Further Chronicles of Criminal Malfeasance by RCMP, Courts & BC Government Ministries: The Frank Frost Story by Arthur Topham, Radical Press Reporter

Further Chronicles of Criminal Malfeasance by RCMP, Courts & BC Government Ministries: The Frank Frost Story by Arthur Topham, Radical Press Reporter.


Judges, Crown Prosecutors and Psychiatrists Attack Innocent Canadians; Labelling “Mental Illness” Without Proof by ©Robert Erickson

by ©Robert Erickson

There is a growing trend across Canada, whereby Judges, Prosecutors and their clandestine, stigmatic “expert” psychologists, all work together in an attempt to label, defame and charter-assassinate those who stand up for justice, express their political views or blow the proverbial “whistle” against those in positions of power, who abuse their positions.

My job as an Investigator and International Reporter is to expose these injustices and bring awareness to the public, so that Human Rights Violations and criminal activity performed by those nefarious actors in positions of power shall not continue; as I too have become a victim.

Let’s start with Crown Prosecutor Geoff McDonald’s Initial Sentencing Position that was “drawn-up” by Mr. McDonald the day after I was falsely arrested. In the document you will observe the acronym “PSR”. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, I provide the meaning here: Crown Counsel Procedure PSR Requests and Crown Counsel Procedure Court Ordered PSRs and Can Judge’s Order an Assessment of the Accuseds Mental Condition for the Purposes of Sentencing Without Accused Consent. The questions that need to be answered are:

  • Why does Crown intend to request a Psychological/Psychiatric Assessment exactly one (1) day after my arrest, before receiving all the evidence?
  • Why did Crown perform this action without receiving any medical files to substantiate such an action?

I’m not the only person in McBride B.C. that Crown Prosecutor McDonald attacked. Mr Frank Frost is also a victim of McDonald’s labeling and character-profiling/assassination attempt. Here is Crown Prosecutor Geoff McDonald’s Initial Sentencing Position for Frank Frost. The same police officers who arrested me (Berndsen and Kennedy), falsely arrested Frost as well, as he too stood up for justice, accountability and transparency. In McDonald’s Sentencing Position against Frost, you see the same tactics used. McDonald’s position “Mental Health Issues” was signed the same day Frost was arrested. This begs to question:

  • Is McDonald’s Standard Operating Procedure to label everyone falsely arrested as suffering from Mental Health Issues?
  • How many others has McDonald labeled as suffering Mental Health Issues?
  • Is McDonald qualified to make that assumption?
  • What is McDonald’s intentions?

The story gets deeper. As you read through this entire blogsite there is plenty of evidence (and plenty more being revealed daily) to prove the RCMP coerced my ex-partner to initiate false charges and arrest against me under false, proof-less assumptions to steal my belongings and wealth, while at the same time aid and abet my ex-partner, obstruct justice and protect her from incrimination, in their attempt to force me into a “penniless situation”. During the third (3rd) false arrest, I received the following: Geoff McDonald’s Ridiculous Third Initial Sentencing Position. As you can see, McDonald continues to defame, profile, label and character-assassinate me in an attempt to throw me into a Mental Institution for a “Medical Assessment” and fed poisonous psychotropic drugs, with no substantiated proof, evidence, facts, qualifications or medical records to justify his ridiculous position. Notwithstanding, McDonald and the RCMP is also coercing my ex-partner to testify against me as a person suffering from a “mental illness”. The following telephone recording is one of many witnesses who are coming forward testifying about the collusion between my ex-partner, the RCMP, Crown Council Geoff McDonald and Provincial Court Judge D.H. Weatherly.

After listening to the telephone conversation with a pertinent witness, many questions beg to be answered such as:

  • Why did the RCMP arrest me when my ex-partner has no evidence, witnesses or proof to substantiate her charges against me?
  • Why is my ex-partner attempting to convince people that I suffer from paranoid schizophrenia, when she is not qualified?
  • Why is Judge D.H. Weatherly, Geoff McDonald, the RCMP and my ex-partner colluding together in a plan to send me for a psych evaluation, force me into a mental institution and force poisonous psychotropic drugs down my throat?
  • Why did my ex-partner have her ex-husband (David Smith) arrested for the same accusations back in 2007-2008?
  • Why is the Ministry of Social Development providing my ex-partner with social benefits, when they are fully aware that my ex-partner collects rent from her sons TJ and Josh Smith?
  • Why is the Ministry of Social Development providing my ex-partner with social benefits, when they are aware she is in possession of approximately $8000.00 in stolen cash and approximately $125,000.00 in stolen gold and silver bullion?
  • Why did my ex-partner send a “friend request” to me on Facebook?
  • Why did my ex-partner send me an email explaining she was writing a letter to Judge D.H. Weatherly?
  • Why has neither Judge D.H. Weatherly or Crown Prosecutor Geoff McDonald disclosed this letter as evidence to the defence?
  • Why did it take the RCMP eight (8) days to arrest me?
  • Why did they arrest me just days before the trial?
  • Why is my ex-partner attacking me and confessing that I’ve never done her any harm?

Here Michelle Attempt’s Facebook Friend Request on October 25th, 2013. According to the Bail Conditions I am not supposed to have any contact or communication either directly or indirectly with my ex-partner.

  • Why is my ex-partner trying to make contact with me?
  • Why did the Court impose Bail Conditions to not have any contact or communications either directly or indirectly with my ex-partner?
  • Is my ex-partner being coerced by the Crown and RCMP to lure me into a Breach of Bail so they can create further charges and arrest me?
  • Why did Judge Gray force me to sign the Bail of Recognizance and threaten to send me back to prison if I didn’t?

On September 28th, 2013, I received this email Letter to Judge Weatherly Email From Michelle from my ex-partner.

  • Why is my ex-partner sending Judge Weatherly a letter?
  • Why haven’t I received a copy of this letter?
  • What is the intention of the letter?
  • Why is my ex-partner seeing a psychologist?
  • Why is the psychologist directing my ex-partner to send a letter to Judge Weatherly?
  • Why does my ex-partner say in the email that she loves me, cares for me and doesn’t want me to go to jail, right after she colluded with the RCMP, who charged me, imprisoned me and aided and abetted her to steal my belongings, truck and wealth?

Furthermore, if you scroll down further on this page, under the title “The Authoritarian Agenda”, you will come across a couple of youtube video’s entitled: “Call to Barrier Medical Clinic” and “Call to Dr. Klien Office”, in those video’s/call’s I attempted to contact my previous doctor’s offices to retrieve past medical files. Interestingly enough, it just so happens that my medical files disappeared and weren’t delivered to me when I requested the files. On October 23rd, 2013, I appeared at the Prince George Ministry of Social Development inquiring about re-reinstating my disability benefits and the “worker” explained to me my files are all destroyed.

  • Why did Dr. Owega make unqualified false accusations against me?
  • Why are my medical files missing?
  • Why did the Ministry of Social Development destroy my files?
  • Why is Judge Weatherly, Judge Gray, Geoff McDonald, RCMP and other individuals attacking me, covering-up, keeping me isolated and planning to send me to a mental institution for a “psych evaluation?

The following article Graphic Court Video Shows Prison Guards Deploying Pepper Spray on Mentally Ill Inmate is a shocking revelation of what transpires inside mental institutions.

  • Why are patients being forced involuntarily to ingest psychotropic drugs and if they refuse, why do the guards pepper-spray them?
  • Why is there a growing mentally ill prison population?
  • Why is there 30,000 “alleged” mentally ill prisoners being represented by lawyers in cases of excessive use of force by guards in the State of California?
  • Why did the Corrections Department issue a statement saying the process is only done to keep inmates “from harming themselves or others…”?

That last question raises serious concerns in the R. vs. White Case (Erickson) due to the fact, it was the exact same statement (excuse) used by Cst. Berndsen as his reason for leaving the handcuffs cranked around my wrists while I was incarcerated.

RCMP Involvement in Burglary, Obstruction of Justice, Aiding & Abetting a Criminal, Theft, False Arrest and False Imprisonment by ©Robert Erickson

Full text of Mike Duffy’s statement to the Senate Monday: ‘That’s right, senators, there was not ONE payment on my behalf, but two!’ | National Post.


By ©Robert Erickson

In the Senate scandal, it proves that even at the highest echelon of governance, where the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) paid for the Senator’s over-expenditures and lawyer’s fees at taxpayer expense, as a benefit for the Senator to keep his mouth shut. That may have been what the Senator understood in the beginning but as the evidence started to unfold, the Senator soon realized he was used as a pawn, patsy and scapegoat to shift the blame away from the Prime Ministers Office.

Do you suppose the accusers attacking me paid off witnesses with some form of benefit to testify against me? Was my partner coerced to testify against me? Why wasn’t I arrested on August 14th, 2013, the day my partner lodged a complaint of false charges against me? Why did my accusers wait 8 days to arrest me? Did my accusers use that time to collude, train and coerce my partner in order for them to perpetrate and coordinate their devious plan of set-up and entrapment by locking me up in prison under false unsubstantiated charges? Did my accusers coordinate their effort so they could use her to fabricate false charges, aid and abet her to steal my wealth, property, vehicle and belongings while they falsely imprisoned me?

The following video is Cpl. Kennedy making his first attempt to collude, persuade and coordinate a plan with my partner on March 18th, 2013. Why did my accusers contact my mother as well? Why are they so desperate to contact those who are close to me?

The next video is Cst. Berndsen colluding with my neighbor Grant Hansma on May 1st, 2013. It appears item(s) exchanged hands. After Cst Berndsen left the scene, I attempted to engage in conversation with Mr. Hansma and question him why he was speaking to Cst. Berndsen. Mr. Handsma refused to give an explanation and quickly disappeared. What was Berndsen doing there? Why was he speaking with Hansma? What item(s) exchanged hands? Why did Handsma refuse to give and explanation, not want to speak with me and disappear so quickly? Why did Berndsen start laughing as he left the scene? And what did he write in his notebook?

In the next video filmed July 7th, 2013, my partner gets caught red-handed colluding with the RCMP.

The next video is filmed on August 13th, 2013, exactly one (1) day prior to when the RCMP secretly collude with my partner. On August 14th, 2013, the RCMP, my partner and other individuals, orchestrate a plan to set-up, entrap and arrest me with fabricated charges. This video represents numerous times the RCMP locked me out of the Police Detachment in an effort to arrest me for Breach of Bail. Their plan was foiled this time, so they tried another approach and were successful falsely arresting me on a different occasion. Why is the RCMP so adamant with their attempts to fabricate false charges against me? Why do they want to keep putting me in prison? Do the RCMP have a vendetta against me?

The next video is filmed on August 19th, 2013, and filmed five (5) days after the RCMP, my partner and other individuals already coordinated their efforts orchestrating their devious plan to arrest me. You can actually hear my partner in the background pretending as if she has no idea what is going on, pretending she isn’t involved in any part of it and pretending to be supportive with the camera surveillance. In the video is Cst. Knezacek colluding with the same neighbors Cst. Fox was colluding with on April 8th, 2013, the night of the gunshot incident. Why is the RCMP speaking to my neighbors? Why do they constantly speak with them? Why is my partner pretending to not know what is happening? Why did Cst. Fox speak to them the night of the gun-shot incident? Why isn’t Crown Prosecutor and Judge D.H. Weatherly disclosing the evidence of the gun-shot incidence? Did the gun-shot blast come from Linda Kelly’s (Hart) property? Did the neighbors in the red house collude with the RCMP in an effort to call 9-1-1 and blame me for the gun-shot? Why doesn’t the Crown disclose to the Defence the 9-1-1 recording and transcript for evidence. Is the Crown trying to protect their complicit witnesses by Obstructing Justice?

The next video is a continuation of the last one. Why is my partner pretending to be supportive and interested in the video surveillance investigation, when five (5) days earlier she secretly reported false allegations, statements and charges against me to the RCMP? My partners actions are reminiscent of the exact same actions performed by Mr. Frank Frost’s partner against him. This evidence is revealed in an interview under the heading R. vs. Frost at the top of this page. What form of benefit did the RCMP offer our partners to lodge false, fabricated testimonies against us? Mr. Frost reveals that his partner was given $50,000.00. In my case, the RCMP aided and abetted my partner to steal and abscond with my personal security safes which contained approximately $125,000.00 in gold and silver bullion and approximately $8,000.00 in cash. Is that the motive and intent the RCMP used to coerce our partners against us?

Finally, on August 22nd, 2013 the RCMP arrived at my doorstep to arrest me. Why didn’t Cpl. Kennedy or Cst. Knezacek tell me who pressed the charges against me when I ask them? Why wouldn’t they let me get dressed and put on some shoes? Was it because they wanted to slam me in prison as fast as possible so they could aid and abet my partner to loot my house, steal my money, steal my truck and anything else she could get her hands on that same day? Obviously so, otherwise my partner wouldn’t had the time to make a clean getaway as evidenced in the Port Mann Toll Bill 23.08.2013 where my partner crossed the Port Mann Bridge at 9:06pm on August 23rd, 2013, in my stolen truck with all my stolen possessions. It takes nine (9) hours to drive to Vancouver, which means my partner (aided by the RCMP) must have left McBride at approximately 12-0-Clock (noon) the day after I was arrested. Was my partner used as a pawn, patsy and scapegoat by the RCMP, such as what’s occurring to our Senator and instigated by the Prime Ministers Office? Is this another attempt by the RCMP and their minions to shift blame of their wrong-doings? Was this a complete set-up and entrapment orchestrated by the RCMP and their cohorts?….without question! Does the camera lie?….I think not!  Why does Judge D.H. Weatherly and the Crown refuse to accept my evidence on record in Court? Are they afraid it will create severe public embarrassment to Government Official’s and themselves?….probably.

I have received incriminating evidence against the accusers from multiple witnesses (who’s names will remain anonymous at this time) and will post a portion of the evidence as close as possible to November 8th, 2013 Court Appearance in McBride B.C. As the plot orchestrated against me begins to unfold, the truth shall be revealed.

[Update] I never had the opportunity to post the aforementioned incriminating evidence against my accusers, due to the fact I was once again arbitrarily and unlawfully gated with another round of false, fabricated charges on November 5th, 2013, three days prior to the November 8th, 2013 Court appearance and my announcement of posting evidence for the public to see the truth. This unlawful deed/obstruction of justice performed by Crown Prosecutor Geoff McDonald and McBride RCMP members was for the purpose of preventing me from exposing the evidence, preventing me from having access to the evidence for the upcoming trial and permanently keeping me in prison, so I couldn’t properly defend myself until after the trial. In 1983, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled Gating is illegal and a violation of Human Rights. However, now that I’m released, it will be a pleasure to post the evidence as time permits.

Exposing Further Corruption of McBride RCMP & the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP by ©Robert Erickson

by ©Robert Erickson

In this series of correspondence between myself (Robert Erickson-White), RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson, Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP, Ombudsman Office for the Department of National Defence and Canadian Forces and Cpl. Kennedy of McBride RCMP,  I shall demonstrate how cops protect cops during an investigation against one of their own brethren, and the corruption within the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP.

Here you will see the First Notice sent to RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson First Notice and Complaint to RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson on November 23rd, 2012, addressing a formal complaint against McBride RCMP member Cst. Peter Berndsen. By no surprise, I never received a reply from the questionably esteemed Commissioner Bob Paulson. Instead, I received this Letter from Sarah Robertson 03.12.2012, Intake Officer for the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP dated December 3rd, 2012.

I received this First Letter from Cpl. Kennedy  and this Second Letter from Cpl. Kennedy and this Third Letter from Cpl. Kennedy, followed by my reply Reply to Cpl. Kennedy’s Third Letter. The first subject I address, is the fact that never at any time did Cpl. Kennedy inform me about the status of the investigation at regular intervals. Never at any time did Cpl. Kennedy address my concerns within the reply I sent in regards to his third letter. What is he hiding? What is the RCMP trying to muzzle and cover-up? Why do the RCMP never reply to my letters and Notices? These questions raise SERIOUS CONCERNS as to the competence and merit of the RCMP.

In the Fourth Letter from Cpl. Kennedy, you will notice the format of the letter from Cpl. Kennedy is opposite to his previous letters and now has a security classification designation. In my Reply to Kennedy’s Fourth Letter, I address my serious concerns which Kennedy failed to respond, refute, reply or rebut. It appears he is using the Fourth Letter to send to the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP, and most likely none of his previous correspondences or any of my correspondences is included.

In the Fifth Letter from Cpl. Kennedy, you will notice Kennedy attempts to mention I will be kept informed of the investigation and updated every 30 days and given a progress report. NEVER at any time throughout the investigation (if there truly was an investigation) did I receive any of the aforementioned information Kennedy alleges. In my Reply to Kennedy’s Fifth Letter, once again, I never received a reply from Cpl. Kennedy and never at any time did Kennedy address, refute or rebut my concerns.

In the Sixth Letter from Cpl. Kennedy and Seventh Letter from Cpl. Kennedy you see the same unfulfilled, unsubstantiated promises. My Reply to Kennedy’s Seventh and Final Letter Received, is the last letter I sent to Cpl. Kennedy and is my reply to the Sixth and Seventh (final) segments of correspondences received from Cpl. Kennedy, to which, once again, I never received any report, reply, response, refute or rebuttal

Furthermore, after the false arrest, incrimination and humiliation I received during the false charges of Breach of Bail Conditions occurring on June 25th, 2013, I lodged a Second Complaint Against Cst. Berndsen and First Complaint Against Cpl. Kennedy, and received this Reply from Commission for Public Complaints Against RCMP from another individual named Michael Blackburn, who intercepted my Formal Complaint sent to Ms. Sarah Robertson. I responded to Mr. Blackburn’s letter with a Second Notice to RCMP Complaints Commission and received a Reply from Michael Blackburn which is nothing more than a refusal of the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP to accept my Formal Complaint lodged against Cpl. Kennedy and Second Formal Complaint lodged against Cst. Berndsen.

Moreover, I received a Letter from Robert Bouchard Intake Officer of the Federal Ombudsman Office for the Department of National Defence (DND) and Canadian Forces (CF), in regards to my Complaints against the RCMP. What you see here provides evidence of another example of the refusal for the proper authorities to intervene and do the job they are commissioned to do, to serve and protect the citizens of Canada. Do you feel safe if you complaint to the proper authorities, and those authorities refuse to reconcile or remedy a situation of SERIOUS CONCERNS, and those in authority who refuse to investigate those who refuse? Where is the Justice? And why all the refusal and cover-up’s?

McBride RCMP Cpl. Kennedy and Cst. Knezacek Obstructing Justice by ©Robert Erickson

By ©Robert Erickson

In the series of ten (10) videos below, I provide evidence of RCMP Members Cpl. Barry Kennedy and Cst. Knezacek colluding together and obstructing justice, as I made numerous attempts to report my home burglarized, my possessions (including my truck) which was stolen by Ms. Michelle Irene MacDonald. When I returned home from Prince George Regional Correctional Center (PGRCC), I found my truck stolen, house ransacked and burglarized with numerous items (including two (2) personal security safes and all their contents). It is already well known and evidenced Cpl.Kennedy, Elizabeth de Vries (Kennedy’s common law) and Mark Froese aided and abetted Ms. Michelle MacDonald to have me arrested on unsubstantiated, false fabricated criminal charges, while colluding together assisting Ms. MacDonald with the theft of my property while I was incarcerated in PGRCC on false charges they fabricated against me.

I was released from PGRCC on August 26th, 2013 and arrived in McBride late that evening. As soon as I entered my home, I recorded on video all the crimes that took place by the aforementioned individuals. Furthermore, I attempted to report these crimes to the McBride and Squamish RCMP, and recorded the numerous conversations in the series of videos below. The following day on August 27th, 2013, I was required to report to the McBride RCMP Detachment according to the Bail of Recognizance. Once again, the RCMP station was locked as Cpl. Kennedy was avoiding me and my effort to report a crime (burglary, auto theft, etc.) along with the fact he was once again preventing me from reporting as per bail conditions, in another attempt to arrest me for Breach of Bail.

All the while, as you will witness in the final video, Cpl. Kennedy was in attendance and on duty at the McBride Detachment, while refusing to allow me to enter the Detachment and sign in according to bail, refusing to press criminal charges against Ms. MacDonald and another effort to entrap and arrest me for of Breach of Bail.

Moreover, in the final video, I called the McBride RCMP Detachment and found that Kennedy had my calls redirected to Prince George Dispatch. It was obvious Kennedy was avoiding me. The male individual I spoke with said there was no need for me to report to the RCMP station and admitted he was speaking with Kennedy. Cpl. Kennedy assumed I left the Government office and went home, because minutes later, Kennedy arrived at the Government office and began speaking with Ms. Edith Tracy (government service employee). Kennedy didn’t notice I was still in the Government office and was shocked when I approached him. I asked Kennedy why he was avoiding me and his response was: “I have to do whatever is necessary when you have my back against the wall”.

During the conversation, Kennedy agreed and accepted the fact he allowed Ms. MacDonald to enter the McBride Prison Cell Booking Area while I was incarcerated for the false, fabricated Breach of Bail charge, witnessed me giving Ms. MacDonald the combinations to the safes and password for my computer and provided the paper, pencil and envelope allowing me to write the information for Ms. MacDonald. This entire conversation was witnessed by Ms. Edith Tracy and can verify the conversation took place. The very friendly, goodhearted and outgoing Ms. Edith Tracy was kind enough to provide a letter of my attendance on August 27th, 2013, included in the post here: Letter from Edith Tracy 27.08.2013

So there we go people; another pile of evidence and witnesses proving that the McBride RCMP are nothing but criminals. I now ask the public to stand up and force the RCMP to be accountable for their crimes. It is not only Mr. Frank Frost and I who have been targeted as villians by the RCMP and Government officials, it is thousands, if not tens of thousands, possibly millions of other Canadians and people around the earth who are victimized by the people we elected into powerful positions. It is time we all stand up and hold the true criminals accountable for their crimes.

The above 911 telephone conversation was placed immediately after my release from PGRCC upon my return home. The RCMP dispatcher spoke of Cpl. Kennedy’s intent to contact me first thing in the morning concerning the burglary and theft of my personal possessions, including my vehicle. Cpl. Kennedy never contacted me, completely avoided contact and never followed up with the case file or charges against Ms. MacDonald.

The above telephone conversation was placed to ICBC in relation to cancelling the insurance on my stolen vehicle. The ICBC representative advised me not to cancel the insurance due to the possibility of personal accidental liability of Ms. MacDonald. I was unaware of Ms. MacDonald’s intentions of possibly forging my signature on transfer papers to take title and escaping to the U.S.A. and stashing the vehicle with her relatives outside Canadian Jurisdiction.

The above telephone conversation was placed to the Squamish RCMP in relation to the fact, I had reason to believe Ms. MacDonald escaped with my stolen vehicle, possessions and was harboring them in Squamish. The Squamish Detachment officer on duty requested an RCMP file number. I explained to the member I registered the burglary and stolen vehicle with McBride RCMP and was not provided a file number. The Squamish RCMP should have opened a file at their end, but failed to do so and the McBride RCMP should have open a file and failed to do so as well. The fact remains, both the Squamish and McBride RCMP Detachments aided, abetted and harbored Ms. MacDonald as a thief and fugitive.

The phone call above is another attempt to register the burglary and vehicle theft at the McBride Detachment to get a file number. It proves the RCMP did not follow the procedure of law, register my vehicle stolen, register the home burglary, nor were they willing to do so at anytime.

The above phone call is my attempt to call Cpl. Kennedy. In the previous videos, the RCMP dispatcher informed me Cpl. Kennedy would be contacting me first thing in the morning. Cpl. Kennedy failed to do so, so I attempted to contact him in the afternoon. Cpl. Kennedy failed to contact me and was avoiding me at all costs. This evidence blatantly proves Cpl. Kennedy obstructing justice.

The above phone call is a courtesy call for Cpl. Kennedy to pass a message to Ms. MacDonald of my intent to remove the insurance from my stolen vehicle.

In the above phone conversation, I continue my attempt to register the burglary and theft. The RCMP hung up the phone.  The dispatcher admits relaying messages of my calls to Cpl. Kennedy on numerous occasions. Cpl. Kennedy never contacted me.

In the above video, I once again phoned McBride RCMP from the McBride Government office. minutes prior to this phone call I  returned from the McBride Detachment to speak with Cpl. Kennedy. While I was at the McBride Detachment, Cpl. Kennedy’s police cruiser was parked and running at the Detachment. The public door at the Detachment was locked and the phone outside was inoperable once again. Cpl. Kennedy never returned my call.

In the above video I called Bail Supervisor Paul Weisbrodt to inform him that Cpl. Kennedy once again locked the public door to the McBride RCMP Detachment, preventing me  reporting as per Bail Conditions, preventing me reporting a burglary, theft and stolen vehicle.

In the above video, I called the McBride RCMP Detachment again to speak with Cpl. Kennedy and was forwarded to police dispatch in PG. The male dispatcher admits he spoke with Cpl. Kennedy and admitted Cpl. Kennedy was not at the McBride Detachment. The fact remains, it appears Cpl. Kennedy was at the Detachment, purposefully locked the public door, disconnected the outside telephone, refused to speak to me, refused to register a file for burglary and theft, refused to allow me to sign in according to Bail Conditions and retrieve a copy of the “sign in sheet” to prove I was there.