BC Hydro and RCMP Threaten to Disconnect Power

BC Hydro and RCMP Threaten to Disconnect Power

January 27, 2015

By ©Robert Erickson

This afternoon I received a knock on my door by an alleged representative/employee of B.C. Hydro threatening to disconnect the power to my residence, in the remote northern Village of McBride B.C.. This individual was accompanied with McBride RCMP Members Cpl. Greirson and Cst. Todd Learning. Here is a video of the encounter:

In the video, I requested the alleged B.C. Hydro employees name, employee number, paperwork providing the work order and authority to disconnect the power, all of which was refused. What this person did provide was a laminated card with his picture and apparently a corporate logo which read “Accenture”. Without proper identification, it appears this individual could be posing as an imposter. Even the laminated card he provided didn’t have a name or employee number.

Throughout the conversation, I provided the fact B.C. Hydro received payment when I sent the following BC Hydro Payment 28.01.2015 and mailed it in advance on January 2nd, 2015, as you can see in the photograph. I had to redact personal information for obvious reasons. But the fact remains, BC Hydro had plenty of time to acknowledge I made payment and chose to threaten me with power disconnection one (1) day prior to processing payment.

I, along with many Canadians suffer the illegal billing practices, racketeering and extortion by BC Hydro. I personally possess vast amounts of evidence to prove this fact; as time progresses, I will post this evidence.

The BC Hydro Smart Meter “roll-out” all began here in McBride on Thursday November 17th, 2011 and the following encounter Attendance to McBride Property by Corix Employee is where this story begins.

Here is the litigation sent to BC Hydro. BC Hydro Litigation I received no reply from BC Hydro, notwithstanding the Final Notice of Dishonor and Default and Notice of Service for Final Notice of Dishonor and Default, thus, BC HYDRO IS IN DEFAULT.

BC Hydro decided to “up the ante” so to speak, and appears reluctant to challenge me in a Court of Law. Here is some litigation recently sent to BC Hydro Robert Erickson to BC Hydro 19.05.2014 and Robert Erickson to BC Hydro 09.07.2014 and (no coincidence) I never received a reply. You can see in the December Invoice here BC Hydro Bill Dec.18, 2014 there is massive discrepancies (just look at the power spikes) when my residence was unoccupied between November 5th, 2013 until April 10th, 2014. Not to mention the fact, the meter reading taken today (January 27, 2015) Meter Reading for January 27, 2015 with a reading of 72392–which is also inaccurate due to an obvious digital meter malfunction and BC Hydro is refusing to admit this fact. When you look at the previous month invoice above, you will notice the meter reading, according to BC Hydro is 73507 on December 16th, 2014. Have a look at the picture I took here December 19th, 2014 Meter Reading on December 19th, 2014 and the reading is 72123.

I reached out to BC Civil Liberties Association; let’s see if they step up to the plate. Here is their mandate: BC Civil Liberties Association’s Mandate. Below is the communication I initiated with their organization.

BC Civil Liberties Communication 31.01.2015

January 30th, 2015

After numerous phone calls and faxes back and forth over the last couple of days between myself, BC Hydro Representatives and Ministry of Social Development/Innovation Representatives, I’m absolutely appalled that the Government Ministries of Canada will use any and all means of deception possible, to prevent the proper moral, ethical standards they are legislated and mandated to perform, in their duties to aid those in crisis situations.

So before I get started, I’d like to start off clarifying some information. First of all, last April 2014, one (1) week before my trial date in court, I was physically attacked by four (4) unruly individuals who smashed my jaw. This event was performed to prevent me from speaking at the trial, due to the fact my jaw was wired shut. This is another story I’ll be writing about at a future date, and believe me, it will be an extremely shocking story loaded with evidence and facts.

Furthermore, because I suffered serious damages and still require ongoing surgeries, (another major story involving serious corruption) I’ve been forced to apply for disability, due to the extensive damages and being unable to work. Since that time, the Ministry denied my eligibility (another massive story) and now I’ve been forced to live on Social Assistance. Now, that brings me to why you should listen to the following evidence in the video below, as it will shock and devastate you beyond what you ever imagined, in regards to the lies, deception and outright disregard the Canadian establishment has towards it’s citizens.

Here is the document faxed to me by the Ministry Papers Received by Ministry 29.01.2015 The footnotes and highlights are the concerning questions I wished to raise with the Ministry worker, who admitted the Ministry would pay 1/2 of the proposed, alleged outstanding amount in question and set up a twelve (12) month repayment plan, whereas, I would be responsible to pay back the other half. It was recently brought to my attention the Ministry is only allowed to “claw-back” a certain portion of benefits and I will be digging for that information, as it appears in the conversation, the Ministry worker was unwilling to provide the information to me.

Stay tuned…there’s much more evidence coming!!!!


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Further Chronicles of Criminal Malfeasance by RCMP, Courts & BC Government Ministries: The Frank Frost Story by Arthur Topham, Radical Press Reporter

Further Chronicles of Criminal Malfeasance by RCMP, Courts & BC Government Ministries: The Frank Frost Story by Arthur Topham, Radical Press Reporter.


McBride RCMP Cpl. Kennedy and Cst. Knezacek Obstructing Justice by ©Robert Erickson

By ©Robert Erickson

In the series of ten (10) videos below, I provide evidence of RCMP Members Cpl. Barry Kennedy and Cst. Knezacek colluding together and obstructing justice, as I made numerous attempts to report my home burglarized, my possessions (including my truck) which was stolen by Ms. Michelle Irene MacDonald. When I returned home from Prince George Regional Correctional Center (PGRCC), I found my truck stolen, house ransacked and burglarized with numerous items (including two (2) personal security safes and all their contents). It is already well known and evidenced Cpl.Kennedy, Elizabeth de Vries (Kennedy’s common law) and Mark Froese aided and abetted Ms. Michelle MacDonald to have me arrested on unsubstantiated, false fabricated criminal charges, while colluding together assisting Ms. MacDonald with the theft of my property while I was incarcerated in PGRCC on false charges they fabricated against me.

I was released from PGRCC on August 26th, 2013 and arrived in McBride late that evening. As soon as I entered my home, I recorded on video all the crimes that took place by the aforementioned individuals. Furthermore, I attempted to report these crimes to the McBride and Squamish RCMP, and recorded the numerous conversations in the series of videos below. The following day on August 27th, 2013, I was required to report to the McBride RCMP Detachment according to the Bail of Recognizance. Once again, the RCMP station was locked as Cpl. Kennedy was avoiding me and my effort to report a crime (burglary, auto theft, etc.) along with the fact he was once again preventing me from reporting as per bail conditions, in another attempt to arrest me for Breach of Bail.

All the while, as you will witness in the final video, Cpl. Kennedy was in attendance and on duty at the McBride Detachment, while refusing to allow me to enter the Detachment and sign in according to bail, refusing to press criminal charges against Ms. MacDonald and another effort to entrap and arrest me for of Breach of Bail.

Moreover, in the final video, I called the McBride RCMP Detachment and found that Kennedy had my calls redirected to Prince George Dispatch. It was obvious Kennedy was avoiding me. The male individual I spoke with said there was no need for me to report to the RCMP station and admitted he was speaking with Kennedy. Cpl. Kennedy assumed I left the Government office and went home, because minutes later, Kennedy arrived at the Government office and began speaking with Ms. Edith Tracy (government service employee). Kennedy didn’t notice I was still in the Government office and was shocked when I approached him. I asked Kennedy why he was avoiding me and his response was: “I have to do whatever is necessary when you have my back against the wall”.

During the conversation, Kennedy agreed and accepted the fact he allowed Ms. MacDonald to enter the McBride Prison Cell Booking Area while I was incarcerated for the false, fabricated Breach of Bail charge, witnessed me giving Ms. MacDonald the combinations to the safes and password for my computer and provided the paper, pencil and envelope allowing me to write the information for Ms. MacDonald. This entire conversation was witnessed by Ms. Edith Tracy and can verify the conversation took place. The very friendly, goodhearted and outgoing Ms. Edith Tracy was kind enough to provide a letter of my attendance on August 27th, 2013, included in the post here: Letter from Edith Tracy 27.08.2013

So there we go people; another pile of evidence and witnesses proving that the McBride RCMP are nothing but criminals. I now ask the public to stand up and force the RCMP to be accountable for their crimes. It is not only Mr. Frank Frost and I who have been targeted as villians by the RCMP and Government officials, it is thousands, if not tens of thousands, possibly millions of other Canadians and people around the earth who are victimized by the people we elected into powerful positions. It is time we all stand up and hold the true criminals accountable for their crimes.

The above 911 telephone conversation was placed immediately after my release from PGRCC upon my return home. The RCMP dispatcher spoke of Cpl. Kennedy’s intent to contact me first thing in the morning concerning the burglary and theft of my personal possessions, including my vehicle. Cpl. Kennedy never contacted me, completely avoided contact and never followed up with the case file or charges against Ms. MacDonald.

The above telephone conversation was placed to ICBC in relation to cancelling the insurance on my stolen vehicle. The ICBC representative advised me not to cancel the insurance due to the possibility of personal accidental liability of Ms. MacDonald. I was unaware of Ms. MacDonald’s intentions of possibly forging my signature on transfer papers to take title and escaping to the U.S.A. and stashing the vehicle with her relatives outside Canadian Jurisdiction.

The above telephone conversation was placed to the Squamish RCMP in relation to the fact, I had reason to believe Ms. MacDonald escaped with my stolen vehicle, possessions and was harboring them in Squamish. The Squamish Detachment officer on duty requested an RCMP file number. I explained to the member I registered the burglary and stolen vehicle with McBride RCMP and was not provided a file number. The Squamish RCMP should have opened a file at their end, but failed to do so and the McBride RCMP should have open a file and failed to do so as well. The fact remains, both the Squamish and McBride RCMP Detachments aided, abetted and harbored Ms. MacDonald as a thief and fugitive.

The phone call above is another attempt to register the burglary and vehicle theft at the McBride Detachment to get a file number. It proves the RCMP did not follow the procedure of law, register my vehicle stolen, register the home burglary, nor were they willing to do so at anytime.

The above phone call is my attempt to call Cpl. Kennedy. In the previous videos, the RCMP dispatcher informed me Cpl. Kennedy would be contacting me first thing in the morning. Cpl. Kennedy failed to do so, so I attempted to contact him in the afternoon. Cpl. Kennedy failed to contact me and was avoiding me at all costs. This evidence blatantly proves Cpl. Kennedy obstructing justice.

The above phone call is a courtesy call for Cpl. Kennedy to pass a message to Ms. MacDonald of my intent to remove the insurance from my stolen vehicle.

In the above phone conversation, I continue my attempt to register the burglary and theft. The RCMP hung up the phone.  The dispatcher admits relaying messages of my calls to Cpl. Kennedy on numerous occasions. Cpl. Kennedy never contacted me.

In the above video, I once again phoned McBride RCMP from the McBride Government office. minutes prior to this phone call I  returned from the McBride Detachment to speak with Cpl. Kennedy. While I was at the McBride Detachment, Cpl. Kennedy’s police cruiser was parked and running at the Detachment. The public door at the Detachment was locked and the phone outside was inoperable once again. Cpl. Kennedy never returned my call.

In the above video I called Bail Supervisor Paul Weisbrodt to inform him that Cpl. Kennedy once again locked the public door to the McBride RCMP Detachment, preventing me  reporting as per Bail Conditions, preventing me reporting a burglary, theft and stolen vehicle.

In the above video, I called the McBride RCMP Detachment again to speak with Cpl. Kennedy and was forwarded to police dispatch in PG. The male dispatcher admits he spoke with Cpl. Kennedy and admitted Cpl. Kennedy was not at the McBride Detachment. The fact remains, it appears Cpl. Kennedy was at the Detachment, purposefully locked the public door, disconnected the outside telephone, refused to speak to me, refused to register a file for burglary and theft, refused to allow me to sign in according to Bail Conditions and retrieve a copy of the “sign in sheet” to prove I was there.

Canada: Government & Corporations, Police Brutality and Murders

Fascism and Contemporary Canada: Police, Government & Corporations. by Robin Mathews.


By ©Robert Erickson

The incredible article highlighted above the Police brutality photo is Part Four (4) in a series of stories written by Robin Mathews concerning the roles played by the Canadian Government and RCMP policing services in Canada.

While reading the news article, you will notice my case IE: Robert Erickson Case RCMP Corruption Judicial Chicanery Small Town Nepotism near the half-way point in the story. I am just one of many Canadians who is being stone-walled in my effort to seek justice. Furthermore, the Lonnie Landrud Case is a horrific murder case and must be watched in a seven (7) part video series located under VIDEOS at the top of this page. It will shock and horrify you. Another shocking case is located under R. vs. Frost at the top of this site, revealing another murder not being investigated by the RCMP.

Our NUMBER ONE GOAL is getting this story and website spread like a virus to as many people as humanly possible. One voice will not be heard…but MANY VOICES WILL!!! Our founding fathers fought for justice and you must do the same to keep our liberty and freedom intact. I contacted Joseph Snook here and here. Mr. Snook is a reporter for the US Observer his email: ( joe@usobserver.com ) and phone number is ( 541-226-8235 ) and he advised me to contact “Edward” the US Observer’s head of investigations, at the following number: 541-474-7885.

When I contacted Edward, he informed me the US Observer requires a $retainer$ (same as lawyer), BUT he also informed me their newspaper occasionally takes on cases and stories PRO BONO (Free). So, The more people that contact the US Observer (en-mass) the more THESE STORIES have a chance to go public and be vindicated. I’m not asking you, I’m IMPLORING you to do everything in your power, sending a message that THE PEOPLE WILL NO LONGER TAKE THE ABUSES AND INJUSTICE but will STAND UP and be COUNTED or this and this and this is what will happen in our beloved country.  

It appears the RCMP is politicized, militarized, brutalized and deregulated, while the Federal Government and Provincial Government’s in concert with the RCMP, prevent full and legal action; proving that the RCMP violates the rule of law with impunity.

Reform that has been demanded publicly is all but ignored in the RCMP head offices in Ottawa. At the same time the present Conservative government demands more and more control of the Force, insisting, for instance, that all statements by the Commissioner are first vetted by cabinet. The aforementioned charge is proven, if you go to the top of this page under the heading R. vs. White and scroll though the evidence until you find (and read) all three (3) letters sent to the RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson. NO REPLY or remedy was received by Commissioner Paulson on all three (3) attempts for Mr. Paulson to follow the Rule of Law and perform Due Diligence as  “top cop” seeking justice.

The evidence of a defunct and corrupt Canadian Justice System and Police System is irrefutable. The RCMP allegedly Swore and Oath to the Queen to Serve and Protect the people of Canada as Peace Officers. That is no longer the case. It appears the RCMP has Sworn an Oath to the Corporate controlled Government of Canada to Serve (by force) and Collect from the people of Canada as Enforcement Officers. You decide. Would you rather live in a Police State where the RCMP and Canadian Corporate Government is in control, or would you rather live in a Free and Prosperous Nation controlled by YOU. The time is nigh to decide, while you still have your Rights intact. Jackboots or Lumberjacks? That is the question.

Parts One through Three in the story by Robin Mathews below.

Fascism and Contemporary Canada Part 1 by Robin Mathews

Fascism and Contemporary Canada Part Two by Robin Mathews

Fascism and Contemporary Canada Part Three by Robin Mathews