-Represented Litigants and Law Students Are Not the Enemy « The National Self-Represented Litigants Project.

© By Robert Erickson

On June 19th, 2012, I (Robert Erickson-White) was arbitrarily arrested and incarcerated by the McBride RCMP on “trumped-up” charges, consisting of: two (2) counts of Uttering Threats, Mischief and Cause a Disturbance. The trial was set for the following dates: September 12th- 13th, November 29th and December 2nd, 1013. On June 25th, 2013, the McBride RCMP decided to set-up, entrap, arbitrarily arrest, incarcerate and gated another false charge of Breach of Recognizance against me. On August 14th, 2013, the McBride RCMP continued their attack against me and gated further bogus charges consisting of: Theft Under $5000 and Criminal Harassment. On November 5th, 2013, the McBride RCMP and Crown Prosecutor Geoff McDonald, knowing I wasn’t backing down, decided to up the ante, and continued their attack against me by gating another round of spurious charges including: Breach (indictable) and Obstruction of Justice (indictable).

This last round of false charges against me was the Crown’s last ditch attempt to permanently incarcerate me, so I would not have a chance to self litigate or have access to my evidence for trial(s). Their nefarious actions were stymied when I managed to self litigate on the first round of four charges, was found not guilty and acquitted with the case dismissed. This precedence setting case trial, in all likelihood, should’ve allowed me to be released from prison, so I would be able to defend myself, self litigate and have access to the “boatloads” of evidence I possess to expose the injustices against me; but that was not the case. The Crown’s intention was not to seek justice but to seek a conviction. The Court violated my Civil and Human Rights throughout the entire charade against me. In the near future, I will divulge all the evidence documented, videotaped and recorded for the whole world to see.

The bottom line is: The Canadian Judiciary is bent on racketeering, extortion and bribery, by placing individuals who have been falsely charged, incarcerated and convicted at a disadvantage, forcing them to hire the services of lawyers, who will liquidate your finances, plea bargain (bribery) with the Crown and have your numerous charges reduced down to a few. Without a doubt, it’s a money game. Lawyer’s do not have your best interest at heart unless you have loads of money to pay them. And for those of you who don’t (the vast majority of the population), don’t count on the Legal Aid Society to help. I could go on an on about that but that’s a whole new topic I will discuss in the future with evidence to prove them a defunct organization.

How B.C’s Legal Aid Society Fails to Comply with International Law

So, for all you people out there, the only recourse is to self litigate. It is the only way to have greater success in a world of corrupt legislators, judges and lawyers. The judges do not want this happening in the courts, due to the fact, it will clog up and slow down their racket. But this is what we all need to do, in order to propose changes and reformation of the Statutes, Acts, Codes and Regulations (which are NOT laws) to our politicians and legislators who we elected.

Do not be afraid, intimidated, apathetic or capitulate to your ignorance of the law, for that is how they have set the system up against you. Instead, be vigilant, educated self assured and confident in your abilities. If not, don’t expect the system to get easier in the future and don’t expect to see any justice. What you will end up expecting is a depleted bank account, charges on your record, less civil/human rights or freedom in your life. The more of us that stand up to the corruption today, the more freedom our children will gain tomorrow. It’s up to you to do something….or nothing.


Further Chronicles of Criminal Malfeasance by RCMP, Courts & BC Government Ministries: The Frank Frost Story by Arthur Topham, Radical Press Reporter

Further Chronicles of Criminal Malfeasance by RCMP, Courts & BC Government Ministries: The Frank Frost Story by Arthur Topham, Radical Press Reporter.


Exposing Further Corruption of McBride RCMP & the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP by ©Robert Erickson

by ©Robert Erickson

In this series of correspondence between myself (Robert Erickson-White), RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson, Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP, Ombudsman Office for the Department of National Defence and Canadian Forces and Cpl. Kennedy of McBride RCMP,  I shall demonstrate how cops protect cops during an investigation against one of their own brethren, and the corruption within the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP.

Here you will see the First Notice sent to RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson First Notice and Complaint to RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson on November 23rd, 2012, addressing a formal complaint against McBride RCMP member Cst. Peter Berndsen. By no surprise, I never received a reply from the questionably esteemed Commissioner Bob Paulson. Instead, I received this Letter from Sarah Robertson 03.12.2012, Intake Officer for the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP dated December 3rd, 2012.

I received this First Letter from Cpl. Kennedy  and this Second Letter from Cpl. Kennedy and this Third Letter from Cpl. Kennedy, followed by my reply Reply to Cpl. Kennedy’s Third Letter. The first subject I address, is the fact that never at any time did Cpl. Kennedy inform me about the status of the investigation at regular intervals. Never at any time did Cpl. Kennedy address my concerns within the reply I sent in regards to his third letter. What is he hiding? What is the RCMP trying to muzzle and cover-up? Why do the RCMP never reply to my letters and Notices? These questions raise SERIOUS CONCERNS as to the competence and merit of the RCMP.

In the Fourth Letter from Cpl. Kennedy, you will notice the format of the letter from Cpl. Kennedy is opposite to his previous letters and now has a security classification designation. In my Reply to Kennedy’s Fourth Letter, I address my serious concerns which Kennedy failed to respond, refute, reply or rebut. It appears he is using the Fourth Letter to send to the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP, and most likely none of his previous correspondences or any of my correspondences is included.

In the Fifth Letter from Cpl. Kennedy, you will notice Kennedy attempts to mention I will be kept informed of the investigation and updated every 30 days and given a progress report. NEVER at any time throughout the investigation (if there truly was an investigation) did I receive any of the aforementioned information Kennedy alleges. In my Reply to Kennedy’s Fifth Letter, once again, I never received a reply from Cpl. Kennedy and never at any time did Kennedy address, refute or rebut my concerns.

In the Sixth Letter from Cpl. Kennedy and Seventh Letter from Cpl. Kennedy you see the same unfulfilled, unsubstantiated promises. My Reply to Kennedy’s Seventh and Final Letter Received, is the last letter I sent to Cpl. Kennedy and is my reply to the Sixth and Seventh (final) segments of correspondences received from Cpl. Kennedy, to which, once again, I never received any report, reply, response, refute or rebuttal

Furthermore, after the false arrest, incrimination and humiliation I received during the false charges of Breach of Bail Conditions occurring on June 25th, 2013, I lodged a Second Complaint Against Cst. Berndsen and First Complaint Against Cpl. Kennedy, and received this Reply from Commission for Public Complaints Against RCMP from another individual named Michael Blackburn, who intercepted my Formal Complaint sent to Ms. Sarah Robertson. I responded to Mr. Blackburn’s letter with a Second Notice to RCMP Complaints Commission and received a Reply from Michael Blackburn which is nothing more than a refusal of the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP to accept my Formal Complaint lodged against Cpl. Kennedy and Second Formal Complaint lodged against Cst. Berndsen.

Moreover, I received a Letter from Robert Bouchard Intake Officer of the Federal Ombudsman Office for the Department of National Defence (DND) and Canadian Forces (CF), in regards to my Complaints against the RCMP. What you see here provides evidence of another example of the refusal for the proper authorities to intervene and do the job they are commissioned to do, to serve and protect the citizens of Canada. Do you feel safe if you complaint to the proper authorities, and those authorities refuse to reconcile or remedy a situation of SERIOUS CONCERNS, and those in authority who refuse to investigate those who refuse? Where is the Justice? And why all the refusal and cover-up’s?