Further Chronicles of Criminal Malfeasance by RCMP, Courts & BC Government Ministries: The Frank Frost Story by Arthur Topham, Radical Press Reporter

Further Chronicles of Criminal Malfeasance by RCMP, Courts & BC Government Ministries: The Frank Frost Story by Arthur Topham, Radical Press Reporter.



Judges, Crown Prosecutors and Psychiatrists Attack Innocent Canadians; Labelling “Mental Illness” Without Proof by ©Robert Erickson

by ©Robert Erickson

There is a growing trend across Canada, whereby Judges, Prosecutors and their clandestine, stigmatic “expert” psychologists, all work together in an attempt to label, defame and charter-assassinate those who stand up for justice, express their political views or blow the proverbial “whistle” against those in positions of power, who abuse their positions.

My job as an Investigator and International Reporter is to expose these injustices and bring awareness to the public, so that Human Rights Violations and criminal activity performed by those nefarious actors in positions of power shall not continue; as I too have become a victim.

Let’s start with Crown Prosecutor Geoff McDonald’s Initial Sentencing Position that was “drawn-up” by Mr. McDonald the day after I was falsely arrested. In the document you will observe the acronym “PSR”. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, I provide the meaning here: Crown Counsel Procedure PSR Requests and Crown Counsel Procedure Court Ordered PSRs and Can Judge’s Order an Assessment of the Accuseds Mental Condition for the Purposes of Sentencing Without Accused Consent. The questions that need to be answered are:

  • Why does Crown intend to request a Psychological/Psychiatric Assessment exactly one (1) day after my arrest, before receiving all the evidence?
  • Why did Crown perform this action without receiving any medical files to substantiate such an action?

I’m not the only person in McBride B.C. that Crown Prosecutor McDonald attacked. Mr Frank Frost is also a victim of McDonald’s labeling and character-profiling/assassination attempt. Here is Crown Prosecutor Geoff McDonald’s Initial Sentencing Position for Frank Frost. The same police officers who arrested me (Berndsen and Kennedy), falsely arrested Frost as well, as he too stood up for justice, accountability and transparency. In McDonald’s Sentencing Position against Frost, you see the same tactics used. McDonald’s position “Mental Health Issues” was signed the same day Frost was arrested. This begs to question:

  • Is McDonald’s Standard Operating Procedure to label everyone falsely arrested as suffering from Mental Health Issues?
  • How many others has McDonald labeled as suffering Mental Health Issues?
  • Is McDonald qualified to make that assumption?
  • What is McDonald’s intentions?

The story gets deeper. As you read through this entire blogsite there is plenty of evidence (and plenty more being revealed daily) to prove the RCMP coerced my ex-partner to initiate false charges and arrest against me under false, proof-less assumptions to steal my belongings and wealth, while at the same time aid and abet my ex-partner, obstruct justice and protect her from incrimination, in their attempt to force me into a “penniless situation”. During the third (3rd) false arrest, I received the following: Geoff McDonald’s Ridiculous Third Initial Sentencing Position. As you can see, McDonald continues to defame, profile, label and character-assassinate me in an attempt to throw me into a Mental Institution for a “Medical Assessment” and fed poisonous psychotropic drugs, with no substantiated proof, evidence, facts, qualifications or medical records to justify his ridiculous position. Notwithstanding, McDonald and the RCMP is also coercing my ex-partner to testify against me as a person suffering from a “mental illness”. The following telephone recording is one of many witnesses who are coming forward testifying about the collusion between my ex-partner, the RCMP, Crown Council Geoff McDonald and Provincial Court Judge D.H. Weatherly.

After listening to the telephone conversation with a pertinent witness, many questions beg to be answered such as:

  • Why did the RCMP arrest me when my ex-partner has no evidence, witnesses or proof to substantiate her charges against me?
  • Why is my ex-partner attempting to convince people that I suffer from paranoid schizophrenia, when she is not qualified?
  • Why is Judge D.H. Weatherly, Geoff McDonald, the RCMP and my ex-partner colluding together in a plan to send me for a psych evaluation, force me into a mental institution and force poisonous psychotropic drugs down my throat?
  • Why did my ex-partner have her ex-husband (David Smith) arrested for the same accusations back in 2007-2008?
  • Why is the Ministry of Social Development providing my ex-partner with social benefits, when they are fully aware that my ex-partner collects rent from her sons TJ and Josh Smith?
  • Why is the Ministry of Social Development providing my ex-partner with social benefits, when they are aware she is in possession of approximately $8000.00 in stolen cash and approximately $125,000.00 in stolen gold and silver bullion?
  • Why did my ex-partner send a “friend request” to me on Facebook?
  • Why did my ex-partner send me an email explaining she was writing a letter to Judge D.H. Weatherly?
  • Why has neither Judge D.H. Weatherly or Crown Prosecutor Geoff McDonald disclosed this letter as evidence to the defence?
  • Why did it take the RCMP eight (8) days to arrest me?
  • Why did they arrest me just days before the trial?
  • Why is my ex-partner attacking me and confessing that I’ve never done her any harm?

Here Michelle Attempt’s Facebook Friend Request on October 25th, 2013. According to the Bail Conditions I am not supposed to have any contact or communication either directly or indirectly with my ex-partner.

  • Why is my ex-partner trying to make contact with me?
  • Why did the Court impose Bail Conditions to not have any contact or communications either directly or indirectly with my ex-partner?
  • Is my ex-partner being coerced by the Crown and RCMP to lure me into a Breach of Bail so they can create further charges and arrest me?
  • Why did Judge Gray force me to sign the Bail of Recognizance and threaten to send me back to prison if I didn’t?

On September 28th, 2013, I received this email Letter to Judge Weatherly Email From Michelle from my ex-partner.

  • Why is my ex-partner sending Judge Weatherly a letter?
  • Why haven’t I received a copy of this letter?
  • What is the intention of the letter?
  • Why is my ex-partner seeing a psychologist?
  • Why is the psychologist directing my ex-partner to send a letter to Judge Weatherly?
  • Why does my ex-partner say in the email that she loves me, cares for me and doesn’t want me to go to jail, right after she colluded with the RCMP, who charged me, imprisoned me and aided and abetted her to steal my belongings, truck and wealth?

Furthermore, if you scroll down further on this page, under the title “The Authoritarian Agenda”, you will come across a couple of youtube video’s entitled: “Call to Barrier Medical Clinic” and “Call to Dr. Klien Office”, in those video’s/call’s I attempted to contact my previous doctor’s offices to retrieve past medical files. Interestingly enough, it just so happens that my medical files disappeared and weren’t delivered to me when I requested the files. On October 23rd, 2013, I appeared at the Prince George Ministry of Social Development inquiring about re-reinstating my disability benefits and the “worker” explained to me my files are all destroyed.

  • Why did Dr. Owega make unqualified false accusations against me?
  • Why are my medical files missing?
  • Why did the Ministry of Social Development destroy my files?
  • Why is Judge Weatherly, Judge Gray, Geoff McDonald, RCMP and other individuals attacking me, covering-up, keeping me isolated and planning to send me to a mental institution for a “psych evaluation?

The following article Graphic Court Video Shows Prison Guards Deploying Pepper Spray on Mentally Ill Inmate is a shocking revelation of what transpires inside mental institutions.

  • Why are patients being forced involuntarily to ingest psychotropic drugs and if they refuse, why do the guards pepper-spray them?
  • Why is there a growing mentally ill prison population?
  • Why is there 30,000 “alleged” mentally ill prisoners being represented by lawyers in cases of excessive use of force by guards in the State of California?
  • Why did the Corrections Department issue a statement saying the process is only done to keep inmates “from harming themselves or others…”?

That last question raises serious concerns in the R. vs. White Case (Erickson) due to the fact, it was the exact same statement (excuse) used by Cst. Berndsen as his reason for leaving the handcuffs cranked around my wrists while I was incarcerated.

Exposing Further Corruption of McBride RCMP & the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP by ©Robert Erickson

by ©Robert Erickson

In this series of correspondence between myself (Robert Erickson-White), RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson, Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP, Ombudsman Office for the Department of National Defence and Canadian Forces and Cpl. Kennedy of McBride RCMP,  I shall demonstrate how cops protect cops during an investigation against one of their own brethren, and the corruption within the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP.

Here you will see the First Notice sent to RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson First Notice and Complaint to RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson on November 23rd, 2012, addressing a formal complaint against McBride RCMP member Cst. Peter Berndsen. By no surprise, I never received a reply from the questionably esteemed Commissioner Bob Paulson. Instead, I received this Letter from Sarah Robertson 03.12.2012, Intake Officer for the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP dated December 3rd, 2012.

I received this First Letter from Cpl. Kennedy  and this Second Letter from Cpl. Kennedy and this Third Letter from Cpl. Kennedy, followed by my reply Reply to Cpl. Kennedy’s Third Letter. The first subject I address, is the fact that never at any time did Cpl. Kennedy inform me about the status of the investigation at regular intervals. Never at any time did Cpl. Kennedy address my concerns within the reply I sent in regards to his third letter. What is he hiding? What is the RCMP trying to muzzle and cover-up? Why do the RCMP never reply to my letters and Notices? These questions raise SERIOUS CONCERNS as to the competence and merit of the RCMP.

In the Fourth Letter from Cpl. Kennedy, you will notice the format of the letter from Cpl. Kennedy is opposite to his previous letters and now has a security classification designation. In my Reply to Kennedy’s Fourth Letter, I address my serious concerns which Kennedy failed to respond, refute, reply or rebut. It appears he is using the Fourth Letter to send to the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP, and most likely none of his previous correspondences or any of my correspondences is included.

In the Fifth Letter from Cpl. Kennedy, you will notice Kennedy attempts to mention I will be kept informed of the investigation and updated every 30 days and given a progress report. NEVER at any time throughout the investigation (if there truly was an investigation) did I receive any of the aforementioned information Kennedy alleges. In my Reply to Kennedy’s Fifth Letter, once again, I never received a reply from Cpl. Kennedy and never at any time did Kennedy address, refute or rebut my concerns.

In the Sixth Letter from Cpl. Kennedy and Seventh Letter from Cpl. Kennedy you see the same unfulfilled, unsubstantiated promises. My Reply to Kennedy’s Seventh and Final Letter Received, is the last letter I sent to Cpl. Kennedy and is my reply to the Sixth and Seventh (final) segments of correspondences received from Cpl. Kennedy, to which, once again, I never received any report, reply, response, refute or rebuttal

Furthermore, after the false arrest, incrimination and humiliation I received during the false charges of Breach of Bail Conditions occurring on June 25th, 2013, I lodged a Second Complaint Against Cst. Berndsen and First Complaint Against Cpl. Kennedy, and received this Reply from Commission for Public Complaints Against RCMP from another individual named Michael Blackburn, who intercepted my Formal Complaint sent to Ms. Sarah Robertson. I responded to Mr. Blackburn’s letter with a Second Notice to RCMP Complaints Commission and received a Reply from Michael Blackburn which is nothing more than a refusal of the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP to accept my Formal Complaint lodged against Cpl. Kennedy and Second Formal Complaint lodged against Cst. Berndsen.

Moreover, I received a Letter from Robert Bouchard Intake Officer of the Federal Ombudsman Office for the Department of National Defence (DND) and Canadian Forces (CF), in regards to my Complaints against the RCMP. What you see here provides evidence of another example of the refusal for the proper authorities to intervene and do the job they are commissioned to do, to serve and protect the citizens of Canada. Do you feel safe if you complaint to the proper authorities, and those authorities refuse to reconcile or remedy a situation of SERIOUS CONCERNS, and those in authority who refuse to investigate those who refuse? Where is the Justice? And why all the refusal and cover-up’s?

Corrupt Government Officials Exposed by ©Robert Erickson


Stalking, Collusion’s, Abuses, Repressions and Entrapment’s

By ©Robert Erickson

July 31st, 2013

On August 31st, 2010, I arrived at my new home in McBride, B.C.. Approximately one month later, Mr. Bob Rowan arrived and couldn’t help but notice the fancy siding attached to a garage, owned by my neighbor Ms. Linda Kelly a.k.a. Linda Hart, who was landscaping in her backyard that day. As we approached Ms. Kelly, enquiring about the siding, she became reprehensible and vexatious towards us. Afterwards, I discovered Ms. Kelly suffers a Mental Disorder and her son was recently convicted of First Degree Murder. That explains her hostility and rude attitude.

On or about April 22nd, 2011, as I was cleaning my backyard and burning organic debris in a regulation fire pit, I noticed Ms. Kelly sitting in her Jeep Cherokee, staring at me for approximately 5 minutes and then drove off in haste while giving me the “finger”. Moments later, approximately four (4) members of the McBride Volunteer Fire Department arrived, explaining Ms. Kelly filed a complaint against me. The FD requested me to extinguish the fire, I complied and they left. Minutes later, a member of the FD arrived again, explaining that Ms. Kelly filed another complaint. The FD member realized there was no danger, shook his head in frustration and drove off. Moments later, Ms. Kelly approached me, yelling obscenities and threatened to “kick my ass and kill me”.

It is evident Ms. Kelly wants to establish power and control over a new resident. It is clear Ms. Kelly’s psychopathology reverts to bullying, harassing, stalking and intimidation in order to obtain the sinister results she desires to control others. The actions established by Ms. Kelly substantiate a clear intent of abuse, coercion, discredit, hatred, insanity, malicious mischief, manipulation, personal revenge, etc.

On or about April 25th, 2011, twice I phoned the McBride RCMP to report the aforementioned abuses by Ms. Kelly and received busy signals. On or about April 26th, 2011, at the McBride Trading Company, I reported the abuses to Cst. Peter Berndsen of the RCMP and requested he respond to my complaint. Cst Berndsen never addressed or responded to my complaint concerning Ms. Kelly’s threats. It appears Cst. Berndsen did not believe my complaint was serious and did not follow the procedure of law. The inaction by Cst. Berndsen is an abuse of process and obstruction of justice.

On or about July 15th, 2011, Mr. Darvin Goodkey began dumping aggregate on my property. The chemically treated aggregate was obtained from LDM, a company subcontracted by the Department of Highways. Mr. Goodkey was hired to build a driveway by the couple whom recently rented the property next door: Ms. Rose Sutter and Ms. Linda Mosdell. Mr. Goodkey, Ms. Sutter and Ms. Mosdell ignored my request to produce any building or variance permits. Mr. Goodkey was rude, disrespectful and obnoxious towards me, due to the fact, he is friends with Ms. Kelly, and obviously prejudice against me.

After being ignored by the aforementioned trio, I walked to the Village District Office, filed a formal complaint with Ms. Glenda Thompson (customer service rep), requested copies of work orders, variance permits and all paperwork relating to the driveway project under construction. Ms. Thompson did not provide me with any requested documents, nor did she acknowledge receiving any permit applications from Ms. Anne Schwartz (property owner), Mr. Goodkey, Ms. Sutter or Ms. Mosdell.

Upon my return home, I was approached by Cst. Berndsen of the RCMP, who started interrogating me. Mr. Goodkey phoned the RCMP, alleging I threatened him with violence and tried to have me arrested. No charges were laid against me by Cst. Berndsen, as it was obvious Mr. Goodkey’s allegations were made under false pretences. Mr. Goodkey concocted a scheme, in an attempt to get me arrested and shift the attention from his wrong-doing. Cst. Berndsen colluded with Mr. Goodkey, Ms. Sutter and Ms. Mosdell, and interrogated me in a coercive attempt of self incrimination, while intentionally aware of the fact there was no proof or witnesses to support Mr. Goodkey’s preposterous claim.

On or about Friday July 22nd, 2011, in the morning hours, rainwater had leached from the neighbours illegally constructed driveway and flooded my property. Ms. Sutter made every attempt to cover up, hide and disperse the evidence of water damages, by attempting to syphon off the water pooled on and around my property. Minutes later, Mr. Travis Wall (Corporation of McBride Yard Works employee and MCBVFD volunteer) arrived in a front end loader and proceeded to load the area in front of my house with chemically treated dirt from LDM, in an attempt to aid Ms. Sutter and Ms. Mosdell. While I was photographing this cover-up and collusion, as I took pictures of Mr. Wall, he lowered the bucket on the loader in a way to hide his face. It was obvious Mr. Wall didn’t want his face in the picture, because he felt ashamed for aiding and abetting Ms. Sutter and Ms. Mosdell in an attempt to cover up and hide the damages. It is evident Ms. Sutter and Ms. Mosdell phoned Mr. Wall requesting his help to cover up their wrong-doing.

On or about Saturday August 13th, 2011, Mr. Jeff and Mrs. Lori Wagner were aggressively accosted verbally by Ms. Kelly, in the alleyway behind my property. While Mr. Wagner’s work truck was parked in the alleyway directly behind my property, Ms. Kelly scratched the word “Asshole” into the paint of Mr. Wagner’s truck. Ms. Kelly attacked my friends, wrecked their property, and clearly expressed her intent to make my friends lives and my life miserable. Ms. Kelly performs these heinous acts in an attempt to entice me to act out and retaliate against her. By acting in this manner, Ms. Kelly enjoys making other peoples lives miserable, to give her a sense of superiority, satisfaction, justifiability and removing any personal guilt for her wrong-doing.

The female couple Ms. Sutter and Ms. Mosdell, ordered a second dump truck load of contaminated aggregate dumped on their newly constructed driveway. They used the aggregate to bury the bottom section of the new fence I constructed and paid for, which separates our properties and is adjacent to my vegetable garden. This intentionally malicious act to destroy my private property, (and possibly my health) performed by Ms. Sutter and Ms. Mosdell was a trap to antagonize and frustrate me into retaliation. They attempted to entice me to act out against them, so they could phone RCMP member Cst. Berndsen and coerce him to press criminal charges against me.

Ms. Sutter and Ms. Mosdell phoned the RCMP and tried to have me arrested, alleging I cut the electrical cord connected to their vehicle. Cst. Nathan Fox arrived on the scene, inspected the electrical cord and informed the couple the electrical cord was old and corroded. Cst. Fox did not charge me with any offence, but did however interrogate my girl friend Michelle MacDonald at her place of work that same day. Cst. Fox was bottom-phishing for information.

On or about December 20th, 2011, Ms. Sutter and Ms. Mosdell phoned the RCMP and attempted to have me arrested for assault. Cst. Berndsen arrived at my residence and began interrogating me. I reminded Cst. Berndsen of Part 1, Section 21.1 and 21.2 of the Criminal Code of Canada and informed him he was being recorded by one of the video cameras I have located around my property. After Cst. Berndsen noticed the camera, he “about-faced”, made a hasty exit towards the RCMP Suburban, and as he departed, he said: “I wasn’t here and didn’t see anything”.

I was not charged with assault, because there was no proof or evidence to support their claim against me. Ms. Sutter and Ms. Mosdell used fictitious allegations and false accusations. Reciprocally, Cst. Berndsen failed to charge Ms. Sutter or Ms. Mosdell for colluding together and coercing him to press false charges against me. Cst. Berndsen’s failure to perform his duties and arrest Ms. Sutter and Ms. Mosdell for violating the aforementioned sections of the C.C.C., clearly indicates his intention to protect Ms. Sutter and Ms. Mosdell and his involvement with their schemes to stalk, harass and bully me. Once they became aware of the camera’s on my property, their scandalous dirty tricks to have me arrested on false charges were foiled.

On or about March 5th, 2012, Ms. Kelly tried to run me down in her Jeep Cherokee while I was walking to the Post Office. I reported this attempt on my life with Cst. Berndsen, with 2 witnesses present at the McBride Trading Company. Cst. Berndsen’s failure to follow up with my first complaint against Ms. Kelly, when she verbally threatened to “kick my ass and kill me”, and his failure to follow up with my second complaint of Ms. Kelly’s attempt on my life, clearly indicates his intent to collude with the neighbours, cover-up and control their heinous crimes from public exposure, by deflecting attention of their malfeasance, guilt, fabricated false charges, discrediting, stalking, harassing and bullying. Cst. Berndsen, Ms. Kelly, Ms. Sutter, Ms. Mosdell, Mr. Goodkey and Cst. Fox believe, if they can force me to capitulate and submit to their dirty tricks, lies, set-ups and entrapment’s, that their guilt and crimes will be removed from the equation, and instead, transferred to me. These deceitful, coercive actions labelled as: bait and switch technique is criminally classified as character assassination, defamation, etc..

On June 19th, 2012, Cst. Berndsen entered my house alone, without a warrant, choked me, beat me and arrested me for Breach of Peace. Cst. Berndsen was acting on a 9-1-1 call placed by Ms. Kelly, who alleges I was screaming, acting crazy and firing rounds from a rifle in my backyard. There is no proof or evidence of Ms. Kelly’s fictional allegations. Cst. Berndsen, trespassed without a warrant in an effort to fabricate false charges, after realizing there was no evidence of a crime. Cst. Berndsen took it upon himself to take the law into his own hands. Cst. Berndsen did not have the lights flashing on the RCMP cruiser, did not follow procedure, did not have another RCMP member accompany him, nor did he knock on the door to announce his presence. Cst. Berndsen obviously didn’t want to be seen or noticed.

While cleaning the kitchen, after Ms. MacDonald and Mr. Wagner retired to their respective bedrooms, I noticed a flashlight shining in the front yard. Thinking there was a thief breaking into Mr. Wagner’s work truck stealing tools, I opened the front door to investigate and Cst. Berndsen entered my house.

Cst. Berndsen grabbed me by the throat, dragged me into the bedroom, threw me on the bed, scaring Ms. MacDonald to death, and threatened to beat me if I moved. Cst. Berndsen is formidably sized, standing approximately 6’6 and weighing approximately 250 lbs. Cst. Berndsen raided the entire house for anything he could find to incriminate me. Cst Berndsen needed to find anything he could get his hands on to support Ms. Kelly’s unsubstantiated, fabricated lies. Eventually, Cst. Berndsen found a pellet gun and confiscated it for evidence. This act of theft and asportation by Cst. Berndsen was needed to create evidence supporting Ms. Kelly’s fictitious claims.

After Cst. Berndsen obtained what he needed, he cranked his handcuffs around my wrists so tight they were bleeding. Cst Berndsen did this intentionally, tempting me to act out against him, so he could create more charges against me. Cst. Berndsen was aware he needed to force me to retaliate, because the Breach of Peace charge was false, fictional, fabricated with no proof, evidence or merit. Cst. Berndsen became frustrated when I didn’t retaliate in front of any witnesses during the arrest, to give him the excuse or alibi he needed to justify his actions.

Cst. Berndsen waited until we arrived at the RCMP Detachment, then proceeded to punch, choke, assault and beat me while I was handcuffed and defenceless. Cst. Berndsen thought the public wouldn’t see it, he wouldn’t get caught, as he was intentionally forcing a negative response or reaction, so he could fabricate further charges against me. During incarceration, Cst. Berndsen intentionally left the handcuffs on so I would suffer excruciating pain. Cst. Berndsen forced me to starve, freeze, suffer the incessantly loud noise of a 24hr. fan, the blinding of a 24hr. Spotlight and the inability to sleep for days during incarceration. These torture tactics are reminiscent of the same tactics used against prisoners at the former U.S.S.R’s Lubyanka prison.

Ultimately, Cst. Berndsen fabricated 3 additional charges after the Breach of Peace charge while I was incarcerated. Two (2) counts of Uttering Threats to Cst. Berndsen and One (1) count of mischief. Cst. Berndsen failed to explain that I broke any laws, while he covertly added on these additional charges.

I lodged a complaint against Cst. Berndsen with RCMP Commissioner Mr. Bob Paulson, sent correspondence on three (3) separate occasions for Mr. Paulson to reply. Mr. Paulson did not reply to any of my correspondence. By failing to reply, Mr. Paulson appears to be complicit with the actions of Cst. Berndsen.

Cpl. Kennedy, Cst. Berndsen’s friend, colleague and commanding officer, was tasked by the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP to investigate the complaint against Cst. Berndsen. It is apparently obvious, throughout the investigations, Cpl. Kennedy is perpetuating the cover-up of Cst. Berndsen’s wrong-doing’s and has not answered, replied, refuted, rebutted, responded to any of my correspondence, statements or questions. Cpl. Kennedy, by his silence and refusal to cooperate with the investigations, failure to provide proof or evidence, follow procedure of law, due diligence or due process, clearly admits his involvement in the scandalous corruption.

At the first Court appearance, Crown Prosecutor Mr. Geoff McDonald immediately dropped the Breach of Peace charge, as it was apparently obvious there is no substantiating evidence to support the charge that was initially and intentionally used as a gateway to create and fabricate the additional charges. The decision to drop the Breach of Peace charge, clearly establishes the intent to use the charge as a gateway for set-ups and entrapment’s to ultimately fabricate additional charges.

The Court imposed a Recognizance of Bail against me. In the Recognizance of Bail, I was forced under house arrest and have no contact directly or indirectly with Ms. Kelly, Ms. Sutter or Ms. Mosdell. The Recognizance of Bail is a trap, set up preventing me from following due process and the procedure of law by requesting an Examination for Discovery from Ms. Kelly, Ms. Sutter and Ms. Mosdell who happen to be key Crown witnesses. The Crown doesn’t want me to investigate these witnesses on record. The Crown is not willing to follow the procedure of law or due process, because the hole they have dug is so deep, they need to do everything possible to cover it up.

The Court forced me to report to Bail Supervisor Ms. Cindy Ross, who was replaced by Ms. Leslie Currie. I requested Ms. Currie provide me with a Provisional Curfew Exemption, a document to allow me to travel and seek council, as there are no lawyers or Court Registry in McBride, and the Recognizance of Bail traps me under house arrest. Ms. Currie flatly refused to provide the Provisional Curfew Exemption. Ms. Currie’s abuse of power is an obvious indication she is willing to perpetuate the injustices, crimes and scandalous dirty tricks committed by a carefully orchestrated, sophisticated network colluding together.

Keeping me trapped in McBride has forced me to defend myself, prevented me from preparing a proper defence and provided another scheming opportunity for the Court, the RCMP and other key individuals to attempt further assassinations of my character. The Government of Canada has recently character profiled those who defend themselves in Court as: Domestic Terrorists. And Crown Prosecutor Geoff McDonald unabashedly goes out of his way to label me in this regard. Mr. McDonald has failed to provide any proof or evidence to substantiate this claim, yet, Mr. McDonald has gone so far as to send me an unsolicited letter claiming I am a “silly, ridiculous, absurd, paranoid terrorist that wastes everyone’s time.” Mr. McDonald, in his frustration, must lower himself to name calling, which should raise some serious public concerns, as the continuous defamation and character-assassination, on record, seems to be his only strategy for prosecution. Ad Hominem.

Mr McDonald has failed to provide the defence with any evidence or proof to substantiate the charges against me, after many requests from the defence. Mr. McDonald provided the defence with an Audio CD of my incarceration on June 19th, 2012. The CD was created, modified, spliced and edited on April 17th, 2012. The CD was transcribed by Ms. Teresa Caputo (Public Service Employee and Guard for the McBride RCMP). Ms. Caputo is not qualified as a certified Transcriber or Court Reporter. Ms. Caputo transcribed the alleged 9-1-1 calls made on June 19th, 2012 by Ms. Linda Kelly. These actions blatantly violate the Evidence Act. Crown Prosecutor Mr. Geoff McDonald’s only hope is creating fabricated evidence, colluding with the tightly-knit nefarious actors and following Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels when he spoke: “The ‘Big Lie’, no matter how outrageous, if repeated often enough, will eventually be accepted as truth.”

They are so desperate to cover up their mistakes and create further set-ups and entrapment’s, that Ms. Currie wrote my name, dated and signed a document entitled: Bail Reporting Agreement. The Agreement was written without my knowledge, and in this “Secret Agreement,” I am forced to report in person to the McBride RCMP Detachment before noon every Tuesday. According to Ms. Currie, during a recorded meeting we had on April 29th, 2012, I was forced to report to the RCMP Detachment every Tuesday and the time to report, according to Ms. Currie was “flexible.”

When Ms. Teresa Caputo presented me with a copy of the Secret Agreement on June 18th, 2013, I immediately phoned and wrote Ms. Currie and Ms. Caputo, demanding they confirm in writing, proof I received the Secret Agreement? How it was delivered to me? When it was delivered to me? How I received it? If I was aware of it? and if I signed it? Ms. Currie and Ms. Caputo failed to return my call or reply to my letters, and failed to provide the proof I requested. Ms. Currie and Ms. Caputo’s silence proves they could not provide the evidence I requested, proves this secret agreement was established as another set-up and entrapment device to create further charges, and proves Ms. Currie and Ms. Caputo are both colluding, and participating in the scandalous dirty tricks of manipulations and deceit.

On Tuesday June 25th, 2013, when I arrived at the McBride RCMP Detachment as scheduled, Cst. Berndsen opened the front door, invited me into the public lobby and proceeded to arrest me for Breach of Bail. The arrest was performed by Cst. Berndsen and Cpl. Kennedy. Their motive to arrest me is a retaliation for my complaint against Cst. Berndsen and their inability to force me to capitulate. Cst. Berndsen was recorded during the arrest saying: “You started it.”

During the arrest, under Cpl. Kennedy’s authority and complicity, Cst. Berndsen physically removed my shorts and underwear and forced me to stand naked in a public office. The malicious act performed by Cst. Berndsen and Cpl. Kennedy is amoral, degrading, disgraceful, undignified and a gross violation of privacy rights, leaving me feeling humiliated and imprinted with psychological anguish. Cst. Berndsen and Cpl. Kennedy’s sexual fantasies were intended to force me to act out, struggle and fight back, so they could fabricate further charges against me. These fantasies of Cst. Berndsen and Cpl. Kennedy are consistent with the Master/Slave mentalities of Sadomasochists. Cst. Berndsen and Cpl. Kennedy should be forced to undergo a psycho-sexual evaluation, considering these individuals regularly attend pre-school classes to local children in our community. On record, previous to this incident, I requested Mr. McDonald have Cst. Berndsen mentally evaluated by a accredited professional and Mr. McDonald refused. Mr. McDonald’s refusal, proves he is involved with the scandalous dirty tricks, collusion’s, manipulations, deceit, stalking, harassment’s, cover-ups and entrapment’s.

The Breach of Bail arrest was intended to incarcerate me in prison until trial, hinder any preparation of mounting a defence, eliminate my complaints from reaching the surface, and muzzle any further attempt I pursue that exposes the wrong-doings by the RCMP, Government Officials and their cohorts.

Their sneaky plan came to a grinding halt, as they weren’t prepared for the evidence I presented to Judge Weatherly the day I appeared in Court, in Prince George B.C., on June 26th, 2013. I explained to Judge Weatherly, I have a witness and video evidence that proves Ms. Currie did not present me with the “Secret Bail Agreement” that demanded I appear before noon every Tuesday at the McBride RCMP Detachment. Furthermore, I could prove Ms. Currie’s acceptance of the time I appear at the Detachment as “flexible” and I could have the evidence on his desk the following day.

Judge Weatherly did not demand the evidence or request me to provide it, as he obviously did not want the evidence on record, for the fact, it would create a huge embarrassment to the Canadian Judicial System. Judge Weatherly did not demand the requisite one thousand dollar ($1000.00) payment required when a person Breaches the Recognizance of Bail, for if he demanded payment, he would admit guilt of acquiescing with the individuals responsible for concocting the devious scheme. Ultimately, Judge Weatherly released me.

Immediately following my release, the Court forced me to report to a new Bail Supervisor, by the name of: Mr. Paul Weisbrodt. This change of Bail Supervisors, is due to the fact Ms. Currie became a weak link in the chain, and compromised my adversaries devious plans, to invent and fabricate new ways to shift the blame for their mistakes towards me. The bait and switch plan from victim to villain is nothing less than another attempt to discredit and defamate my character.

The Court forced me to report in person to the McBride RCMP Detachment between the hours of 9am and 12 noon every Tuesday. This time the “Bail Agreement” is actually on Court Record. The first Tuesday after this Agreement was assigned against me, I appeared at the Detachment, only to find the public entrance front door locked. An RCMP cruiser was parked on site and an RCMP Suburban was parked and running; the same vehicles used by Cst. Berndsen and Cpl. Kennedy. Nobody answered the door when I arrived and the telephone located on the outside of the Detachment was inoperable. Cst. Berndsen and Cpl. Kennedy locked the public entrance, disconnected the public phone to intentionally stifle any attempt for me to report according to the Recorded Bail Agreement.

This malicious and intentional action performed by Cst. Berndsen and Cpl Kennedy is another motivated attempt to arrest me for Breach of Bail. Their plan was foiled when I called the RCMP Detachment from a Government Office telephone, with a Government Employee present as a witness, as I demanded Cpl. Kennedy open the RCMP Detachment public front door and stop playing games that entrap me into another arrest.

As the corrupt individuals continue to perpetuate their crimes, they worry this matter will explode, becoming exposed as a huge public embarrassment, with the likelihood of various officials losing their jobs, due to the massive evidence disfavouring the Crown and the individuals colluding together in this highly organized, sophisticated, orchestrated network of nefarious actors. In a small town such as McBride B.C., nepotism runs thick as molasses all the way to the highest echelons of government, as this area happens to be the riding for the Provincial Minister of Justice. What has transpired since I complained about the malicious actions performed by my neighbours, has morphed into a massive character-assassination attempt, labelling me a Domestic Terrorist by Government officials, as they continue their attempt to subdue, subvert and suppress any opportunity for me to defend myself and expose their corruption and cover-ups. It is blatantly obvious, these individuals will stop at nothing to cover up their crimes and shift blame for their wrong-doing towards me.

Cst. Berndsen had no proof, evidence or just cause to arrest me. Yet, he took the law into his own hands and arrested me on false allegations, presumptions and fabrications, using the “phony” charge as a gateway to intentionally fabricate further charges. He maliciously initiated, instigated, and created a situation, under false pretences, using violence and torture to create further charges. The gateway charge was dropped, thus, the other charges should be dropped as well. But, the Government Officials, if exposed, realize the huge public embarrassment, so, they are doing everything in their power to muzzle this embarrassment from reaching the surface, by fabricating further charges such as the Breach of Bail and further character-assassination’s. That is one reason why they are trapping me as a prisoner in my home, preventing me from accessing the requisite resources to fight back and expose their injustices. Their other motive is hoping I go broke and submit, by preventing employment, destroying my profession, defamation of my character and control of my assets. It is time to blow the whistle on this Government corruption and the time is nigh.

**Update** October 10th, 2013. This story was written on July 31st, 2013 and I am in possession of verifiable proof with witnesses to substantiate my claim of the date this article is written. I had to post this story to further substantiate the comments made at the bottom of the previous paragraph, where I mention their attempts to control my assets and create further charges against me. The initial date of writing is July 31st, 2013.

Approximately two (2) weeks following the initial date of writing, the RCMP, Robson Valley Support Society’s employee Ms. Elizabeth de Vries (Cpl. Kennedy’s common law wife) colluded together with Ms. Michelle MacDonald (my ex-girlfriend) to have me arrested on two (2) falsely fabricated criminal charges. Plus, Cpl. Kennedy, Elizabeth de Vries and others aided and abetted Ms. MacDonald in the theft of my life’s savings, personal possessions, vehicle and the contents of two (2) home security safes, one of which was returned to my possession by Ms. MacDonald, who illegally broke into and emptied the contents with the help of her criminal associates. This evidence is verified by video(s) under the heading R. vs. White, at the top of this page. Not to mention the fact, I will be posting telephone conversations shortly, as evidence of when I called the RCMP to report the burglary and theft. And how the RCMP refused to open a file as they are complicit in the aiding and abetting of the burglary and theft.

The Authoritarian Agenda by ©Robert Erickson

By ©Robert Erickson

Now is the time to open your minds, discern the facts with an unbiased, non-prejudice, logical and impartial decision making aspect to draw your own conclusions, and pay close attention to the following report I am about to unveil; which concerns many delicate topics such as: mental health, authoritarianism, psychiatry, psychology, the pharmaceutical industry, propaganda, the justice system, morality, credibility and any other sub-category I may have missed. But first, it would be prudent to read this book titled: “The Authoritarians” by Associate Professor Dr. Bob Altemeyer PhD, Department of Psychology, University of Manitoba, Canada. Reading The Authoritarians Preface will give you a quick look at what Professor Altemeyer has presented. The highlighted part is applicable in my case, as I present further evidence within this post. At the following site,http://home.cc.umanitoba.ca/~altemey/  you will find the downloadable version of his (free) book.  The Followers, as characterized by Altemeyer: are “especially submissive to established authority;” show “general aggressiveness” toward others when such behavior “is perceived to be sanctioned” by established authorities; are highly compliant with “social conventions” endorsed by society and established authorities. Indeed, the preceding quotes is an absolute reminder concerning my recent personal experiences with my estranged girlfriend: Ms. Michelle MacDonald.

But before you get started on the book, have a peek at the following video below. It’s a real eye-opener to begin with, as a prelude to the plethora of information I would like to share for your perusal. I will continue to update information for this individual post as time permits. To Be Continued….

You should read this as well Psychiatry Politics Labeling Political Dissidents Mentally Ill

The following video below, presented by Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights Canada  http://www.cchrcanada.org/#!contact/c13ut  is a brief description of how the “establishment” is creating the highly questionable enigma concerning the growing numbers of mental ailments listed in the recent DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). Furthermore, Mr. David Charbonneau, columnist for the Kamloops Daily News recently published this report: Every DSM Brings New Mental Illness.His report reflects the concerns shared by many people worldwide.

Now, I would like to reflect on some evidence that raises serious concerns about the criminal charges I’m facing and the iniquitous intentions of the Crown.  First of all, I would like to post the Initial Sentencing Position presented by Crown Prosecutor Geoff McDonald, on June 20th, 2012, in the case R. vs. White (top heading on this Blogsite) here: Crown Council McDonald’s Intentions. In this document, McDonald checked the box outlining his position to seek “Further Information before determining the Crown’s sentencing position.” and below the box McDonald wrote: PSR. For those of you who would like to know what “PSR” stands for, I have provided the information here: Crown Counsel Procedure PSR Requests and here: Crown Counsel Procedure Court Ordered PSRs Now if that isn’t scary enough for you, check this out here: Can Judge’s Order an Assessment of the Accused’s Mental Condition for the Purposes of Sentencing Without Accused Consent

Not only is Crown Prosecutor McDonald’s sentencing position blatantly obvious, but his nefarious, stigmatic intentions quite possibly may be to have me committed into an insane asylum, for a psychiatric assessment with non-consensual prescribed medication. Here is Prosecutor McDonald’s Second Intention to have me committed: Geoff McDonald’s Ridiculous Position

Old McDonalds Funny Farm

Crown Prosecutor Geoff McDonald is not the only one involved in this scam to label me with a mental ailment or what is euphemistically referred to as a mental disease. The medical practitioner Dr. Josef Owega is the family doctor I occasionally visit for physical “check-up’s” and reporting the healing process of the physical injuries I suffered at the hands of RCMP Member Cst. Peter Berndsen. In my attempt to re-apply for disability benefits on November 1st, 2012, I authorized Dr. Owega to receive all of my past medical records from former family doctors, so I could present the documents to the Ministry of Social Development for the process to re-establish a Disability Designation. After six (6) months I returned to see Dr. Owega, due to the pain I suffered from Cst Berndsen was getting worst. I also requested the Medical Records. Dr Owega explained to me that he did not receive any past records, so I requested he provide me with the medical records from his office and mentioned I would come by the next day to pick them up. He agreed they would be ready the following day. When I picked them up, I was shocked at what Dr. Owega wrote in my medical record. And I quote: “No past records available. Patient very paranoid about governement involvement and “cover-ups”, not frankly psychotic though.” Have a look (I blacked out personal information for obvious reasons) Medical Documents

Now I don’t know about you, but if you found out your family doctor, who is not a qualified, registered, licensed, practicing psychologist or psychiatrist, wrote something so discriminating and defamatory in your medical record, I’m quite sure you would want to get to the bottom of it. So that is what I did. The following recordings are telephone calls I made to my former doctors offices, inquiring if they sent my medical records to Dr. Owega as requested. It turns out Barrier Medical Clinic couldn’t even find me in the system. I do recall in the conversation I may have visited Dr. Lewington instead of Dr. Barnard. As a touch of humor, I thought it would be appropriate to “photoshop” a picture of Crown Prosecutor Geoff McDonald in place of Mr. Nicholson, headlining: “One flew Over the Cockoo’s Nest.”

In the following audio telephone recording, I attached an appropriate photo mocking the pharmaceutical industry and their assault on humanity. In the telephone conversation, the medical receptionist “Melanie” confirmed the medical files were sent to Dr. Owega and also confirmed re-sending the files to my personal mailing address. To this day, I have never received my medical records.

This article describes the symmetry of the information provided and should be considered a Wake-Up Call:Are People Being Thrown into Psychiatric Wards for Their Political Views

The story below is another example of what Crown Prosecutors in Canada attempt to achieve with their devious schemes to character-assassinate people who stand up for justice. As you can see, I’m not the only one in this country that is being attacked by Crown Prosecutors using the same Modus Operandi.

The Jenn Wambolt Rant: Crown Prosecutor Claude Hache, in City of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Provincial Court tried to send Jenn Wambolt to Psychiatric facility in Campbellton, New Brunswick..

This law firm lays out the commonplace police misconducts seen and reported on a daily basis across the country. The list of misconducts mirrors the exact same treatments I suffered while in custody as seen here: Police Misconduct and Brutality

Lawyers in Great Britain claim their Mental health Act Reforms violate Human Rights seen here: New Mental Health Powers Threaten Rights Claim Lawyers and here: Mental Health Bill to Cause Thousands to Be Detained

Here is a nine part series of short videos that should scare the shite out of anyone http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IStoyUb697c&list=SPD92F98F9DA7D2B74

The Side Effects of Common Psychiatric Drugs

RCMP Corruption, Judicial Chicanery & Small Town Nepotism: The Bizarre Case of Robert White-Erickson by Arthur Topham

RCMP Corruption, Judicial Chicanery & Small Town Nepotism: The Bizarre Case of Robert White-Erickson by Arthur Topham.

By ©Robert Erickson

This incredible story by Mr. Arthur Topham is an unbiased and impartial investigation into the corruption, which myself and estranged girlfriend Ms. Michelle MacDonald have been victims of for the past 3 years. I have presented, and will continue to present the evidence and proof at the top of this blogsite under the Heading: R vs. WHITE. My heartfelt thanks and utmost appreciation goes out to Mr. Topham and his family, for the countless hours of hard work they endured to get my story to print. God Bless you and your family. Sincerely, Robert.