R. v. Frost

Frank and the Queen


By ©Robert Erickson-White

In the following video, Frank Frost addresses the Canadian Government’s circumvention of Section 7 in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and how the Government abuses their power by using the excuse “for the greater good.”

At the 10:00 minute mark, Mr. Frost explains how the BC Provincial Court Judiciary violated my right to a fair trial, violated numerous Charter Rights, International Covenants, International and National Human Rights, due to the fact, Mr. Frost is a witness throughout the entire charade of unlawful detention, arbitrary charges, and criminal actions performed by the McBride RCMP, Crown Prosecutor Geoff McDonald, and numerous other Government Agencies and individuals complicit in the case against me.



By ©Robert Erickson

In the following letter: Frost Letter to RCMP Complaints Commission Mr. Frank Frost addresses the Public Complaints Against the RCMP Commission about false arrests made by Cpl. Barry Kennedy and Cst. Brady Knezacek against himself and Carrie Rupf on January 23rd, 2013.

In this letter, Mr. Frost alleges that Carrie Rupf was willing to give Cpl. Kennedy a Statement in regards to her first born child’s murder. Mr. Frost alleges Cpl. Kennedy was aware Ms. Rupf was willing to give the aforementioned Statement but Cpl. Kennedy was adamant in doing so, even though Mr. Frost addressed the subject to Cpl. Kennedy on several occasions.

Mr. Frost opines the RCMP along with the Ministry of Child and Family Development (MCFD) is colluding together, in a cover-up of sexual abuses and murder of Carrie Rupf’s first born child at the hands of Ken Aziz and James Turner, who worked as lawyers for the MCFD in 1988 and earlier.

In the letter, it appears Mr. Frost approached Cpl. Kennedy about the threats Ms.Rupf received at Prince George Regional Correctional Center on January 23rd, 2013, and Cpl. Kennedy, according to Frost, will not investigate the matter.

A phone call was made to “Dorothy” (Ms. Shirley Bonds assistant) at the Attorney Generals office in Price George, where Mr. Frost alleges he was threatened to “stay out of it” or they would put him in prison.

Mr. Frost believes Crown Prosecutor Geoff McDonald is also involved, as well as Bail Supervisor Ms. Leslie Currie, as they have restricted Mr. Frost’s movement, according to his bail conditions. And wonders why Mr. McDonald has taken such an interest imposing harsh bail restrictions, in what Mr. Frost perceives as nothing more than an intentional cover-up, and Mr. McDonald viewing Mr. Frost as a threat exposing all those involved.

Towards the end of the letter Mr. Frost announces his frustration; why Government Officials and the RCMP refuse to investigate deeply concerning criminal matters, such as murder and sexual abuse, which continue unabated without so much as a peep, or even a return letter acknowledging his concerns. Provided at the bottom of the letter is a list of who Mr. Frost believes are accessories to the murder and sexual abuses.

This story is relative to the R. vs. White (Robert Erickson case) in regards to all persons Mr. Frost has implicated are the same individuals involved in in the White/Erickson Case. It is no coincidence these corrupt individuals have purposefully destroyed Mr. Frank Frost’s personal relationship with Ms. Carrie Rupf and their children or Mr. White-Erickson’s personal relationship with Ms. Michelle MacDonald.

The similarities between both cases in the same Town, with the same Judges, the same Bail Supervisors, the same Crown Prosecutor and the same RCMP Officers who are destroying family relations, performing false arrests, fabricating unusually questionable restrictive bail conditions , physical tortures, human rights violations, money involvement and coercing female partners to criminally charge the male partners ….. IS NO COINCIDENCE!!!


By ©Robert Erickson

In the following video, Frank and I showed up at the McBride RCMP station together for my weekly scheduled “check-in”, so I could have a witness present, in case Cst. Berndsen and Cpl. Kennedy decided to arrest me again on false, fabricated charges in their continuation of stalking and harassment abuses as demonstrated in the R. vs. White evidence presented at the top of this website. The continuation of evidence is just the tip of the iceberg, in respect to “boatloads” of further evidence which will be presented as time permits.

As you will notice in the video, seconds after Frank and I arrived, Berndsen and Kennedy arrived on scene, which proves they were stalking us the whole time. Also, Berndsen approached Frank, addressing the fact that Frank’s Court Case is over. Frank clearly makes Berndsen aware that it’s “just getting started”. Notice how Berndsen entices Frank to shake his hand, then rudely pulls Frank towards him. Berndsen references how hot it was in Court approximately two (2) weeks earlier. Let me tell you, it’s just starting to get hot. Berndsen, Kennedy and their cronies should be sweating profusely by now, as Frank and I are just getting started and we’re not the only ones either; there are plenty other people coming forward as well. The whole world is watching the truth of their heinous crimes unfold.

Frank Frost First interview October 10th, 2013

Frank Frost Second Interview October 10th, 2013

The next evidence video I’m posting is the collusion, set-up and entrapment scenario orchestrated by RCMP member Cpl. Barry Kennedy. In the video is Ms. Carrie Rupf; who was allegedly bribed, coerced and motivated to commit a crime ($50,000.00 dollars spoke of by Frank Frost in the above videos) by the RCMP and Canadian Government to blackmail, lie,   and fabricate false charges against Mr. Frost. At the beginning of the video, Ms. Rupf looks directly into the camera and appears to be fully cognizant of the fact she is being filmed. When people make a police statement, the person interviewed is never aware or told by the RCMP they are on camera. At the end of the video, (as referenced in the above Frost Interview), Ms. Rupf questioned Cpl. Kennedy by saying: “did I do everything alright”. Ms. Rupf’s comment clearly indicates she was coerced to perform the orchestrated interview.

This similar and consistent pattern was used by the RCMP and Canadian Government in the R. vs. White case, where the RCMP (specifically Cpl. Kennedy and his common-law Ms. Elizabeth de Vries) colluded, coerced and motivated Ms. Michelle MacDonald to commit a crime and fabricate false charges against Mr. White-Erickson.

Furthermore, another piece of incriminating evidence against Bail Supervisor Ms. Leslie Currie has surfaced in the Rupf/Kennedy interview. At the top of this page, under the heading R. vs. White is a video presented where Mr. White-Erickson clearly asks Ms. Currie if the meeting was meant as a set-up and entrapment scenario, to which Ms. Currie replied: “No entrapment here”. Moreover, Mr. White-Erickson confronts Ms. Currie at the interview and asks if there are any hidden cameras in the meeting room and the same question was presented to Ms. Currie in written correspondence. Ms. Currie responded by saying: “I was told there are no cameras in the room”.

Coincidentally, Ms. Currie and the RCMP lied once again because the Rupf/Kennedy interview and White-Erickson/Currie Meeting were both performed in the exact same room at the McBride RCMP detachment. This constitutes further evidence with the continuation of lies and deceit performed by the RCMP.


by ©Robert Erickson

At the 3:40 mark in the video below, Carrie Rupf confesses the McBride RCMP members coerced her to fabricate false charges against Frank Frost (R. vs. Frost), in a scenario reminiscent and equally damaging in nature as the fabricated false charges the same McBride RCMP members coerced Michelle MacDonald to file against Robert Erickson-White (R. vs. White). In both cases, the RCMP has no right to be involved in a civil matter when there is no crime committed and no proof/evidence of any crime committed; nothing but superfluous allegations created by the McBride RCMP. At least Carrie Rupf has the honesty to come forward and confess the truth, let’s see if Michelle MacDonald has any honesty and integrity to come forward, recant and repent her lies?

Here is: Carrie Rupf Handwritten Documents 09.10.2013


Stopping the Foster Care to Child Trafficking Pipeline


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