R. v. White

Trial days of September 12th and 13th of 2013 in McBride Provincial Court

by ©Robert Erickson

Since the Court isolated me on house arrest and curfew with 3 separate Bail of Recognizance’s on 3 separate arrests, the Court violated my right to a fair trial. There is no Court Registry, lawyer, sheriff or legal aid in McBride. This act by the Court was done to prevent me from seeking council, preparing a defence, accessing court forms, (supeona’s, writ’s, judge applications, etc.) and entering evidence on record, (when I tried to enter evidence on record at Court in Valemount, I was denied by the on-duty Court Clerk and Judge D.H. Weatherly) This is evidenced in the Court Transcripts for July 4th, 2013.

Because the Court forced a sentence of house arrest and curfew upon me, in the isolated Village of McBride in Northern B.C., (Charter violation of presuming me guilty instead of innocent) and sentencing me without being convicted of a crime; I was completely unable to mount a proper defence (Charter violation of a right to a fair trial).

The Constitution of Canada (1982), under Section 52 reads: The Constitution of Canada is the Supreme Law of Canada, and any law that is inconsistent with the provisions of the Constitution is, to the extent of the inconsistency, of no force or effect. Canadian Supreme Court Justices and Provincial Court Judges swore an Oath to uphold the Constitution of Canada, yet continually violate their Oath and the Law, by imposing harsh conditions within the Bail of Recognizance(s) to individuals who are charged and not convicted. This unlawful deed is an Obstruction of Justice.

During the time I was arrested, beaten, instigated, incarcerated and tortured by Cst. Bernden on June 19th, 2012, Cst. Berndsen allegedly created 3 audio files, allegedly recording the time I was incarcerated at the McBride Detachment. The three (3) separate audio files were created and modified on April 17th, 2012 (over two (2) months prior to June 19th, 2012 arrest). Here is the evidence to prove that claim: Edited and Corrupted Audio Disc

The fact remains, there is no evidence that the audio disc has not been tampered, dissected and edited. The audio disc contained three (3) files totaling seventy three (73) minutes and twenty five (25) seconds. According to McBride RCMP Prisoner Log Sheet, I was incarcerated and imprisoned from 1:20am June 19th, 2012 until 10:45am June 20th, 2012 and totals 33 hours and 25 minutes. Where is the rest of the audio recordings and evidence? And why is the Crown and RCMP not producing the evidence?

The video below shows Cst. Berndsen delivering the edited and tampered audio disc.

Further Lies from Cst. Berndsen

by ©Robert Erickson

In the Cst. Berndsen Statement of Disinformation and Linda Kelly Lies, here you will find Cst. Berndsen lying in his Statement, when he mentions receiving a 9-1-1 call from Ms. Linda Kelly (and nobody else in the entire neighborhood) at 30 minutes after midnight on June 19th, 2012. He also mentions in his Statement that I was incarcerated at 1:00am until 6:30am until Berndsen was relieved from duties. In the 9-1-1 Transcript written by Teresa Caputo, (who is NOT a qualified, licensed or registered Court reporter or Transcriber) who works as a Public Service Employee and Guard at the McBride RCMP, (biased and partial) you will notice at the top of the transcription, the time of the call is 00:48:28 (approximately 11 minutes before 1:00am). This would be the approximate amount of time it took Cst. Berndsen to park the RCMP cruiser 1/2 block away (according to his testimony in Court), walk to my house, enter my residence without my consent, choke me, drag me into bedroom, speak with Michelle, handcuff me, search my house without a warrant, drag me 1/2 block back to the cruiser, drive to the RCMP station, beat me some more, strip my belongings, book me in, set up the recording device, retrieve and start recording into the guard logbook….etc….etc.

In Cst. Berndsen’s Disinformation Statement he claims I opened the door and invited him in for a drink (lie) and Berndsen claims he tried to reason with me for 1/2 hour to shut down the celebration and go to sleep. There was no celebration, as Cst. Berndsen admits in his Statement when he approached the house he didn’t hear a thing. According to Berndsen’s Statement, both of us would still be located at my residence at approximately 1:20am, with his trying to reason with me for 1/2 hour claim (further lies). As you can see here: Berndsen Writing in Logbook places Berndsen and I at the McBride RCMP Detachment at 1:20am.

According to the alleged Linda Kelly 9-1-1 call on line 17 she claims I saw the police coming. These are more lies, because if I can see the police, they can see me as well. In Berndsen’s Court Testimony, he swears he parked the RCMP cruiser 1/2 block away from my house so that he would be able to sneak up. Berndsen also testifies in Court the lights were on at my residence but he needed to use his flashlight. The fact is there was no lights on at my residence nor any streetlight as can be seen here: Exhibit for Burned Out Streetlight Complaint

The Michelle MacDonald Factor

by ©Robert Erickson

Ms. Michelle’s MacDonald’s devious plans were discovered one day while I was walking past her computer screen, I noticed her open e-mail inbox on her computer screen jumping out at me. Little did I know, Michelle was colluding with my mother (as did Cst. Berndsen) and basically all three (3) of them had been been colluding together behind my back, since my arrest on June 19th, 2012. This truth is proven in one of Ms. Michelle MacDonald’s Affidavits Addressing the Arrest of Mr. Robert White describing the events of the arrest and the conversations between Ms. Michelle MacDonald, Cst. Berndsen, my mother; Mrs. Jennifer Rowan, and other individuals at the Prince George Courthouse while I was locked up and not given a chance to appear in the public Courtroom that day, due to the physically injuries I suffered at the hands of Cst. Berndsen. The Crown Prosecutor Geoff McDonald made a point of not allowing me in the Court, as my physical injuries would have exposed the truth of RCMP misconduct and abuses.

There is tons of evidence here with secret email’s I discovered one day walking past the open email page of Ms. MacDonald’s computer. Here is one of many pieces of  Michelle MacDonald’s Email’s Colluding with Kennedy and Rowan

Don’t just view the email, read the truth and the storyline below it.

Secret Email Between Rowan and MacDonald on June 26th, 2013 is the other e-mail I discovered….Here is a string of e-mails back and forth between my mother, stepfather and myself. Notice, the date is the same date (July 7th, 2013) I discovered all the backstabbing, collusion’s and deceit against me.Family Lies and Deceit Against Me here is my mother lying about any knowledge of my neighbor Ms. Linda Kelly. The fact is, she is somewhat correct that she has never met her, but does have knowledge of Ms. Kelly, due to the fact, Mr. Bob Rowan witnessed Ms. Kelly’s crazy behaviour when he came up to McBride to check out my new home and the unique siding on Ms. Kelly’s garage approximately one (1) month after I moved in.

This is the icing on the cake,Mother Admitting Lies, Deceit and Forfeits When I Discover Truth my mother finally realizes I have found out the truth concerning their shenanigans, collusions and deceit all planned behind my back. My mother finally comes forth, tries to “bow out”, comes clean, in an attempt to absolve herself from being involved in a plan scheming to fabricate false testimony that I allegedly suffer from a “brain injury”, and the plan to send me to a mental institution for a mental health evaluation. What a scheming plan indeed!!!!

It is Saturday September 21st, 2013 and my mother just called me on the phone the previous day to inform me she is completely unaware of the devious scheme perpetrated by Ms. MacDonald and her crew of nefarious actors. Could it be possible? Maybe. Did Michelle use my mother as a pawn in her scheming plan to have me improperly diagnosed (sent for a mental evaluation) with a mental disorder and imprisoned into a mental institution, so that Michelle may attempt to attain complete access of my estate via Power of Attorney? Most likely. Was the RCMP and Crown Prosecutor, in all probability, attempting to coerce my mother and Michelle, to collude with them in their devious plan of character-assassination, labeling me with a mental disorder and suggesting the mental disorder was the cause of a head injury suffered 20 years ago? In all probability, the description of events and evidence compiled, completely fulfills the motive, intent and malice aspects of what has recently transpired. Did the RCMP and Crown pit Michelle and my mother against me? Probably. Was Michelle and my mother aware of the RCMP’s and Crown’s devious plan to inadvertently use them against me? in all probability…Maybe. It is obvious the RCMP and Crown coerced Michelle to lay false, fabricated criminal charges against me, aided and abetted Michelle to steal my wealth and now the lawyer wants to steal the wealth from Michelle. If Michelle would smarten up and grab the olive branch extended to her by a mutual friend of ours, who has offered to mediate at no cost, she would be able to protect the interests. But as long as she continues to speak with a lawyer, there will be nothing left in the end except a decade long legal battle and a bunch of worthless receipts from a crooked lawyer.

In fact, after Ms.Michelle MacDonald, and the rest of her conniving crew of sinners jumped on board to arrest me for harassment and theft, under false pretenses and fabricated lies with no evidence whatsoever, Crown Prosecutor Mr. Geoff McDonald is quick to jump on that bandwagon, when he writes “Mental Health Issues Present” on the Crown Council’s Initial Sentencing Position, and personally signs it on August 23rd, 2013, as if he is qualified and registered as a Mental Health Professional. In fact, I was informed that Cpl. Kennedy and Crown Prosecutor Geoff McDonald were approached by a psychiatrist at the Valemount Court Pre-Trial Hearing. The psychiatrist allegedly spoke with McDonald and Kennedy, asking them if I have a registered mental condition. It is completely obvious that Crown Prosecutor McDonald’s intention is to fabricate and invent a fictitious mental ailment and possibly coerce a mental health professional into false diagnosis. The bottom line is that never at any point in my life have I ever been diagnosed with a mental disorder. Have a look at Crown Prosecutors involvement with the sneaky perpetrated plan right here… Geoff McDonald’s Ridiculous Position

I have to admit, once I found out the truth, I was a little upset that my girlfriend was also a party involved that wants to destroy my life as seen in the video below. This was taped on July 7th, 2013, and here is the proof:Evidence Proving Date and Time for the Filming of Michelle Busted Video

The interesting part is after I discovered everyone’s scheming plan, Michelle never did go to the RCMP that day (July 7th, 2013), I actually thought I could give Michelle an opportunity to explain herself (which I thought she did), and I could trust her again. Boy was I wrong. She didn’t go to the RCMP that day to create unsubstantiated charges against me, she waited until the 14th of August, 2013 (over one (1) month later). Here is the video taped on July 7th, 2012.

Furthermore, As you can see in the above video, I was pretty upset at the betrayal of my girlfriend Michelle. I actually encourage Michelle to go to the police; which debunks the Kennedy and Michelle report to Crown Prosecutor that says: “WHITE has told her…not to go to the police…” Also, Kennedy and Michelle try to paint me as a “money control freak” and they contradict their statement by saying: “He doesn’t check her for money…” and then they say: “The only cash he has is money that she had made and saved when she was working.” and “He keeps asking her how she is going to make money to support him”. Here’s one to laugh about: “She is not able to contact anyone to make contact…” What do you think she is doing right at that moment this report is being written? Why is there no proof to substantiate these claims???

In this video, I show you my recent arrest that was staged by, notwithstanding, Ms. Michelle MacDonald, Ms. Elizabeth Devries (Cpl. Kennedy’s Girlfriend), Cpl. Kennedy, Cst. Knezacek and Mr. Mark Froese. As you can see I was not prepared for another act of set-up and entrapment, or even knew who was responsible for it? This arrest was planned exactly one day after the “lockout” from the public office of the RCMP Detachment, which happened on August 13th, 2013 (another set-up and entrapment attempt recorded on video), by at least one of the aforementioned individuals. This recent arrest was planned on August 14th, 2013 and executed the morning of Thursday August 22nd, 2013, by all of the persons mentioned above. Part of Crown Prosecutor Geoff McDonald’s plan to keep me in jail until Ms. MacDonald could make her getaway, was to make sure he violated the Canadian Constitution Act 1982 by keeping me arbitrarily detained in prison.

Debunking The Criminal Charges Fabricated By Michelle MacDonald. Cpl. Kennedy and Kennedy’s Girlfriend Elizabeth deVries

by ©Robert Erickson

Here is Michelle MacDonald’s Statement of fabricated lies with no proof or evidence to support her preposterous claims against me.Michelle’s Statement Coerced by Cpl. Kennedy and His Girlfriend Elizabeth deVries So, let’s get started with exposing the lies and corruption contained within Ms. MacDonald’s Statement that was instigated and coerced by Cpl. Kennedy and Elizabeth deVries. First off, we need to return to Cst. Berndsen’s Statement where he confesses Michelle MacDonald gave him my wallet (with all my identification) and ninety ($90) dollars cash. Before I go further, it is important to expose Cst. Berndsen’s malicious intent and motives once more. In Berndsen’s Statement, his feeble excuse for coercing Michelle into relinquishing my wallet, cash and identification, was so the bus driver would let me on. No wonder Berndsen has a grade 12 education and how gullible Michelle is to believe his lie. Michelle drove my truck to Prince George on June 20th, 2012 to pick me up when I was released from prison. Let’s get back to the main part of this entry and not get sidetracked. The point I’m making is not only did Michelle have access to her own identification and money, she also had access to mine as well. Let’s not forget the fact that Michelle has access to my vehicle 24/7 and possessed an extra set of keys.

The further I dig into the forensic’s of what transpired during the coerced arrest, theft of my belongings and character assassination attempts against me, the psyche of Ms. Michelle MacDonald  becomes clearly apparent and is reminiscent of  Authoritarian Followers

The further I read into Michelle’s Statement, the more I shake my head in disgust of all the lies. Especially the part where it says I monitor her phone calls when I permit her to make them and the part where I allegedly keep the room (where her affects are kept) completely locked, alarmed and monitored. What a fairy-tale story indeed!!  First of all, Michelle had complete access to the video camera (handy-cam) at all times. Why didn’t she get any of her preposterous accusations on film to prove her fabricated fairy-tale? This is where I explain the truth. For one, home security camera’s and alarm systems are commonplace in every household for the protection of valuables. And most people turn them on when they leave the house together while the house is empty and vulnerable to thieves. In the video below, I am going to prove (evidence) that the only time the alarms and cameras were on and the door locked, is when both of us (Michelle and I) left the house together. Just another piece of evidence to disprove Michelle’s and Kennedy’s story.

In the Report to Crown Council Narratives written by Kennedy, he mentions some outrageous remarks alleging I may spend $5000 to have Michelle killed if she left. OMG!! does this story get any more ridiculous? Where is the proof and evidence? And why didn’t they arrest me for plotting a murder? Or whatever the crime is in the Criminal Code? Kennedy does suggest in his report that he is aware that MacDonald is suffering from some form of mental abuse and has noticed a severe deterioration in her personality over the past year. Kennedy actually may be on to something; especially with the time involved (one year), which appears to coincide with the approximate time the RCMP and their goons have been stalking, harassing and destroying our lives and relationship. Michelle even admitted to that when I questioned her at the trial. Coincidence?…I think not. In Kennedy’s Report to Crown Council (Geoff McDonald by no coincidence), Kennedy states: “She stated that White’s mental condition is worsening and she needs to get away from him but she is fearful of not getting her belongings.” Since when did Michelle become an educated, licensed psychiatrist, qualified with a PhD in Social Development? And since when did Kennedy become qualified to accept this fabricated determination to press criminal charges of harassment against me without any substantiated proof or evidence? The bottom line is Michelle and I were happy until Berndsen and Kennedy came into our lives, intent on destroying our relationship and assassinating my character. Michelle is well aware of this, when she told me right after we moved to McBride, Berndsen approached her at work and said: “don’t marry this guy…get rid of him”.

Let’s continue to dig deeper and expose the lies in Michelle’s Statement. As previously mentioned in Michelle Email Colluding with Kennedy and Rowan at the bottom where it says: “I Call Bullshit”. Not only was Cpl. Kennedy witness to these events on June 25th, 2013 but Cst. Brady Knezacek was witness that day as well. Cst. Knezacek was on duty the following day as well, when he transported me from the cells to the RCMP conference room and back to the cells (where I spoke by means of telecommunications) with JP Gerstel at 1:15pm June 26th, 2013, as seen here: Information by Telecommunications Furthermore, when Michelle came into the McBride RCMP Department on June 25th, 2013, to receive the computer password and combination to my safe; I made sure she received the password and combination, so she could have access to money for monthly expenses in case the Court decided to keep me imprisoned until September’s trial. It is proven that Michelle had access to her identification and money, due to the fact that before she drove to the Prince George Courthouse to pick me up on June 26th, 2013, her BC Drivers License needed to be renewed, as it expired on her previous birthday. Michelle renewed her drivers license at the McBride Drivers Licensing Office the morning of June 26th, 2013, and in order to accomplish this, Ms. MacDonald is required to produce the requisite personal identifications and money before her drivers license will be renewed. This aforementioned evidence provides further proof that Michelle MacDonald was always in possession of her personal identification and money.

As for the absurdity claiming I restricted Michelle’s free movement and restricted conversation with her family. In today’s information age there are numerous ways to communicate. Michelle has complete access to the home phone, a personal computer with Skype, Facebook and Hotmail accounts and public phones. I have already proven Michelle was secretly communicating with my mother, not to mention in Michelle’s Statement, she was communicating with her sister. It’s right there in black and white. How did Michelle manage to steal my truck and drive to Squamish? Gee, could the fact remain that Michelle always possessed spare keys. Restricted movement and conversation, I think not.

“…Forced MacDonald into compliance in his position and views which she is reluctantly doing out of fear.” Compliance of what position? What views? And what fear? Looks to me like another arbitrary, unsubstantiated, unproven pack of lies with no evidence to justify this preposterous claim.

“Cpl. Kennedy is aware that MacDonald is suffering from some form of mental abuse and has noticed a severe deterioration in MacDonald’s personality over the past year.” Well, well, Mr. Kennedy, when did you earn your Doctorate or Ph.D? My guess is your education is right up there with Cst. Berndsen’s grade 12.

“Imperative to speak with and assist MacDonald as soon as possible.” Kennedy, isn’t that what you’ve been trying to do for quite some time, in an attempt to interrogate and destroy what used to be a key witness for the Defense, until you coerced her to join your nefarious actions. I will demonstrate this in the next video. In this video Kennedy tries to coerce Michelle MacDonald into accepting a meeting of interrogation for the purpose of destroying her as a witness. IE: An Examination for Discovery without following the procedure of law, due process or rules of evidence clearly set in place to prevent such miscarriages of justice.

Furthermore, in Kennedy’s report, Michelle’s believes that I am of the position that everyone is out to get me and that everyone is the “enemy”, every person that drives by is “out to get us”, the neighbors are place to “spy on us” and helicopters flying over are “spying”. By all appearances, Michelle is attempting to character-profile me as a paranoid schizophrenic, in a way to shift blame for her wrong-doings. Once again, where is the proof and evidence? where are the witnesses to substantiate this character-assassination attempt against me? Ms. MacDonald’s allegations are based with NO FACTS, proof or evidence whatsoever, just another attempt to shift blame and slander my name. Michelle says: “I record all the phone calls she makes.” First of all, the only way to record telephone conversations is when the cordless telephone receiver is on speakerphone next to the computer’s microphone, in the spare bedroom/office, which, according to Michelle’s audacious information, is always locked and secured from Michelle having access. Once again, more story-telling with no facts, evidence or proof to substantiate these outrageous lies.

Note: I was arrested Thursday morning August 22nd, 2013, and in all likelihood, should have appeared before a Justice of the Peace by the same afternoon, shipped to the Prince George Provincial Court the same afternoon, and given the opportunity to appear before a Judge Friday morning to be released on Bail by Friday afternoon at the latest. But no!!! Their plan was to violate my Human Rights, keep me detained without Just Cause, so Ms. Michelle MacDonald could loot my belongings, destroy my life and make her quick getaway. Moreover, notice how I hand the video to Ms. Michelle MacDonald at the end of this video, so she may continue videoing the arrest, but the video gets turned off when I do.

Now this is where I was completely shocked when I returned home from PGRCC and went to download the video and noticed two (2) videos in the memory. Lo-and-behold, Ms. MacDonald obviously turned the video off when I handed it to her, and then inadvertently turned the video recorder back on for a moment (most likely by mistake).  If you listen real closely, and I mean closely (because I had to listen over and over, and couldn’t believe my ears) you can hear Ms. MacDonald whispering to herself saying: “Tell Him It Wasn’t Recording”!!!! Michelle gets caught verbally giving herself an excuse and reason why there is no further video recording, as I was expecting her to continue recording, when I handed her the camera to keep the film rolling during the arrest, which was initially fabricated by Michelle eight (8) days earlier on the 14th of August, 2013.

Furthermore, as soon as I returned home from PGRCC at approximately 11:00pm on August 26th, 2012, to a house burglarized and looted by Michelle MacDonald, Cpl. Kennedy and Mark Froese, I immediately recorded the video below and found this note:Michelle the Thief Letter from Michelle sitting on the kitchen table (you can see it in the video).

In her letter “If I have taken anything that is yours I will make sure you get it back.” Really!!! Let’s rephrase that and replace the word taken with stolen. Yah, I would like my truck, possessions, life savings, cash, documents and everything else you stole from me.

In the following recorded telephone call on September 4th, 2013, I found it quite appropriate to attach a picture of Michelle MacDonald and Cpl. Kennedy pictured together. As for the recorded conversation, I believe the listeners should have the opportunity to make their own conclusions and hear the truth for real. Michelle is being manipulated by the RCMP, psychiatrists, psychologists and lawyers. In fact, at the end of the conversation, Michelle swears she will call me back the next day no matter what. The bottom line is: I have never heard from her since. I think it’s time someone phones the police on the police as I’m really worried what they are doing to her. IT’S TIME YOU BE THE JUDGE. I already know the truth.

The recorded telephone call below is with Michelle MacDonald’s brother Heath MacDonald. In the conversation, Heath confirms that Michelle has a history of creating false criminal charges, stealing and fabricating false accusations and opinions against men in her past, namely her husband Mr. David Smith, whom she recently separated from, but is still currently married. Now, Ms. MacDonald has recently performed the same devious actions against me, which now establishes a pattern of her nefarious actions. This phone recording confirms Michelle’s own brother is aware of Michelle’s inappropriate decision making, behavior, malicious actions and bad character.  Heath quotes: “she’s been known to do stuff like that in the past”.

When I return home from the second day of trial on Friday September 13th (coincidence?) 2013, I once again return to another home invasion by Michelle MacDonald and her friend Cpl. Kennedy. This time she leaves another trail of evidence of her crimes and leaves this note: Michelle Intent and Malice Letter. Her excuse is she didn’t want to break into my safe but she was left with no alternative. I offered Michelle a smart alternative to bring the safe(s) up to McBride on September 12th and 13th (exactly eight (8) days later, when she had to appear in court for trial as a witness. That way, we could open the safe(s) together and have eight (8) days in between to mediate, settle and come to an agreement. But, Michelle thought it was more important to break into my safe(s) and steal all the money. I have all the evidence to prove this, including all the receipts (in my name) for the entire contents of the safe(s), including the purchase receipts for the safes. Michelle left $525 on the table for rental payment on my mobile home in Squamish, where her son Josh is living. Michelle has been collecting money from both her son’s (Josh and TJ) from both our properties in Squamish for quite some time according to records. She makes unsubstantiated references and allegations concerning money I allegedly gave away without providing any evidence to support her claim. In her letter she says: she doesn’t hate me but actually cares for me and wants me to get help. Michelle, when you wake up and smell reality, hopefully you realize that you are the one who needs the help.

The video below was taped immediately after I returned home on the afternoon of Friday September 13th, 2013. With me, is a witness I met the previous day, who approached me in Court with extremely important information and detailed files in connection with certain individuals colluding against me. To my surprise, I received this: Email from Michelle 13.09.2013 on the same day. I assume the female witness accompanying me, the one who approached me in Court with incredible information, must have made Michelle jealous. Seriously, if Michelle truly understood the magnitude, vastness and how huge in scale this cover-up is and if she truly understood that I am not the only one involved as a victim, there are many others involved whom I’ve met recently. Michelle should wake up and smell reality. Why do you think they flanked me and used Michelle against me?  I’ll make sure this story gets out to the public one way or another. Recently, Cst. Fox has been transferred to Trail B.C., Cpl. Kennedy has been falsely promoted to Staff Sergeant and transferred to Princeton B.C., and my guess is eventually Cst. Berndsen will be given an option to transfer or forced into retirement. Ms. Leslie Currie (Bail Supervisor/Probation Officer) is now transferred out of Prince George as well.

The afternoon of September 10th, 2013, Two [2] Days Before Trial, my friend and Evangelical Free Church brother Mr. Mark (bud) Froese, held those titles until I was arrested, beaten and tortured by Cst. Berndsen, and found out he was a Guard at the McBride RCMP Detachment, who was on duty during my incarceration on June 19th, 2012. Mr. Froese is now a key Crown Witness who recently aided and abetted Ms. Michelle MacDonald (my former girlfriend) with the backstabbing task of conniving and colluding to have me thrown in jail on false charges, stealing my entire life’s savings, personal belongings and truck, but more importantly my heart. In fact, while I was incarcerated in PGRCC, Michelle asked Mr. Froese if he would help her with packing (my belongings and life savings) the getaway vehicle (my truck) and Mr. Froese was more than pleased to help Ms. MacDonald and betray his friend (me) once again.

At the 1:14 mark in the video, Mr. Froese, while speaking with me, admits he listened to and heard the Audio Tape Recordings (intentionally recorded by Cst. Berndsen) of me while I was incarcerated at the McBride RCMP Detachment, the time during which Cst. Berndsen was alone with me and the time Cst. Berndsen physically beat me and was continually torturing me. I already knew that Mr. Froese listened to and heard the Audio Tape Recordings, because he told me so when he came in for his duty as a Guard that day on June 19th, 2012. I remind Mr. Froese of that instance at the 6:25 mark in this video. BUT, at the 6:40 mark Mr. Froese lies to my face, back-pedals and now tells me: “He never heard the Audio Tape Recordings but he heard of them“. At this point I blatantly tell him he is lying and at the 1:14 mark in this video he goes on and on about how he has listened to and heard the Audio Tape Recordings, and goes on about me being drunk. I mention to him, did he ever think for one second that my behavior was likely related to the beating, torture, pain, suffering, physical and mental abuse I just suffered at the hands of Cst. Berndsen….did that ever cross his mind? Mr. Froese goes on to say that every prisoner of the McBride Police Department get’s the same treatment. REALLY??? If that is truly the case, no wonder the recent report called: Those Who Take Us Away by Human Rights Watch describes these crimes against humanity, at the hands of the RCMP in Northern British Columbia ( including McBride B.C.) and continue to occur unabated. And no wonder why the victims are so scared to come forward. For those who don’t have the full time to read this incredible report, I took the time to condense it into key points here: Human Rights Watch Condensed Report by Robert Erickson 15.02.2013 And in fact, I have tried on two (2) separate occasions to contact human Rights Watch Letter to Human Rights Watch 19.02.2013-1 and Here, but they too have never replied back to me. This makes me wonder as well?

Furthermore, at the 2:58 mark in the video, Mr. Froese asks me if Ms. Michelle MacDonald will be present in Court for the Trial on the 12th & 13th of September 2013. I explain to Mr. Froese, that Crown Prosecutor Mr. Geoff McDonald confirmed on Court Record, on August 26th, 2013, in front of Judge Gray, in the Provincial Court of British Columbia, in the city of Prince George, he admitted Ms. MacDonald would receive a Supeona to appear for the Trial in McBride on September 12th & 13th of September 2013.

First Notice and Complaint to RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson

Our public watchdog and Top Cop in charge of cleaning up the RCMP, never replied to this first notice I sent him.

Second Notice and Complaint to RCMP Commissioner

Again, not a single letter, response or reply from the esteemed Mr. Bob Paulson.

Third Notice of Default and Complaint to RCMP Commissioner

This Notice of Default is a third and final opportunity for Mr. Bob Paulson, who is appointed to protect me from criminals, to assure me he is taking his responsibility to protect me as a serious matter. Once again, Mr. Bob Paulson never sent me a response, reply or anything to this date. Truly, I have reached out to the man in charge of my protection and now it is blatantly obvious Mr. Bob Paulson could care less for my protection and has “thrown me under the bus” (figuratively speaking). How do the rest of Canadians reading this feel? Do you feel safe and protected?

Pictures of Neighbor Driveway Crimes These are the events that happened on July 15th, 2011 and days following.

If those pictures above aren’t enough, I thought I would share this video:

In this video, I’m locked out from entering the public office of the McBride RCMP Detachment, once again unable to report according to Judges Orders and Bail of Recognizance. Just another attempt  by Cst. Bernsdsen and Cpl. Kennedy to arrest me for another breach of Bail charge. Do their scandalous dirty tricks ever end? Even the operator on the phone outside the building hangs up on me. Unbelievable! What kind of Justice System is this?

Terry Hefler Affidavit Addressing Cst Berndsen at McBride Trading Company

Here you will observe the Sworn Affidavit of Mr. Terry Hefler, as he describes three (3) individuals who were present as witnesses of a conversation and complaints lodged with Cst. Berndsen. Cst. Berndsen has failed to provide any evidence whatsoever of his intention to investigate the matter of Mr. Bob Callaghan and Mr. Hefler or the intention to investigate the matter of Ms. Linda Kelly’s attempt of Vehicular Manslaughter. These complaints were lodged with Cst. Berndsen immediately following Cst. Berndsen’s holidays in Cartegena Columbia, and immediately following the attempt on my life by Ms. Kelly on March 5th, 2012.

Ms. Katherine Edwardson Statement to Judge  Here, you observe an ex-girlfriend of mine made a poor decision and judgement, by approaching the RCMP, in an attempt to resolve a disagreement between the two of us. Upon realizing this, Ms. Edwardson wrote a letter to the Judge explaining the circumstances. As you can see, the first protocol for the RCMP is to immediately arrest the individual before investigating the incident, and retrieving proper evidence to support their malfeasance. In particular Cst. Hiovik (who constantly harassed me for years) tried enticing, persuading and coercing Ms. Edwardson into pressing criminal charges against me. The tactics used in this instance is similar and reminiscent of the same tactics and strategy used on Ms. Michelle MacDonald (my recently estranged girlfriend). Needless to say, Cst. Hoivik wasn’t the only RCMP officer in Squamish who constantly harassed me, Cst. Bowden stalked and harassed me so often, I phoned the Commission for Complaints Against the RCMP in 2006. These aren’t the only instances of stalking, harassment’s and assaults I have suffered from the RCMP. I have detailed files, dates, times, locations and RCMP individuals, who have been involved, dating back to August 1989 in Jasper Alberta, December 25th, (Christmas evening) 1994 in Vancouver, B.C., and Clearwater B.C., in 1999-2000.

Mr. Jeff Wagner Affidavit Addressing White’s Arrest Here you will read Mr. Wagner’s Affidavit of the events that took place on June 18th and June 19th, 2012. There is no mention of drinking, loud music, disturbing the peace or weapons offenses. The distance from the spare bedroom to the back deck is approximately 15 feet. I am sure Mr. Wagner could have easily heard loud music, screaming…etc. Cst. Berndsen was intentionally quiet, covert while arriving alone, otherwise, Mr. Wagner would have easily heard the commotion. The same goes for Ms. MacDonald, until Cst. Berndsen entered the bedroom where she was sleeping and scared her, while holding me by the throat (so I couldn’t speak) and acting physically abusive toward me.

Mr. Jeff Wagner Affidavit Addressing Linda Kelly Incident

Here you see, I am not the only person Ms. Linda Kelly (AKA Ms. Linda Hart) has attacked. Let’s not forget, it has been brought to my attention (and others) Ms. Linda Kelly suffers from a Mental Disorder. Ms. Kelly’s Mental Disorder must be inherent, due to the fact, one of her male siblings, who is known as “Tim” was recently arrested and convicted of First Degree Murder in Alberta, approximately in 2010. The details of the Murder Case are horrific. It has been said,  “Tim” cut off the penis of his victim and stuffed it into his victims mouth. I have tried to find the details of the case in CanLII Alberta, but was unsuccessful. Maybe, a proficient Investigative Journalist would have better luck investigating than I. Furthermore, the consistency that the “Kelly/Hart” family suffers Mental Disorder’s is also apparent in one of Ms. Michelle MacDonald Affidavit’s, which describes Ms. Sutter and Ms. Mosdell approaching us both with the incident of Ms. Kelly’s other sibling, who was apparently drunk, while hanging off my backyard fence and threatening to kill me.

While searching Roget’s Thesaurus this morning (September 9th, 2013), I came across something I found to be slightly coincidental and serendipitous. Notice all the words grouped together, like peas in a pod.

Collude, Conspire and Constable Together in Roget's Thesaurus Coincidence

Four (4) Days Before Trial, Cst. Knezacek Colluding with Neighbour and Witness Mr. Brad Kope. Video One (1)

Video Two (2) Cst. Knezacek, After Colluding with Neighbour and Witness Mr. Brad Kope Notices Me Filming As He Drives Away.

Video of Mr. Bradley Robert Kope Testifying He Never, Ever at Any Time, Witnessed Mr. Robert White Playing Loud Music, Screaming, Yelling and Firing a Rifle, from the Patio Deck in the Backyard, While Allegedly Being Drunk (Including the Evening of June 18th, 2012 and Early Morning of June 19th, 2012) According to the Statements Made By Ms. Linda Kelly (AKA Ms. Linda Hart) and Cst. Peter Berndsen. Mr. Kope has also testified he witnessed Ms. Linda Kelly screaming and yelling profanities at me, while I minded my own business. In this video, I filled out and served Mr. Brad Kope Supeona to Witness, for Mr. Kope to attend Trial on September 12th and 13th of 2013. Ms. Michelle MacDonald (appears in video) is present as a Witness throughout the entire process. HERE IS THE COMPLETE TRUTH OF ALL THE SCANDALOUS INDIVIDUALS WHO HAVE BEEN ATTACKING ME SINCE I MOVED TO MCBRIDE.

1st Appearance Court Transcripts July 6th, 2012

2nd Appearance Court Transcripts October 5th, 2012

3rd Appearance Court Transcripts November 9th, 2012

4th Appearance Court Transcripts January 11th, 2013

5th Appearance Court Transcripts March 8th, 2013

Ms. Michelle MacDonald Affidavit Addressing Cst. Berndsen Stalking

Ms. Michelle MacDonald Affidavit Concerning Ms. Mosdell and Ms. Sutter, who colluded with Cst. Nathan Fox, to have Mr. Robert White arrested on criminal charges.

Ms. MacDonald Affidavit Addressing Ms. Rose Sutter & Ms. Linda Mosdell’s Attack against Mr. White and Mr. Kope.

Ms. Michelle MacDonald Affidavit Addressing Arrest of Mr. Robert White on June 19th, 2012.

Ms. Michelle MacDonald Affidavit Addressing Ms. Sutter, Ms. Mosdell & Ms. Linda Kelly’s Drunken Son, screaming and hanging off the backyard gate; egging Mr. White to come outside. This incident occurred prior to any forthcoming incident related to Ms. Rose Sutter and Ms. Linda Mosdell’s continuous harassment’s, collusion’s and stalking against Mr. White. The incident occurred in May of 2011, (point of reference), prior to the “Driveway” incident (July 15th, 2011) involving Mr. Darvin Goodkey, Cst. Peter Berndsen, Ms. Rose Sutter, Ms. Linda Mosdell and Ms. Anne Schwartz.

Video of Cst. Berndsen stalking Mr. White at Employment Center while colluding with Employment Center Employees.

Video of Employment Center Employees acting prejudice against Mr. White after colluding with Cst. Berndsen. The short haired redhead walking in and out of the video, just happens to be Cpl. Kennedy’s girlfriend: Ms. Elizabeth DeVries, who just happens to be involved and colluding with Cpl. Kennedy’s recent criminal charges of Harassment and Theft against Mr. White in the morning hours of August 22nd, 2013. I’ll get back to that recent development, but until then, the reason I was granted permission to stay at the Employment Center, was due to the fact, I had an appointment with a “worker” who was helping me attain Disability Benefits I was previously awarded, but now denied by the Minister of Social Development. I sent this letter to the Minister, but this letter from Assistant Minister Sharon Moysey is the arbitrary response I received, which didn’t answer, address, resolve or remedy anything whatsoever. It was nothing more than another redundant arbitrary letter from the government.

In the video below, I attempted to register evidence for entry on Court Record at the Valemount Provincial Court Registry and was refused by the Court Clerk. Ms. Michelle MacDonald was present as a witness when the Court Clerk, (who was rude) refused to allow evidence to be entered and registered for entry on the Court Record. What Court of Law refuses evidence?

Meeting with Bail Supervisor Ms. Leslie Currie

by ©Robert Erickson

At the beginning of the video below, Ms. Teresa Caputo (Public Service Employee and Guard for the McBride RCMP Detachment) refused to allow Ms. Michelle MacDonald (Witness and accredited Officer of the Court) to film the meeting. Ms. Caputo confiscated the camera from Ms. MacDonald and placed the camera (black bag) on the right hand side of the TV in the room. I explained to Ms. Caputo that I have a right to video the meeting in a public office, and there is no law preventing me from filming the meeting and following the proper procedure of law and evidence. Needless to say, Ms. Caputo agreed with me and accepted my position, but still confiscated the camera and refused to allow the meeting to be filmed. Ms. Caputo invented some arbitrary excuse and explained it is “policy” that prevents me from filming the meeting. Because of the fact I had a feeling they would play games, I prepared for this inevitable outcome and brought a second camera.

At the 13:20 mark, I asked Ms. Currie if this meeting was prepared as some form of entrapment and Ms. Currie responded by saying: “no entrapment here.”

At the 16:20 mark, Ms. Currie mentions that I am now directed to report on Tuesday’s at the McBride RCMP Detachment and if I could come in before noon because of what works best for Teresa Caputo is before noon. I then affirmed with Ms. Currie that I’m to report “just Tuesday’s” and Ms. Currie agreed.

At the 19:45 mark, Ms. Currie mentioned reporting before noon, but also mentions to me there is a time flexibility and we (bail supervisors) don’t always tell people (me) to appear at an exact time.

At the 20:50 mark, I request a Provisional Curfew Exemption (PCE) from Ms. Currie, so I may travel for business and seek council. Ms. Currie flatly refuses and conjures up arbitrary excuses as reasons for her refusal to provide me with the PCE. This is a blatant violation of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and right to a fair trial. This also violates the C.C.C. Section 337 and a violation of the Canadian Constitution Act Section 52.

Here is further proof Ms. Leslie Currie has violated the Charter, violated my Human Rights, abused her powers and abused the law. You can view the evidence here: Leslie Currie Violating the Charter

The video presented below is Cst. Nathan Fox arriving at my residence informing me there is no Provisional Curfew Exemption (PCE) document sent via fax to the McBride RCMP Detachment. Ms. Currie directed me to report to the RCMP station to pick up the PCE that she allegedly sent there so I could travel to seek council. I never at any time received a PCE document from Ms. Currie. Notice Michelle MacDonald all happy and giddy when Cst Fox gleefully waves at her while she is filming the appearance. I should have known right then, that Michelle was secretly colluding “buddy-buddy” with the RCMP. Who knows? Maybe Cst. Fox (stalking the hen-house) is Michelle’s “special friend”. Wouldn’t surprise me after I caught her fooling around with Duane Gill, who just happens to be a former Guard at the Prince George Regional Correctional Center.

Ms. Currie’s predecessor and colleague, Ms. Cindy Ross, (The first Bail Supervisor assigned to me) who mysteriously was removed from my case, had no problem granting me, on two (2) separate occasions, the following PCE’s below. I never received notice from Ms. Ross, nor any other government official, as to the reasons why Ms. Ross was removed from my case.

1st PCE July 19th, 2012 Ms. Cindy Ross 001 2nd PCE Aug 30th, 2012 Ms. Cindy Ross 001

Unlike the interrogation and intimidation tactic used by Ms. Currie, who forced me to appear at the McBride RCMP Detachment for meetings and in person every Tuesday, Ms. Cindy Ross (when she was assigned as my Bail Supervisor) directed me to appear at the McBride Village Office for meetings and report once a week by telephone on Thursdays from the comfort of my home. The McBride Village Office is appropriate for formal meetings, whereas, the RCMP Detachment is not appropriate. Below is a copy of the Direction to Report from Ms. Ross and Direction to Report from Ms. Currie.

Direction to Report Ms. Cindy Ross 18.10.2012 001 Direction to Report Ms. Leslie Currie 29.04.2013 001

At the 22:05 mark, Ms. Currie accepts the fact she received the Notice of Default and Notice of Service of Default, which is signed, stamped and sealed by an accredited Notary of BC. Ms. Currie refused to discuss this topic.

At the 22:55 mark, Ms. Michelle MacDonald, who witnessed the entire meeting retrieved the confiscated camera when the meeting was finalized.

At no time throughout the entire meeting or at anytime after the meeting did Ms. Currie present me with the “Secret Bail Agreement Document,” nor did Ms. Currie explain that I would be arrested for Breach of Bail if I arrived at the McBride RCMP Detachment after 12 noon every Tuesday. This partial evidence proves Bail Supervisor Ms. Leslie Currie, Ms. Teresa Caputo, Cst. Peter Berndsen, Cpl. Barry Kennedy and Crown Prosecutor Geoff McDonald concocted a devious scheme to arrest me for Breach of Bail so they could continue their sophisticated, orchestrated plans of stalking, harassing, bullying, torture and character-assassination against me.

1) First Notice and Verification of Dishonour and Default to Probation Officer Ms. Leslie Currie. Notice was sent by Registered Mail December 3rd, 2012. Ms. Currie failed to respond.

First Notice Default to Currie Page 1 001 First Notice Default to Currie Page 2 001

2) Letter to Probation Officer Ms. Leslie Currie. This letter accompanied the First Notice and Verification of Dishonour and Default against Ms. Leslie Currie and was sent Registered Mail on December 3rd, 2012. Ms. Currie failed to respond.

Letter to Currie 03.12.2012 Page 1 001 Letter to Currie 03.12.2012 Page 2 001

3) Final Notice of Dishonour and Default accompanied with Notice of Service for Final Notice of Dishonour and Default. These Notices are Registered against Probation Officer Ms. Leslie Currie, signed, stamped and sealed by Ms. Linda Fry (Registered BC Notary Public) and delivered by Registered Mail on January 2nd, 2013. Ms. Currie accepted receipt of these Notices, when she admitted receipt at the April 29th, 2013 Meeting at the McBride RCMP Detachment. Ms. Currie failed to rebut, refute, reply or respond to these Notices.

Notice of Default Currie Page 1 001 Notice of Default Currie Page 2 001 Notice of Service Currie Page 1 001 Notice of Service Currie Page 2 001

4) Direction to Report letter received by Probation Officer Ms. Leslie Currie. This letter I received from Ms. Currie raised many serious concerns. First of all, previous meetings with  previous Bail Supervisor Ms. Cindy Ross were held at the Corporation for the Village of McBride Public Offices. Secondly, the first meeting with Ms. Currie was scheduled for November 15th, 2012 at the Corporation for the Village of McBride Public Offices, which, Ms. Currie failed to show up for, failed to reschedule and failed to inform me of her failure to appear for the scheduled meeting. And lastly, Ms. Currie wanted the meeting to be held at the McBride RCMP Detachment, which seemed strange, out of the ordinary and inconsistent.

Direction to Report Currie 001

5) My Reply letter dated April 13th, 2013 following Ms. Currie’s Direction to Report letter dated April 8th, 2013. My reply letter to Ms. Currie was sent by Registered Mail.  Ms. Currie failed to reply to my letter and failed to answer the questions presented in my letter.

Letter to Currie 13.04.2013 001

6)  First Request letter sent to Probation Officer/Bail Supervisor Ms. Leslie Currie dated May 9th, 2013. This letter was sent by Registered Mail. This letter is a follow up to the April 29th, 2013 Meeting held at the McBride RCMP Detachment. Ms. Currie failed to reply, respond, rebut or refute any of the articles 1-11 contained in the letter.

Letter to Currie 09.05.2013 Page 1 001 Letter to Currie 09.05.2013 Page 2 001 Letter to Currie 09.05.2013 Page 3 001

7) Bail Sign In June 18th, 2013. When I showed up at the McBride RCMP Detachment as scheduled Tuesday, Public Service Employee and McBride RCMP Guard Ms. Teresa Caputo informed me I allegedly Breached Bail. I assured Ms. Caputo that she was mistaken. Ms. Currie directed me to report on Tuesday’s, and out of courtesy for Ms. Caputo, I should report before noon (lunchtime). I mentioned to Ms. Currie at our meeting, I am busy in the mornings. Ms. Currie explained the time for me to appear was flexible and Bail Supervisors don’t always tell their clients to report at an exact time.

Ms. Caputo disagreed with me and then showed me a “Secret Bail Agreement” that I was never aware of, and never knew existed. I demanded Ms. Caputo provide me with a copy of the “Secret Bail Agreement”. Ms. Caputo complied. Provided below is the sign-in sheet which Ms. Caputo signed, dated and registered “15:09”, military time for 3:09pm. The time she recorded as my appearance at the McBride RCMP Detachment. Also provided is the “Secret Bail Agreement” that I was never aware of until June 18th, 2013. As you can see, Ms. Currie wrote my name on the secret document, signed and dated it. Notice my signature doesn’t appear on the secret document or any other signed form of acknowledgement, as used on the sign-in sheet. IE: Non-Consent with ditto marks  .

Secret Bail Agreement 001Bail Sign In Sheet June 18th, 2013 001

On the Sign-In Sheet document, I sign “non consent” with ditto marks. This is due to the fact, if I sign the document, I would be acquiescing and accepting guilt. I am not a criminal, have not been convicted of the pending charges against me and should be presumed innocent according to the law, thus, I do not accept, nor give my consent to sign the document, for if I did, I would be violating my Human Rights according to the Canadian Bill of Rights S.C. 1960, c.44, Part 1, Section 2(f) states:

2. Every law of Canada shall, unless it is expressly declared by an Act of the Parliament of Canada that it shall operate notwithstanding the Canadian Bill of Rights, be so construed and applied as not to abrogate, abridge or infringe or to authorize the abrogation, abridgment or infringement of any of the rights or freedoms herein recognized and declared, and in particular, no law of Canada shall be
construed or applied so as to…(f) deprive a person charged with a criminal offence of the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, or of the right to reasonable bail without just cause; or…

Furthermore, if I was aware of this “Secret Bail Agreement”, I would have written the same “non-consent” above “Client” in the same fashion as the Sign-In Sheet, thus, this provides further proof beyond a reasonable doubt, that Ms. Currie, Ms. Caputo, Cst. Berndsen and Cpl. Kennedy are colluding together to perform further set-up’s and entrapment’s against me.

But first, I will provide the correspondence I sent to Ms. Caputo and Ms. Currie dated June 20th, 2013, (2 [two] days after I received the Secret Bail Agreement), and after Ms. Caputo informed me I allegedly Breached Bail on June 18th, 2013, yet, I was not arrested for the alleged Breach of Bail on the aforementioned date.

Moreover, neither Ms. Caputo nor Ms. Currie responded, refuted, replied or rebutted to either of the letters I sent them dated June 20th, 2013. A non-reply (silence) is deemed acquiescence, dishonour and default via tacit agreement thereof final determination vis-à-vis nihil dicit, according to the UCC s. 2-207 Silence Acceptance-1 accepted by the BC Evidence Act (RSBC 1996) Section 26(1)(a-g)

In layman terms, this means: if someone receives a notice/letter, and is given a reasonable time to respond, reply, refute or rebut the information contained in the notice/letter, but fails to respond, reply, refute or rebut the notice/letter, then, the information contained in the notice/letter is accepted and shall stand as the truth.

Letter to Caputo 001

June 25th, 2013, Arrest, Set-Up, Entrapment and Humiliating Strip Search.

by ©Robert Erickson

In the following video below, on Tuesday June 25th, 2013, I arrived at the McBride RCMP Detachment at approximately 12:45pm. When I arrived there was nobody present (once again) and the place was completely deserted. I walked around the building, rang the doorbell and there was no answer. So, I used the outside telephone, and spoke with a Public Service Employee of the RCMP on the other end and she informed me that someone would arrive soon, so I would be able to sign-in as scheduled.

At the 6:00 minute mark, Cst. Berndsen arrives in the RCMP Suburban.

At the 7:06 mark, Cst. Berndsen opens the front door and begins speaking with an unknown male, who appeared out of nowhere behind me, and explained to the man, he would have to come back the following day for his fingerprints. It turns out Cst. Berndsen was lying, and the man he was speaking with is a McBride RCMP Guard, who was obviously used as an accomplice to secretly arrest me.

At the 7:16 mark, Cpl. Kennedy arrives in the RCMP Cruiser and Cst. Berndsen invites me into the building, where I walked over to the front desk and prepared to sign-in. The entire charade was nothing less than a set-up and entrapment by Cst. Berndsen, Cpl. Kennedy, Ms. Currie, Ms. Caputo and the man (RCMP Guard) posing as a citizen, presumably getting his fingerprints taken.

At the 7:30 mark, Cst. Berndsen places me under arrest for Breach of Bail.

At the 7:50 mark, Cst Berndsen admits his motive and intent to arrest me when he says: “you started it man”. His comment clearly demonstrates his reason, motive and intent to arrest me was due to the Registered Complaint I filed against him with the Commission for Complaints Against the RCMP.

Towards the end of the film, Cst. Berndsen forces me to place all my belongings on a table and remove all my clothes. I refused to remove my clothes and under Cpl Kennedy’s complicity, Cst. Berndsen stripped me completely naked in the Public Office of the McBride RCMP Detachment.

Tuesday July 2nd, 2013 Attempt By Cst. Berndsen and Cpl. Kennedy, to Scheme and Plot a Set-Up and Entrapment Scenario, to Arrest Me for a Second Breach of Bail Charge. 

The next video is filmed on Tuesday July 2nd, 2013, exactly one week following the alleged Breach of Bail Arrest performed by Cst. Berndsen and Cpl. Kennedy. At approximately 9:00am on the aforementioned date, I arrived to “check-in”, and the public door to the RCMP Detachment was locked and the phone on the outside of the Detachment was inoperable. It appears Cst. Berndsen and Cpl. Kennedy intentionally plotted another set-up and entrapment scenario, by locking the public entrance and disconnecting the outside telephone, so I would be unable to report as directed and give them an excuse to arrest me for Breach of Bail once again.

The Breach of Bail arrest the following week was intended to incarcerate me into prison until trial, hinder any preparation of mounting a defence, eliminate my complaints from reaching the surface, and muzzle any further attempt I pursue that exposes the wrong-doings by the RCMP, Government Officials and their cohorts.

Their sneaky plan came to a grinding halt, as they weren’t prepared for the evidence I presented to Judge Weatherly the day I appeared in Court, in Prince George B.C., on June 26th, 2013. I explained to Judge Weatherly, I have a witness and video evidence that proves Ms. Currie did not present me with the “Secret Bail Agreement” that demanded I appear before noon every Tuesday at the McBride RCMP Detachment.

Furthermore, I explained to judge Weatherly I have proof of Ms. Currie’s acceptance of the time I appear at the Detachment as “flexible” and I could have the evidence on his desk the following day.

Judge Weatherly did not demand the evidence or request me to provide it, as he obviously did not want the evidence on record, for the fact, it would create a huge embarrassment to the Canadian Judicial System. Judge Weatherly did not demand the requisite one thousand dollar ($1000.00) payment required when a person Breaches the Recognizance of Bail, for if he demanded payment, he would admit guilt of acquiescing with the individuals responsible for concocting the devious scheme. Ultimately, Judge Weatherly released me.

Once I realized Cst. Berndsen and Cpl. Kennedy created another plan to set me up and entrap me into another alleged Breach of Bail charge, exactly one week following their last scam, I ran home to grab my new camera and bring Ms. MacDonald as a witness. The two of us then drove over to the RCMP station and started filming. Cpl. Kennedy created arbitrary, redundant lies about why the building was locked and the outside phone inoperable.

At the 2:00 minute mark, I mentioned to Cpl. Kennedy that their plan to have me incarcerated into Prince George Regional Correctional Center until the Trial on September 12 & 13th was foiled and Judge Weatherly released me. You can see the guilt all over Kennedy’s face when I said: “It didn’t work did it?”. My comment referenced Berndsen’s, Kennedy’s, Currie’s and Caputo’s plan to arrest me for Breach of Bail and keep me in prison until Trial.

July 4th, 2013 Pre-Trial Conference McBride Provincial Court

Here is the Transcripts for Pre-Trial Conference (6th Appearance) July 4th, 2013 in McBride Provincial Court. On Page 6 Lines 39-46 Crown Prosecutor Mr. Geoff McDonald comments that he is willing to seek out (supeona) any witnesses the defence requires for cross-examination at trial. But, ONLY if HE believes the witnesses have any relevant information. I respond by stating there are many witnesses I’d like to bring forward.

On Page 7 Lines 1-13, It states I appeared in Prince George Provincial Court, in front of Judge Weatherly at approximately 1:32pm on Wednesday June 26th, 2013. After the appearance, I was held in the city cells (intentionally) until about 3:50pm and forced to report to New Bail Supervisor Mr. Paul Weisbrodt by 4:00pm. This proves I was intentionally held in custody until the “very last minute”, so I would be unable to process any Applications, Motions, Writs, Requisitions, Affidavits…etc., into the Prince George Court Registry. Another example of violating my right to a fair trial.

On Page 8 Lines 5-6, Judge Weatherly asks if I am ready to proceed to trial on September 12 & 13th, 2013. On Page 8 Lines 7-48 and Page 9 Lines 1-31 I explain to Judge Weatherly I am not prepared for trial due to numerous occasions I filed notices and requested disclosure from Mr. McDonald, who did not provide the evidence I requested. The following is a list of solicited and unsolicited  correspondence I received from Crown Prosecutor Mr. Geoff McDonald and a list of the correspondence I sent to Mr. McDonald.

August 8th, 2013, Pre-Trial Conference Valemount Provincial Court

Here is the Transcript for Pre-Trial Conference August 8th, 2013  at Valemount Provincial Court. Also, I have included the Judge Weatherly Ruling on my Motions presented at the August 8th, 2013 Pre-Trial conference in Valemount. This is the second Pre-Trial Conference I attended in person and the second Pre-Trial Conference Judge Weatherly did not. Judge Weatherly, in the last two (2) appearances (July 4th, 2013 and August 8th, 2013)

Below is a list of Unsolicited and Solicited Letters Received from Crown Prosecutor Mr. Geoff McDonald. Included are Registered Letters I Sent to Mr. McDonald.

1) December 11th, 2012 unsolicited letter received from Mr. McDonald: In page 1 of his letter, Mr.McDonald writes: I am PROSECUTING you. Any intelligent linguist would tell you, the bold, underlined, uppercase font implies an attitude of “screaming” with this form of typeface. Mr. McDonald goes further with his advice and opinions by repeatedly advising me to seek a lawyer from the Law Society of BC. On page 2 of his letter, Mr. McDonald implies I consented to accepting the Recognizance of Bail and chose not to have a Bail Hearing before a Provincial Court Judge on June 20th, 2012.

Mr. McDonald is highly mistaken. I was never allowed a chance to appear before a Judge on June 20th, 2012, in consideration of the fact, I was bloody and bruised due to the physical beating I received from Cst. Berndsen while he kept me handcuffed and defenseless. If they (the Court) agreed for me to appear in public court, it would have been a huge public embarrassment against the Canadian Judicial System, if any member of the press or public citizen witnessed the extensive physical damages I suffered at the hands of Cst. Berndsen. Furthermore, Mr. McDonald failed to provide any substantiating evidence to support his claim that I chose not to have a Bail Hearing before a Provincial Court Judge.

Here is the Nurse Report, the Doctors Report and a few pictures taken by witness Ms. Michelle MacDonald following my release:

Medical Record for Court Case 001 Medical Record for Court Case 001 (2) Medical Record for Court Case 001 (3) Medical Record for Court Case 001 (4) Medical Record for Court Case 001 (5)

Black Eye bruising on Left Eye Black Eye Left Side Face Black Eye Left Side Black Eye Left Bruises on Neck and Black Eye Bruises on Neck from Strangle Hold Bruising and Abrasion on Left Elbow Bruising and Contusion on Left Side Hip and Thigh Bruising and Contusion on Left Side Thigh Choke Bruise on Right Side Neck Chokehold Bruise on Left Side Neck Chokehold Bruising and Black Eye Left Side of Face Cuts, Bruising and Scarring on Inside Left Wrist Handcuff Abuse (2) Handcuff Abuse (3) Handcuff Abuse Handcuff Top Left Wrist Handcuff Top Right Hand Inner Left Eye Damaged Blood Vessels (2) Inner Left Eye Damaged Blood Vessels (3) Inner Left Eye Damaged Blood Vessels Left Elbow Scarring, Cuts and Bruising on Inside Right Wrist Poor Condition

Mr. McDonald’s claim that I accepted the Recognizance of Bail, is also highly mistaken. Here I provide proof of my refusal to accept it or sign it, as follows:

Paperwork Received at PG Courthouse 001

Here is the First Unsolicited Letter received from Crown Prosecutor Mr. Geoff McDonald.

Geoff McDonald Letter 1 Page 2 001 Geoff McDonald Letter 1 Page 1 001

2) Below is the December 12th, 2012, Second Unsolicited Letter received from Mr. McDonald: In his letter, Mr. McDonald is urging, pleading and practically begging me to retain a lawyer. In his letter he implies that I reference American Statutes, but fails to reference or substantiate his arbitrary claim. Also, Mr. McDonald claims my letter is written in an unusual fashion. Unusual to whom? Just another arbitrary comment. Furthermore, in his letter he states: “…in Canadian law, silence is not agreement.” Once again, Mr. McDonald fails to substantiate his claim by not providing any legal references, such as: The specific Canadian law he is referring? Or the specific jurisdiction is he referring? Mr. McDonald goes further to label me as an Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Argument (OPCA) Litigant according to Associate Chief Judge J.D. Rooke . What this means is Mr. McDonald, according to the FBI Investigation and CSIS, has profiled me as Left-Wing Extremist and a Domestic Terrorist.

Mr. McDonald and Cst. Berndsen have a problem labeling, character-profiling, character-assassinating, defamating my character and prejudice against me, due to the fact, they have no proof, evidence or clear facts to substantiate their horrendous claims against me. They are using these tactics as nothing more than a smear campaign.

Geoff McDonald Letter 2 Page 1 001 Geoff McDonald Letter 2 Page 2 001 Geoff McDonald Letter 2 Page 3 001

Here is my First Notice to Mr. McDonald Dated February 20th, 2013

Letter to Crown Prosecutor 20.02.2013 Page 1 001 Letter to Crown Prosecutor 20.02.2013 Page 2 001

Here is Mr. Geoff McDonald’s Solicited Letter dated March 15th, 2013:

McDonald Letter Page 1 001 McDonald Letter Page 2 001

Here is my reply to Mr. McDonald’s March 15th, 2013 letter. This letter is dated April 12th, 2013:

Letter 2 Page 1 to McDonald 001 Letter 2 Page 2 to McDonald 001 Letter 2 Page 3 to McDonald 001

Here is the April 30th, 2013, Crown Prosecutor Geoff McDonald Letter:

McDonald Letter Page 1 001

Here is my letter to Mr. McDonald dated May 6th, 2013:

Letter 3 Page 1 to McDonald 001 Letter 3 Page 2 to McDonald 001

Here is Mr. McDonald’s letter dated May 14th, 2013:

Geoff McDonald Letter 3 Page 1 001 Geoff McDonald Letter 3 Page 2 001

Below is the May 31st, 2013 letter I sent in response to Mr. McDonald’s May 14th, 2013 letter.

Letter 5 Page 1 to McDonald 001

To this date, Mr. McDonald has failed to reply, refute, rebut or respond to the above letter I sent him dated May 31st, 2013.

In his letter dated May 14th, 2013, his references concerning my conduct is embodied by the highly questionable conduct of those who are under the direct supervision and subversion of the Government of British Columbia’s Ministry of Justice, the Government of Canada’s Ministry of Public Safety and the RCMP, who appear to have escaped any obligatory steward oversight either directly or tacitly. Mr. McDonald has neglected to recognize or accept these deficiencies. Shirley Bond, former Minister of Justice and Attorney General, has clearly identified her intent to address any situation that hinders public confidence in the justice system, as published on February 8th, 2012 at the following website:  Justice System Review Green Paper

1) The RCMP, and in particular, Cst. Fox’s egregious attempt to distort the facts, that Mr. McDonald  presented in his recent letter, concerning the April 8th, 2013, “Gunshot Blast and Flash” incident involving Crown Witness Ms. Linda Kelly (also known as Ms. Linda Hart,) and neighbors within the immediate vicinity of the Respondent, is another perfect example of the consistency in concert with the collusion’s, set-ups, stalking and entrapment’s performed against the Respondent. Mr. McDonald even goes so far as to state:
• “I am advised by the police that they received a call from your neighbors that a blast had come from your yard. Cst. Fox investigated, but was stymied by your refusal to give a statement and general lack of cooperation.” and “Accordingly, there will not be any disclosure made about the police investigation into that matter.”
2) There is no evidence that I refused to give Cst. Fox a statement or failed to cooperate. Although, I did mention to Cst. Fox, he would have to follow proper procedure of law requesting a statement from me. To this date, Cst. Fox has not requested a statement from me that follows the procedure of law. Thus, it is Cst. Fox who is not cooperating. The fact remains, I cannot reply to any further interrogations from RCMP Members involved in this case, nor volunteer any statements, due to the symmetry of Cst. Fox, Cpl. Kennedy and other individuals colluding together, in blatant stalking and entrapment scenarios against me and the apparent possibility they may be used as witnesses against me, coupled with their incessant cover-up of Cst. Berndsen’s wrong-doings.
3) Mr. McDonald failed to disclose the names of the neighbors in the immediate vicinity of the Respondent, who phoned the police implicating false charges against the Respondent. Mr. McDonald failed to disclose whether the neighbors in question are Crown Witnesses, or future Crown Witnesses whom are colluding together and stalking the Respondent. Mr. McDonald failed to prove his claim or provide the defence with evidence or proof to substantiate his following statement:
• “With respect to the April 8, 2013, incident, there does not appear to be any evidence from that event that is in any way relevant to the June 19, 2012 incident…I cannot find any relevance between the events of April 8th, 2013 and the charges you are facing.”
4) The RCMP and Mr. McDonald are uncooperative and failed to provide the defence with names of the neighbors in the immediate vicinity of the Respondent, whom intentionally phoned the RCMP and maliciously implicated false charges against the Respondent, their cover-up prevents the defence from serving a Subpoena against the questionable neighbors for Examination for Discovery. The RCMP and Mr. McDonald failed to provide the defence with Cst. Fox’s police notes and all other information, evidence and disclosure concerning this matter.
5) In his letter, Mr. McDonald accepted the advice of the police, concerning the neighbors in the immediate vicinity of the Respondent, whom allegedly witnessed the “gunshot blast and flash” incident, admitted the incident originated from the Respondents residence and was reported to the RCMP. The question is: Why didn’t the RCMP arrest me? And why is Mr. McDonald and the RCMP unwilling to provide disclosure to the defence concerning this matter, along with numerous attempts and requests made by the Respondent, for Mr. McDonald to produce the aforementioned and other pertinent evidence for the defence?

6) Once again, it is blatantly obvious, this matter is another perfect example of the consistency to cover up, muzzle and stonewall a legitimate complaint lodged against Cst. Berndsen. Mr. McDonald states in his letter:
• “Throughout these proceedings, you have presented a variety of pseudo legal sounding intellectual rubbish. You have cited American statutes, attempted to apply inapplicable court rules from other courts and repeatedly claimed gross abuses under unspecified common law and rule of law principals. You have also asserted that you don’t “…stand under [Canadian Criminal] law”. Curiously, you have both asserted that you do not want a lawyer as that would violate your rights in some way and that you do want one. Your most unusual claim (presented by the knighted gentleman who describes himself as a “World Notary Public”) is that the Canadian Parliament “Quietly abolished the rule of law”. Your conduct thus far in this litigation mirrors the types of behaviors described in Meads vs. Meads, 2012 ABQB 571, and is the reason I believe you to be an OPCA litigant.”
7) Mr. McDonald failed to provide any facts, proofs or evidence to substantiate his claims or support his intentionally malicious positions that:
1. I have presented a variety of “pseudo legal sounding rubbish.”
2. I have cited American statutes.
3. I have attempted to apply inapplicable court rules from other courts.
4. I have asserted I don’t “…stand under [Canadian Criminal] law.”
5. I have asserted that I do not want a lawyer as that would violate my rights in some way and that I do want one.
6. I claim the Canadian Parliament “Quietly abolished the rule of law.”
7. My conduct mirrors the types of behaviors described to be an OPCA litigant.

8) Mr. McDonald’s false accusations and wrong interpretations continue in his letter:
• “Finally, the warnings that I was not giving you legal advise, but rather that I was prosecuting you are necessary warnings that as a member of the Law Society I must give. Your absurd and paranoid allegations against the Crown (as well as the similar ones you have made against the RCMP and your bail supervisor) are exactly that-absurd. Silly allegations having no basis in fact are a waste of everyone’s time. Ridiculous use of a grammatical double negative is also a waste and does not create a factual basis for your allegations. Your comment on the record that, “There is no evidence that the Crown ISN’T trying to intimidate me,” is a perfect example of this.”

9) Mr. McDonald failed to provide any facts, proofs or evidence to support his arbitrary claims, nor has he referenced the law or jurisdiction to substantiate it in his following statement: “…the warnings…are necessary warnings that as a member of the Law Society I must give.”

The fact remains, that in all circles of society, upper case font such as: “I am PROSECUTING you.” is considered SCREAMING and may also be construed as threatening, stalking and intimidating. Furthermore, Mr. McDonald’s unbecoming conduct assassinates my character and labels me as a “silly, ridiculous, absurd, paranoid terrorist that wastes everyone’s time,” His comments paint a very clear picture of his position in a bewildering and frightening way.
10) What he continues to present in his unsolicited letters, is perfect examples of evidence, facts, proofs and further basis to substantiate my claims, that Mr. McDonald, representing the Crown, and others, whom he is colluding with, are trying to stalk, harass and intimidate me. These actions, appear to be an attempt to achieve intended and desired results for a capitulation of my efforts to bring justice to the forefront and prepare a proper defence.
11) Mr. McDonald failed to provide any facts, proofs or evidence to support his positions and decisions for dropping Count 4 on the “Information By Telecommunication That Produces A Writing” described below:
• Robert Alan WHITE, on or about the 19th, day of June, 2012, in the Village of McBride in the Province of British Columbia, whiles not being in a dwelling house, did cause a disturbance in or near a public place, to wit: private property by screaming and shouting, contrary to Section 175(1) of the Criminal Code.
12) It is blatantly apparent once again, the above mentioned charge was used as a gateway, to fabricate additional charges in a way that is consistent with my claims of stalking, harassment, set-up and entrapment. It is obvious the aforementioned charge was scrapped because there was no proof, validity or evidence to support it. This form of “trickery” supports what is described by Justice Fergus ODonnell in the case R vs. Duncan, 2013 ONCJ 160. The following is Justice ODonnell’s quote:
• “It is a fact of life that the Highway Traffic Act often serves as the gateway to many more serious
criminal investigations, but it is not carte blanch for all purposes.”

13) The reality is, Mr. McDonald has no evidence or proof, nor has he provided me with any evidence or proof that substantiates his outrageous illusory claim that I am affiliated with the freeman-on-the-land movement, let alone his assault on my character with his preposterous claim labeling me a terrorist. Yet, he continues to pursue with false charges, assassinate my character, fabricate unwarranted accusations, provide asymmetrical information, censor, discredit and fail to deliver vital evidence, while egregiously “spin-doctoring” the truth. It is no wonder why the public is rapidly losing confidence in the Canadian Justice System.
14) On the January 11th, 2013 Court appearance, Judge D.H. Weatherly Ordered the Court to provide the defence with Court transcripts of all the proceedings pertaining to this matter, and for Mr. McDonald and his office to send them by mail to the defence. The aforementioned statement is on record. The defence has not received the Court transcript for the March 8th, 2013 Court appearance. Mr. McDonald continues to fail at his position, by not providing the defence with the March 8th, 2013 Court appearance transcripts and choses to disobey Court Orders, yet he states:
• “Judge Weatherly ordered transcripts of the January 2013 appearance and all of the previous
appearances. He asked Crown to mail those transcripts to you. The Court did not order the Crown to provide copies of each appearance to you. You are mistaken.”

15) Mr. McDonald failed to provide proof or evidence, that substantiates or supports his position or opinion that he, or his office, is not obliged to provide Court transcripts to the defence, yet, I have proved the defence must be provided with Court transcripts of all the proceedings pertaining to this matter. How can he reconcile this discrepancy?
16) This blatant, continuous campaign of iniquitous acts, abuse of position, abuse of powers, entrapment’s, discrimination, prejudice, bias, collusion’s, harassment’s and innumerable multifarious, false, defamatory, libel and slanderous remarks continues to proceed unabated without any interjection or intervention from Mr. McDonald or his office. It would be extremely prudent for the aforementioned inequities to be examined by a civilian inquiry. His actions and involvement, appear to be perfect examples of how he is involved in the stalking, entrapment’s, set-ups, collusion’s, cover-ups and general malfeasance towards the Respondent. Furthermore he states in his March 15th, 2013 letter:
• “I have arranged the RCMP to deliver this letter and enclosures to you as I am required to be able to prove that you received it…”

17) He is required by whom and under what law and jurisdiction to be able to prove that I received it (correspondence)? In his May 14th, 2013 letter he states:
• “…if I make disclosure I either have to provide it to you in Court (which is sadly infrequent in McBride) or have it delivered by a peace officer…future disclosure…will be delivered by an RCMP member. Correspondences, such as this one or my last letter which I will not be required to prove you received will be sent by regular mail.”

18) It appears, his method of using the RCMP to stalk and harass me while they deliver correspondence to my residence, is nothing more than an arbitrary claim and excuse. He doesn’t reference the law or jurisdiction that limits himself to the two (2) methods of delivery as he has described above, nor does he reference the law or jurisdiction that prevents himself from delivering correspondence in an appropriate manner. His excuse of not providing it in Court is shallow and thin. Furthermore, he admitted not having to prove I received all unsolicited correspondence that he sent me. Under what law or jurisdiction absolves him from proving I received any of his unsolicited correspondence? On a related note, I stated in my letter dated May 6th, 2013:
• “…I will continue in my effort to be pleasant and forth righteous, and thank you for actually sending your recent correspondence by mail. Although, If you continue to do so, I would appreciate if you would at least send any further correspondence by Registered Mail for assurance purposes.”
It appears, Mr. McDonald intentionally undermines my kindheartedness with diatribe and malice.


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