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This site is a Work in Progress, and you’ve come to the right place if your intent is seeking the truth about why the world is such a mess and WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT.

The “Theme” of this site is to provide evidence of Government, Police, Judicial and Medical Corruption. All case files in this site are equally important in exposing the corruption; from a simple parking ticket to the heinous crime of murder. But most importantly, how the corrupt establishment is targeting this Investigator (myself) and those of you who are coming forward and providing your stories of information for me to publish.

In order to get the full benefit of this site, it is imperative to examine ALL the information and evidence within this site, not just one or two articles or videos.

The “key” is to “click” CONTACT US (at the top of the blogsite) if you have been treated unfairly, unjustly or have a similar story, and spread this blogsite to all friends, family or other members of the independent media, if you are willing to get involved. Feel free to be engaged and post comments of each individual article. 

Here you will find:

  • Informative Video’s Detailing Corruption.
  • Ongoing Case Files Under R. vs. White and R. vs. Frost Headings.
  • The Modus Operendi and Standard Operating Procedure Used by the “Establishment”
  • Public Documents, Books, Videos and Audios of Evidence and Proof.
  • Instruction and Education of the Law, How to Get Help and How to Help Yourself.
  • A Clear Understanding of Freedom, Health, Wealth and How to Protect Them.

In order to properly navigate this site and receive the benefit of the information available, I will provide a brief description below.

1) Not all information is on the HOME page. The information covered is vast, thus, each post according to it’s relevance is categorized. Also, there is specific PAGES in reference to specific subject material.

2) Articles posted on the HOME page is for general information and education regarding the general “theme” of this blogsite. If you are looking for specific cases, videos, stories, information, etc., you will have to search the specific PAGE or CATEGORY.

This site represents countless years of research into the complex structure of society and the organized crime syndicate called “government”. I hope to provide unbiased, impartial information that is based on the ancient liberal arts (trivium), without the indoctrination and brainwashing tactics of Hegelian Dialectics used by those whom control such governments.

A virtual matrix is being built up around us, as we unwittingly accept this world of artificial intelligence. Our actions or inaction’s against tyranny continuously gets redirected to the false reality of artificial illusions, as crimes against humanity go unchecked and unnoticed within the real world. My intent is to stay involved and engaged against this global tyranny of bread and circuses.

I must disclaim that a necessary learning curve of failure and success, achieved through proper debate, is needed in consideration of such monstrous, purposefully obfuscated history written by the controllers and victors of the past. One of the most important lessons, is the promotion of being virtuous in the face of humility.

One thought on “Welcome

  1. Good Day Everyone;

    Please feel free to visit this Facebook page called Parents 4 Justice. It is a page where I’ve posted my evidence of not only Parental Alienation/Parental Interference, but also evidence that would support the need for our government to step in and fix the flaws in our Family Court/Family Law system and our Child Welfare systems.

    The page and any related posts were made NOT in an attempt to attack any one individual or organization but rather to show that Parental Alienation/Parental Interference(something that psychologists agree is an often overlooked form of child abuse) is a very real and serious problem that needs to be fixed, to show why we need Family Law and Child Welfare reforms, why our government needs to make it mandatory that police officers, child protection workers, and all others who work in these industries be made to wear mandatory body mounted audio and video recording devices, and why we need all court proceedings to be video and audio taped in addition to any citizen involved in proceedings be provided with copies of such at no charge.

    Please feel free to visit the page at the following link to review all video, audio, and court documents etc. etc. that show that the fore mentioned are very real and serious problems.

    Thank you.



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