Government/RCMP Corruption

Correspondence With RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson, Acting Assistant Deputy Attorney General Geoff Moyse and Office of Chief Judge T. Crabtree

by ©Robert Erickson

In the following letter I received from Mr. Geoff Moyse here: Letter Received from Acting Assistant Deputy Attorney General Geoff Moyse Mr. Moyse was the first to respond to the Notice I sent to RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson here: Second Notice to RCMP Commish Bob Paulson and was nothing more than an arbitrary letter stating: “We are unable to help you.” or more like: “We have the authority, but in your case we don’t and are unwilling to help you.” Not to mention the fact, Bob Paulson never replied to the Second Notice sent to him (gee, that’s no surprise).

Have a look at my reply here: Reply Notice to Mr. Geoff Moyse it’s an eye-opener and raises some very serious concerns for all Canadians to read. Mr. Moyse was unwilling to respond, refute, rebut or reply for reasons which are apparently obvious.

Furthermore, I sent this Notice Letter to Suzanne Anton and Chief Judge T. Crabtree 19.08.2013 to our new Minister of Justice and Attorney General Ms. Suzanne Anton. I received no reply from her or her office (gee, that’s no surprise). Instead, I received this letter Letter Received from Gene Jamieson Office of Chief Judge from Gene Jamieson Q.C., Legal Officer (for whom?). So, I immediately sent a reply here. Reply Letter to Gene Jamieson Office of Chief Judge 17.10.2013 Let’s see if the Office of the Chief Judge or any of the other nefarious actors send a reply or response, to refute or rebut any of the serious concerns or questions I have presented. Or will it be more of the same Right of Silence, refusal, arbitrary response of “passing the buck”. We’ll see?

The fact remains, it is apparently obvious I have touched upon a nerve; especially when I send Notices to RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson, Minister of Justice and Attorney General Suzanne Anton and Chief Judge T. Crabtree and NONE of them respond, refute or rebut any of my evidence, questions or concerns. It is apparently obvious our Justice System and RCMP is defunct and corrupt. What is with all this “lip service” explaining to Canadians that Canadian Government(s) and the RCMP must be held accountable for their actions with full disclosure and transparency? Do you believe it is time WE hold them accountable? Or do WE allow them to continue feeding us more lies and deception? I know my answer. What is yours?

McBride RCMP Reading Stories to Local Pre-School Children

By ©Robert Erickson

In the following article, RVSS Reading Program Builds Trust the  Robson Valley Support Society’s Stepping Stones Children Center, funded by the Government of British Columbia’s Ministry of Children and Family Development, has teamed together with McBride RCMP in an auspicious attempt to “build trust” with local pre-school children.

When I viewed the article, many “red flags” and alarms went off. First of all, it appears the RCMP’s endeavor to genuinely repair the decades of erroneous wrong-doings (see articles below) performed by a few “bad apples” within their organization, may actually be a continuation of their sinister behavior. Or could the RCMP be attempting to reconcile and repair people’s trust?  The general public at large is fully aware of the numerous RCMP crimes against humanity, albeit, I believe any organization and their members who have done wrong should be granted an opportunity to make amends. But do you believe reading stories to pre-school children is the answer? let’s dig into this subject and you be the judge.

First off, is it morally acceptable allowing the RCMP, who are not qualified or skilled in any form of childhood development, reading stories to young children? Or is it more appropriate to have that position filled by those who are qualified such as teachers, librarians, child care workers, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters or church members?

Secondly, If the RCMP wish to gain back public trust, wouldn’t it be prudent to repair the damage they created against the victims (adult parents) instead of attempting to convince and persuade innocent victimless children of trustworthiness? Wouldn’t it be sensible to lead by example, providing assistance and relief to victims of RCMP abuse, so children can see with their own eyes the true meaning of trust? And by setting this example, the children who grow up to be police officers will continue in life being morally conscientious.

Thirdly, we all know young children’s innocent little minds are easily cajoled and manipulated into believing that a man in uniform relates to a position of authority and trust. Thus, they connect those feelings to the symbolism of the uniform. In the article, Elizabeth de Vries admits a startling number of her clients have huge fears of RCMP officers and goes further to say: ” For some children the only interactions they’ve ever had with the police are when an officer is arresting one of their parents.” Does that statement alone not beg to question the true intent of the RCMP? Could the real reason be, the RCMP are befriending young children because once the kids feel “safe” telling their stories, the kids will “open up” and tell them secrets about mommy and daddy? I don’t know about you but I could post an endless supply of stories about broken homes and broken families all due to RCMP involvement. Personally, I would much rather have a qualified chain of command or proper triage if “mommy and daddy” had an argument. If a story leaks out from a saddened child, I would rather have it end up in the ear of a qualified intermediary such as teacher, pastor, family councilor, marriage councilor or family doctor, where proper remedy and recourse would be found; not having the RCMP smash down the door, hauling either mommy or daddy off to prison, dragging the children into a foster or group home and making the entire situation worst off for all parties involved.

On that note, I provide the following quote made by Cpl. Barry Kennedy of the McBride RCMP: “The RCMP members are finding the program quite rewarding. It’s turned out to be a lot of fun for the police to interact with the children. The children are not only benefiting from the program, but so are the police.” I would like to know what type of benefit the police are receiving? What is RCMP gaining? And what is their true intention? Are they the front line to allow Medical Psychologist & Social Workers to “evaluate” Mom and Dad.

Now I don’t know about you, but having a gun-totting trained killer reading stories to innocent little children just doesn’t sit right with me, especially after reading the story’s below. It makes about as much sense as sending a combat ready military grunt in full regalia to a senior citizen’s home to teach macrame classes.

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